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News - 04/12 18:42 [GMT +3]

Marseille becomes the first bivouac ...

 From 1 to 3 December, the Port of Marseille hosted a great deal of race, support, media and organisation vehicles, whose first adventure awaits in the shape of a sea voyage to Jeddah, where the rally will start on 3 January.

The Dakar organisation teams and the dockers in Marseille handled 75 cars, 42 trucks, 110 motorbikes and quads on the...

News - 01/12 18:30 [GMT +3]

e-Dakar: The Dakar embarks on a wide-ranging energy transition programme

 - The Dakar is embarking on a wide-ranging programme with a view to making a gradual transition to low-emission alternative power sources.

- Eager to rise to this challenge, Audi has announced that it will be entering the 2022 Dakar with an alternative drive concept.

- The Cyril Despres-Mike Horn duo and Guerlain Chicherit are among the ambitious...

News - 25/11 17:15 [GMT +3]

Off to a winning start

The world has been shaken to the core. Each and every one of us has felt the impact of the 2020 health crisis to some extent. Yet, over the last few months, the Dakar family has also been tried and found to be true to its spirit. My thoughts go out to all the people who had no choice but to sit out the 2021 Dakar despite their efforts and aspirations. However, I cannot hide my...

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