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2021: Dakar Classic

2019 : Mint 400
2017 : Mint 400
2016 : Rebelle Rally
2015 : Rallye Aicha des Gazelles
2013 : Australasian Safari Rally
2013 : Rallye Aicha des Gazelles
2012 : Rallye Aicha des Gazelles
2011 : Rallye Aicha des Gazelles


“I’m going to give that Porsche a big hug when I see it!”

Of all the vehicles registered in the Dakar Classic rally, the Porsche 911 will probably have the most attention. It was indeed that magnificent vehicle that conquered the Dakar back in 1984 when René Metge was behind the steering wheel. And there will certainly be nostalgia seeing it again on the bivouac of the rally and deserts of Saudi Arabia. And the lady behind the project is just as inspiring. Amy Lerner has a passion for cars for as long as she can remember. Her father was indeed an antique car collector and she fell in love with vintage vehicles from the beginning of the last century. Motorsports have become a part of her life only recently. After reading about the Rallye des Gazelles, she registered and competed in the Moroccan 100% female race in 2011 and did so four times. That eventually led to the Australasian Safari Rally that she raced in a Jeep and saw her win the Dakar Challenge class giving her an opportunity to register for the Dakar. A lack of time and a busy life made it impossible to go for the big one...yet! This mother of two has worked in many different domains, from Wall Street where she started, to real estate, and more recently in film making and production (in 2019, she produced a documentary on Baja legend Rod Hall, called One More Win). The idea of doing the Dakar came only a few months ago when she heard about the brand new Dakar Classic regularity rally for cars before 2000. A few calls and meetings later and she was purchasing that famous Porsche and registering for the event. On the rally, she will be alongside her friend Sara Bossaert, an architect and sailor from Barcelona who has no rally experience but “the good mindset”. Amy is a competitor and her ambition on the Dakar is simple: make it to the podium.

AL: “I should have called my project “Two Weeks to Dakar”, it all went so fast. I was sitting home, lockdowned in New York during the Covid crisis and heard about the Dakar Classic format and found it fascinating. I made a few calls and got all the pieces together and off we went. I signed in for the event just two weeks before the end of registration. I bought the Porsche from Stephane Henrard in Belgium. It’s not the actual car of the 1984 Dakar but is a tribute to it. It was built in 1982. I haven’t even seen it yet but I know I’ll give it a big hug once we get to Jeddah. The Dakar is a rally I read about in magazines growing up in the US. I love the multi day format. It’s not just driving, it’s also the mental aspect when it’s so hard to focus on everything. I love the idea of meeting people as well. Sara (co-driver) and I are friends. We worked in real estate in Barcelona together. I couldn’t think of a better person to be my co-driver. She has no experience in motorsports but she’s an architect and a fine sailor so I know she has the right mindset. She did her research and I’m confident. I’m used to sand and I know what I have to do. I know how to change a tyre. Whatever happens, I’m prepared. The regularity aspect however is new (respecting an average speed throughout the stage). You have to stay steady and that’s maybe the biggest challenge. You have to respect a specific speed or else you can get a penalty. It’s different from normal racing. I’m a competitor, absolutely. The goal is the podium. I also tend to say that this Dakar Classic is a pre-run before doing the main event. Who knows...”



  • Marque : PORSCHE
  • Modèle : 911 SC 3.0L
  • Préparateur : Stephane Henrard
  • Assistance : AL Racing
  • Classe : H1.1 Auto Classic Standard avant 86

Classement 2021

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