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2018: Ab. Stage 3
2017: 12th
2016: Ab. Stage 9
2015: 20th (2nd rookie)

2016: Serres Rally (2nd), Morocco Rally (13th)
2015: Sardinia Rally (20th), Serres Rally (1st), Merzouga Rally (8th)
2014: Hellas Rally (2nd), Albania Rally (2nd)
2013: Tuareg Rally (7th), Serres Rally, Albania Rally


“I'm convinced we will get the car to the finish line”

Ondrej Klymciw and Petr Angelo Vlcek are gearing up for a very different kind of challenge at Dakar 2021. The Czech duo will be competing in the Dakar Classic category, driving a Skoda LR130 based on the mass-produced model of the 1980s. This will in fact be the first time that the Czech manufacturers have entered a car on the world's toughest rally. Ondrej has always been passionate about motorsport, and got a first bike from his dad at the age of 10. A successful dragster rider, he soon switched his focus to enduro and cross-country, buying an old Yamaha from David Pabiska and taking part in his first rally in Tunisia in 2013. A successful outing convinced him he could go on to bigger and better things. With the help and advice of Ivan Svedik, Karel Scheder and Josef Machacek, he worked his way up to the Dakar, where he has enjoyed plenty of ups and downs. A superb debut in 2015 showed his potential: Ondrej finished 20th overall, as the 2nd rookie behind Toby Price. He went on to improve that mark in 2017, finishing just 37 seconds outside the top 10 in 11th place. However, serious crashes in 2016 and especially 2018 -when Ondrej was left fighting for his life- convinced the 35-year-old to no longer compete in the bikes. Ondrej has acted as a team manager for the past two editions of the Dakar, having set up the Klymciw Racing team several years ago. He has helped many riders achieve excellent results -none more so than Skyler Howes, who finished as the top privateer in the bikes last year, in 9th place overall. It was also through Ondrej that Petr Angelo Vlcek -his co-driver at Dakar 2021- discovered the rally six years ago, travelling to Buenos Aires to watch his friend finish on his debut. He has since completed it four times himself in the bikes, coming 4th in the Original by Motul class a year ago. Petr Angelo has lived in the USA for over 20 years and runs the Parrot Surf & Skate Shop in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. He had no plans to participate in Dakar 2021, due to the Covid-19 crisis, but that changed when Ondrej got in touch over the summer about his plans for entering the Dakar Classic category, which Petr Angelo likens to malle moto in the bikes. Things came together quickly, after Ondrej approached Jiri Moskal, who did the Dakar several times in a Liaz truck in the 1980s, and Jiri Kotek, the former head of the Skoda Motorsport team. The 'Skodovkou na Dakar' project was born, and Ondrej and Petr Angelo are now determined to make it a success by taking their vintage vehicle all the way to the finish line.

O.K.: “I've said several times that you either love or hate the Dakar. I won't ride a motorcycle anymore, but I'm still a racer in body and soul. When I was on a bike, I always said I was competing to win, but the main objective this year is to bring the Skoda to the finish line. But as I say, I'm a racer, and I'd like to come back with the best possible result. That way we can keep our heads held high, not say we just went as tourists. I believe in our project, and that matters more than strength or experience. I'm convinced we will get the car to the finish line."

P.A.V.: “Ondrej was calling me for seven days straight, trying to convince me to go, because I don't think anyone else would sit in a car with him! We've been friends for a long time. We had this pact, to race the last Dakar in malle moto but based on his past injuries from bike racing, the Dakar wasn't possible. Dakar Classic will be a new thing. I'll be a bit sad not to be on the bike, I really liked it last time.
Because Ondrej and I are such good friends, I ended up agreeing to go. It's not going to be easy, that's for sure. Not just the terrain, and course and stuff – but also because the car is what, 40 years old? Our first time together in the car will be Stage 1! It's going to be a little bit of a sh**show I would think! I like it, because I kind of always felt bad for the guys who have these old cars. Dakar Classic is kind of like malle moto. Lots of guys would never be able to afford it otherwise. I think it's great, and I'm sure it will grow. This is Ondrej's baby, and I hope we bring the baby to the finish!”



  • العلامة : SKODA
  • الطراز : SKODA LR130
  • نظام تعديل الأداء : Klymciw Racing
  • مساعدة : Klymciw Racing
  • الفئة : ايتش1.1 السيارات الكلاسيكية العادية قبل 1986

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