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2019: 17th
2018: 33rd
2016: 46th
2012: 40th (navigator for Zapletal, trucks)
2010: Ab. Stage 7 (co-driver for Zapletal)
2009: 7th (co-driver for Zapletal)

2019: Morocco Desert Challenge (26th), Hungarian Baja (1st, TH class), Baja 500 Romania (3rd)
2018: Morocco Desert Challenge (Ab.), Hungarian Baja (Ab.), Baja Poland (1st, TH class)
2017: Morocco Desert Challenge (1st), Riverside Baja (3rd), Baja España Aragon (15th), Hungarian Baja (8th), OiLibya Rally of Morocco (15th)
2015: Hungarian national championship (1st, T1.1.2 class)
2014: FIA CEZ Championship (2nd)
2012: Hungarian national championship (1st, T1.1.2 class)
2011: FIA Cross-Country Rallies World Cup (4th)
2009: Czech national championship (1st), Hungarian national championship (1st)
2008: PAX Rally (9th)


“My dream is to break into the top 10”

Since getting behind the wheel at Dakar 2016, Tomas Ourednicek has been gradually improving in the cars, going from 46th to 33rd to a seriously impressive 17th last year. The Czech driver is now hoping to go even further by achieving a top-10 finish in Saudi Arabia, although he knows it will be anything but straightforward in what will be a highly competitive 42nd edition. Tomas has been involved in cross-country for over a decade, winning national championships in the Czech Republic and Hungary, and placing as high as fourth at the FIA Cross-Country Rallies World Cup in 2011. His first three Dakar participations were as a co-driver and navigator for fellow countryman Miroslav Zapletal, with the highlight a seventh place in 2009. After outings with Buggyra Racing and South Racing, the 50-year-old teamed up with Martin Prokop last year, enjoying that superb 17th place in a Ford Raptor. This year he and co-driver David Kripal will be competing in a Ford Ranger prepared by the South Africa-based Neil Woolridge Motorsport, under the banner of the Ultimate Dakar team that Tomas set up several years ago. The duo have only taken part in a handful of races this year, claiming victory in the TH class at the Hungarian Baja. More importantly -from a psychological point of view- they completed the Morocco Desert Challenge, where they suffered a spectacular high-speed crash in 2018 but luckily walked away unscathed. Confident and excited about seeing what Saudi Arabia has to offer, Tomas is also delighted that so many Czech car crews -five in total- will be taking part in Dakar 2020.

T.O.: “At the moment the Dakar preparation is crazy, absolutely crazy, it's all day and all night! Ultimate Dakar is my team, I've been building it up since 2014-2015. I had a period with South Racing, then after our big crash at the Morocco Desert Challenge in 2018 the car was not rebuilt straight away. So we made the decision to go with Martin Prokop last year. South Racing has since become very strong in the SSV class, they don't care so much about racing the Fords anymore. So we've switched back to my team. My first Dakar was in South America so I'm in love with the continent, the atmosphere is really fantastic. But if you look at what's happening there now, the move to Saudi Arabia looks like a very good decision. I'm looking forward to the tracks. I've only been to Saudi Arabia once for a race and it was very nice. So from a sporting perspective I think it will be great, I'm expecting some nice stories. Our goal this year was to start the Morocco Desert Challenge, where we had our big accident. We had lots of technical issues there, but it was important to go. Last year's Dakar was fantastic. I wasn't really expecting anything because we were the second car in the MP-Sports team, so there were no big expectations. The goal for me now is to break into the top 10, that's my dream, but if you look at the start list it's going to be very tough! And I think very exciting too. I was involved in helping Martin Kolomy join MP-Sports, he's my good friend. Boris Vaculik is a friend of mine too, he's a former autocross champion who switched to cross-country and I'm very proud of him. It's funny, for Czech fans the Dakar has always been associated with trucks, since Mr Loprais won his six titles. It was hard to explain to them that the cars are very important too. But this year there will be a big change: five car crews from the Czech Republic and only three trucks. It's a really exciting change.”



  • Marque : FORD
  • Modèle : RANGER
  • Préparateur : Neil Woolridge Motorsport
  • Assistance : Ultimate Dakar
  • Classe : T1.1 4x4 TT modifiés essence

Classement 2020

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2 48 48 49
3 21 21 42
4 26 26 29
5 26 26 25
6 61 60 41
7 28 28 37
8 28 28 38
9 26 26 36
10 62 62 38
11 35 35 37
12 31 31 37


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