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Golf, ski, skeleton

الجهات الراعية

Sabelt, LGR Eyewear, K&N Filters, Pirelli

2017 : DNF
2016 : 62°

2023: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (4th) / Desafio Ruta 40 (4th) / Rallye du Maroc (5th)
2021 : Cross-Country Rallies World Cup: Kazakistan (2°), Silk Way, Morocco (3°), Abu Dhabi, Ha’il
2017 : Silk Way (4°, con una vittoria di tappa), Morocco Rally (16°)


“Maybe I was a camel in a previous life”

Eugenio Amos and Paolo Ceci are ready to turn the tables. The last time the duo headed tot he Dakar, two years ago, Eugenio had to withdraw because of Covid-19. It was an absolute heartbreak for the young pilot and car lover, who founded his own garage to dedicate himself to the iconic Lancia Delta Integrale. The Dakar runs in his blood, after his father raced a truck back in the 1980s. He participated himself a couple of times in South America before preparing a strong go in 2022, only to be stopped at the last minute, and for a long time. Two years later, these struggles are behind him and Eugenio is back with his friend Paolo. Their association has been successful across the 2023 season and they’re ready to storm the Saudi desert.

E.A.: “It means a lot to me to return to the Dakar. I was so motivated to do well two years ago but then I had a family issue and a strong Covid. It prevented me from racing for a year and a half. The Dakar was born as a dream, something I wanted to do in my life because my father had done it. The goal for my first Dakar, in 2016, was simply to make it to the end. Things have been improving and now I’d actually like to aim for a top 10.
I’ve moved from a Can-Am T4 to a T1+. Everything is bigger: the car is heavier, faster… Everything is happening faster while the car is not as reactive as a Can-Am to break and change directions, so we had to adapt ourselves. But the results were there. We finished 5th overall in Morocco, so we figured a top 10 in the Dakar is possible.
The car for the Dakar has to be reliable. I feel like our vehicle this year is extremely reliable. We haven’t had any problem that wasn’t because of personal errors. It’s not necessarily the fastest cars in the field but it’s the most reliable.
When I was racing on tracks, it was just Friday-Saturday-Sunday. Cross country allows me to enjoy beautiful trips and aventures. That’s very important for me. I’m leaving my family and my work behind but, for me, this is something that gives meaning to my life. I need it. I don’t feel so good in big cities. I like the outdoors, deserts are an environment where I feel the best. Maybe I was a camel in a previous life…”

P.C.: “This edition with Eugenio is a beautiful opportunity, especially because we’re in the top tier class, the Ultimate, with a Toyota Overdrive. So after a strong season, we hope to confirm and we set ourselves strong goals with a top 10.
For a lover of cross country, the Dakar is the main event. It’s the race you prepare for all year long. It’s like doing the Olympics for a track and field athlete. Doing it by bike or by car is at the same time a similar experience and something different. The bike is a bit more demanding physically and you’re on your own against the rest. In the car, you have a big responsibility, because if you mess things up, it doesn’t only affect you. It’s demanding psychologically. The Dakar is physically challenging but the mind is what gets you the event.”




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  • T1+: Prototype Cross-Country Cars 4x4

التصنيف 2024

جميع الأخبار E. Amos

الأخبار العاجلة - 17/01 12:17 [GMT +3] - سيارات

يوجينو آموس أمام غويام دي ميفيوس

سجّل السائق الإيطالي يوجينيو آموس (تويوتا أوفردرايف) سادس توقيت بعد اجتيازه 138 كيلومترًا من المرحلة الخاصة العاشرة، متأخرًا بفارق 11 ثانية عن السائق البلجيكي غويان دي ميفيوس (تويوتا أوفردرايف)، عادَ يوجينو إلى المنافسات بعد انسحابه منذ عامين بسبب إصابته بعدوى الحُمّة التاجية المُستجدة "كوفيد 19". افتتح يوجينو مرآبًا لصيان السيارات وإصلاحها، وقد حَلُم دائمًا...

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