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Universally recognized as one of the most grueling and challenging motorsport events in the world, the Dakar is a tremendous showcase for Motul’s products. Successfully involved for many years through technical partnerships with competitors in all categories, the international lubricant specialist stepped up in 2018 to become a Major Partner with the event.

Performance and reliability are paramount: on the mechanical side, every single component, lubricant and accessory plays its part while the terrain, climate and endurance required by competitors can be punishing. The Dakar offers Motul the perfect living laboratory in which to test and develop its full range of products under the most extreme of conditions. Carried out in conjunction with some of the world’s most successful factory teams such as HRC, Polaris, Toyota Auto Body, Motul offers its partners specially adapted lubricants and coolants from its Motorsport Line (Auto) and Factory Line (Powersports), particularly from the 300V range for high performance and maximum protection.

During the event itself, competitors can count on the advice and expertise of Motul’s Motorsport Technical Team which works on prestigious, exacting events such as MotoGP™, 24 Hours of Le Mans or Isle of Man TT. For the Dakar, they are present at every Service Centre with the Motul Racing Laboratory: an invaluable service offering to all competitors of all categories a daily oil analysis to ensure their engine is performing at its peak, whether they use Motul oils or not. 

Performance matters elsewhere, as do values which are shared by Motul and Dakar. Supporting each other on the ground, going the extra mile and sharing things together led Motul to the creation of a prize highlighting these human values. The ‘Epic Story by Motul’ highlights ingenious, brotherly and brave competitors. Finally, Motul is also proud to support the ‘Original by Motul’ riders, the true gladiators who come with no assistance or backup. By giving them some recognition, as well as more basic comfort at bivouacs, their chance to shine during the rally is increased thanks to Motul.

Dakar 2018 - Stage 13 /  Córdoba - PHOTO
Dakar 2018 - Stage 13 / Córdoba - PHOTO © ASO/@World/JoaoFilipe
Dakar 2018  Stage 3 /  San Juan de Marcona PHOTO
Dakar 2018 Stage 3 / San Juan de Marcona PHOTO © ASO/@World/JoaoFilipe

BFGoodrich® was thrown into Off-Road competition in 1973, in the United States. It was more than 20 years later that the American brand of tires attacked an All-Terrain Rally- the longest and most challenging in the world, the DAKAR Rally.

BFGoodrich are once again, the official tire supplier of the DAKAR 2019.

The rugged terrain and unpredictable elements that racers will face over ten days and more than 5,000 miles of punishing competition across Peru is exactly the sort of proving ground that BFGoodrich® seeks. Indeed, at BFGoodrich® we do things a little differently. It doesn’t matter if it’s blazing trails or busting our tail – we will always push harder than the competition. And we set out to prove that every day.

Most laboratories are clean. Not ours. The dirt is our lab, where we innovate through motorsports – like the Dakar Rally. Hundreds of kilometers will have to be crossed against the time, blazing sun, dust, rocky terrains, jumps, sand, mud and torrential rain: An All-Terrain tire will be able to give the best performances in every condition.

That’s why BFGoodrich® is official tire supplier of DAKAR 2019. Its tires are chosen by the best drivers for its qualities of longevity, robustness and adaptability.

BFGoodrich® users are not the kind of drivers that just sit back and watch. They’re hands-on, they take-the-wheel and actively seek the opportunity to prove themselves- never quitting until the job is done. Renowned for their toughness and performance, BFGoodrich® tires give drivers the opportunity and means to live their passion, to live their dream!

Get ready to witness the punishment our desert race tire can take when the Dakar Rally kicks off in Lima, Peru in January. BFGoodrich® Tires will be on many competitors’ vehicles and the preferred choice of numerous amateur competitors whose prime objective is to survive to the finish line.

This year, BFGoodrich® will compete for the 15th victory in the world famous, DAKAR.

BF Goodrich
BF Goodrich © ASO/@World/JoaoFilipe
BF Goodrich
BF Goodrich © ASO/@World/JoaoFilipe

The most rebellious Swiss timepiece brand is once again showcasing its 100% motor sport DNA, being for the second year in a row, the official timekeeper for the 42nd edition of the DAKAR Rally, taking place in January 2020 in Saudi Arabia.

Motorsport has a certain taste for adrenaline and performance – REBELLION's DNA! A passion that’s now taking the brand to iconic latitudes. REBELLION Timepieces has become official timekeeper and supplier for the 2020 Dakar Rally, taking place from 5 to 17 January.

Alexandre Pesci, President of REBELLION Corporation: “The Dakar is the ultimate adventure, pushing man and machine to their physical and mechanical limits. Like at REBELLION Timepieces! We have a taste for the extreme - the challenge of pushing the bounds of the mechanical watch industry. We’re very excited to be associated with the next three editions of this legendary event.”

REBELLION Timepieces is a unique player in the world of fine Swiss watchmaking. Passion, Perfectionism and Performance shaped its foundations and continue to guide its day-to-day development. Nothing is left out and nothing is left to chance in this quest for quality and extraordinary performance. REBELLION timepieces, with their bold designs produced in very small runs, are made for those who share the same ideals. Assertive individualists. Fierce competitors. Fans of mechanical perfection.

© Rebellion Timepieces
© Rebellion Timepieces

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