What is a cookie?

Cookies refer to small text files or tracers that are likely to be placed, read and stored on any of Your devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) when You visit Our Site. A unique identifier is assigned to Your device which allows the Site to remember Your actions and preferences for a specified legal period (i.e. location, the language or the font size You prefer and other display preferences). Therefore, You do not to provide certain information every time You access the Site or when You browse from page to page. Cookies can also help Us to customize Your browsing experience. These cookies allow us to get to know you better, personalize Your user experience, propose to You offers and products that fit Your interests, and make it easier for You to browse the site.

1. Different types of cookies

There are two main categories of cookies: The Session cookies and the Persistent cookies.

Session cookies allow the Site to track Your browsing from page to page so that you are not required to give Us again the information You have already communicated to the Site. Cookies allow You to browse many pages of the Site swiftly and easily without having to identify Yourself at any change of page. These cookies disappear automatically when You leave Your browser.

Persistent cookies help the Site to remember Your information and settings for Your next Visit to the Site. It results in a faster access for you.

The first time You visit the Site, it is displayed in a “by default” mode. During Your visit, You select your preferences, which are kept in memory for Your next visit to the Site through the use of Persistent Cookies.

Persistent cookies are split into two categories:

I.    Our own cookies (First Party Cookies)
II.    Third Party Cookies.
I. Our own cookies (First Party Cookies)
The cookies We drop on Your device are used for the purposes described below, subject to the preferences and settings You customized in the Cookie Settings.

II. Third Party Cookies
Since A.S.O. does not manage the cookies placed in the Site by Third Parties, A.S.O. cannot be held liable of the manner they use and process Your personal data. We invite You to read their own Privacy and Cookies Policies so that You can understand how Your data is used. You can also learn how to disable the use of cookies by following their instructions.

1. Social Network and Video Cookies
These cookies are placed by third-party applications when you click on "Share" or "Like" buttons from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Dailymotion. These cookies allow You to share Our Site content with Your friends and fans and communicate Your opinion about it.
These cookies allow Our partners to propose to You personalized advertising which will fit Your interests.

Be aware that A.S.O. does not control the use Social Networks do with Your data neither how they link Your browsing data on Our Site with the personal data they already have about You. We invite you to read carefully their Privacy and Cookies Policies to learn about their purposes of use, especially advertising, of the browsing information they do collect. Their respective policies should inform You about Your rights, how to exercise them and how to configure Your consent.

III. Configuring cookies

1. Through Our Consent Management Platform (recommended)

Our Site allows You to configure the cookies You want to be placed on Your device. You can do it at Your first connection by using the interface which is directly reachable from the Cookie banner. You can change Your mind at any time and set the cookies up through Our Cookie Management Platform by clicking on the Cookie Settings.

2. By setting up your internet browser (not recommended)

Some internet browsers allow You to set up cookies. Each browser may have a different configuration. We invite you to read their instructions by following the links below:
•    Internet explorer : https://support.microsoft.com/fr-fr/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies

•Chrome : https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=fr

•Safari :     https://support.apple.com/fr-fr/guide/safari/sfri11471/mac

•Firefox :     https://support.mozilla.org/fr/kb/autoriser-bloquer-cookies-preferences-sites
•Opera :     https://www.accepterlescookies.com/comment-accepter-les-cookies-sur-opera.html

A.S.O.is not responsible neither for the Privacy Policies of these different browsers nor for their Cookies Policy.

In the event the browser You use were not compliant, A.S.O. shall not be held responsible for that. We invite You to read carefully their Cookie and Privacy Policies.
Be aware that the DoNotTrack setting proposed by some versions of browsers is not always understood as an opposition to be tracked by advertising agencies and is therefore insufficient to manifest your choice.

IV. Cookies Retention Periods
Whether You consent to have Cookies placed on Your device, they will be kept for a period which will not exceed thirteen (13) months. At this deadline expiration (or if You manually delete Your cookies), Your consent will be required again, and You will have to reconfigure Your preferences through our Consent Management Platform  using the Cookie Settings.