(chl) 1.78m / 72kg


El deporte motor y la pesca en general


Yamaha, Red Bull, Herbalife, Lubrax, Chevrolet, Bahco Herramientas, Maxxis Tires, Mall Sport.

2019: SxS/Abandono en la etapa 6
2018: Quad/1º
2017: Quad/ 2º
2016: Quad/ Abandono en la etapa 6
2015: Quad/ Abandono en la etapa 10
2014: Quad/ 1º
2013: Quad/ 2º
2012: Quad/ 4º
2011: Moto / 40º
2010: Camión / 26º

2019: 3º en el Campeonato FIM Quads Cross Country Rallies, 1º en la categoría Quads del Rally de Marruecos.
2018: 2º en la categoría UTV en la Baja Atacama; compitió en el Atacama Rally.
2017: 1º en la XIV Baja Atacama; 1º en la categoría Quads de la Baja 300 del Baja Atacama Series.
2015: 2º en el Dakar Series Desafío Ruta 40
2015: 1º en el Atacama Cross Country Rally (3ª fecha Campeonato Sudamericano y 5ª del Campeonato Mundial de Rally Cross Country FIM)
2013: 1° en Quads en el Dakar Series Desafío Inca y en el Desafío del Desierto.
2012: Campeón Nacional Atacama Rally categoría Quads.
2012: Campeón Nacional de Cross Country categoría Quads.
2011: 1° en el Desafío del Desierto.
2011: 3º en la categoría Quads del Campeonato Argentino de Cross Country.
2010: 3° en la categoría Motos del Campeonato Nacional de Cross Country.
2009: Integrante del seleccionado de Enduro Chile en el mundial de San Juan. 1º


“If I want to win, I have to be a tactician”

After winning for a second time in the quad category, the switch of Ignacio Casale to the SSV class in 2019 was a surprise. Teamed with Américo Aliaga, the Chilean drove a respectable rally…just until retiring with mechanical problems on stage six. While admitting to have enjoyed the experience and that he will return to the class one day, the truth is that when Yamaha proposed he get back on the quad and take on the dunes, he realised his passion is still intact. “El perro” (“the dog”) Casale will contest in a quad his 11th Dakar, to add to his already impressive record. He, in fact, made his debut in a truck in 2010 with a 26th place result, he switched to bikes in 2011, finishing 40th, before moving onto quads in 2012 with 4th in the general classification After his first victory in 2014, he retired in 2015 and in 2016 when he dropped out after a serious accident. In 2017, he returned after another fall during testing that resulted in multiple fractures to finish runner-up for a second time. In 2018, he was back in perfect physical form and went on for an uncontested win. Last year he in SSV he failed to make it to the finish. Eager to ride a tactical rally on new terrain to everyone, Ignacio only has to look after his riding and navigation as Drag’on is preparing and will service the Raptor 700. With Alexandre Giroud and Axel Dutrie as team mates, Casale knows that Rafal Sonik among the veterans and Manuel Andújar among the young guys will be his two main rivals.

I.C: “The 2019 Dakar will be a different Dakar for me. The truth is that the competition in SSV has been fantastic, I would do it a thousand times and hopefully very soon. I liked the sensations behind the wheel of the SSV and the good vibes of my co-driver Américo Aliag. It was an unforgettable experience. After my win in 2018, I was really tired of the quad. I didn’t want anything to do with it. But 16 months ago, I already wanted to come back. The desire returned. Yamaha sent me a quad, I went to the dunes and I realised that it is really my thing. However, now, I do things differently. I enjoy the setting and environment more. Before, in my mind, there was only a desire to win and that inhibited me from appreciating what I had accomplished. It killed my passion. Now, I am back fully motivated and of course I want to win my third title. That would be a dream, with a special meaning, because it is not a Dakar in South America. I don’t much about Saudi Arabia, but it is the same for everyone. This Dakar will be for the more intelligent, not for the fastest. It will be dominated by the rider who best adapts to the terrain, the new road book and who is the most consistent. It will be the most tactical Dakar ever, that will reward those who best use their heads.”



  • Mark : YAMAHA
  • Model : RAPTOR 700
  • Performance tuner : Drag’on Racing
  • Assistance : Drag’on Racing
  • Class : G3.1 - 2-wheel drive < 750 cm3

Ranking 2020

Scratch Stage General
1 1 1 1
2 1 1 1
3 3 3 1
4 1 1 1
5 3 3 1
6 2 2 1
7 3 3 1
8 - - 1
9 1 1 1
10 16 16 1
11 2 2 1
12 4 4 1

All news of I. Casale

Reactions - 17/01 11:44 [GMT +3] - Quad

"We worked hard"

After two victories in South America, the Chilean rider, now heading towards the Qiddiya Grand Prix to make it official, marked his return to the quad category with a win in the first edition of the Dakar held in Saudi Arabia.

"I'm delighted to be here. I've won my third Dakar. I'm elated because it was a long, gruelling race. I had some problems...

Newsflashes - 17/01 10:21 [GMT +3] - Quad

Casale makes it three

2014, 2018 and 2020. Ignacio Casale has just claimed his third Dakar along with 4 stage wins. Simon Vitse is the solid runner-up after two withdrawals in previous years. Casale's victory will be official as soon as he completes the link route and the Qiddiya Grand Prix!


Reactions - 16/01 14:53 [GMT +3] - Quad

"I wanted to finish the stage without a hitch"

The Chilean rider, homing in on his third title in the quad category, played it safe today.

"Today was a fantastic stage for me. After yesterday's nightmare, my goal was to catch Simon Vitse, who was starting five minutes earlier, and stick to him. I reached him at km 40 and then followed him because I wanted to finish the stage without a hitch....

Newsflashes - 16/01 09:37 [GMT +3] - Quad

Sonik zeroing in on Casale

Rafał Sonik has kicked it up a notch near km 108 and is now just 18 seconds behing Casale. The two men are head and shoulders above the rest of the field, in which Simon Vitse is languishing at 5 minutes back.


Newsflashes - 16/01 08:40 [GMT +3] - Quad

Casale back on the attack

Casale lost much of his overall lead yesterday as a result of getting lost during the special, but today he is determined to show Simon Vitse who's boss. The Chilean rider has been setting an infernal pace from the get-go and went through km 58 with four minutes to spare over Rafał Sonik and almost five over the Frenchman sitting in second place overall.

Reactions - 15/01 16:19 [GMT +3] - Quad

Ignacio Casale: “A stage to forget”

Even after losing more than forty minutes due to a navigation error, Ignacio Casale is still leader of the general standings in the quad category.

“It was a stage to forget. After 200 km, I got lost for around 40 minutes. I made a mistake that I shouldn’t have made. It’s very serious because it could have cost me victory on the rally....

Newsflashes - 15/01 11:48 [GMT +3] - Quad

Casale trails by 45 minutes

Ignacio Casale has finally completed 223 km, 45 minutes behind the stage leader, meaning he will lose a huge part of his lead in the general standings!

Newsflashes - 15/01 10:55 [GMT +3] - Quad

Casale gets lost!

Ignacio Casale is completely lost. The leader of the quad general standings is perhaps in the process of losing first place on the rally and is looking for the right way at the same place where Nasser Al-Attiyah also lost a lot of time!

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