Dimanche 28 novembre 2021 à 11 heures (heure Paris) - Présentation du Dakar 2022
N°329 Auto KREDA


(ltu) 1.7m / 70kg


Dune driving, motorsport, extreme sport, survival skills


Kreda, Viada, Manvesta, Trygg, Shell-Helix, Zalvaris, Alwark, Noker, Kärcher, Skuba, Solitek

2020: 20th
2019: 35th
2018: 12th
2017: 21st
2016: 28th
2015: 60th
2014: 56th
2009: 25th (co-driver for Petraitis)
2004: Ab. (co-driver for Petraitis)
2003: 61st (co-driver for Petraitis)

2017: Rally Kazakhstan (6th)
2016: Rally Kazakhstan (3rd, 1st T2 class)
2011: Baja Poland (2nd, T2 class)
2011: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (6th, 1st in class)
2008: Libya Desert Challenge (1st)
2007: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (7th)
2006: Oman Desert Challenge (2nd)
2005: Pharaohs Rally Egypt (7th)
2005: Optic2000 Tunis (8th)
Lithuanian Rally-Raid Champion (2004)
3 x Lithuanian Trophy-Raid champion (2002, 2003, 2004)


“The best thing is to stay positive”

Antanas Juknevicius is determined to look on the bright side as he prepares for his 12th and most challenging participation to date in the world's biggest rally. One of the best privateers on the Dakar, the Lithuanian driver and his Kreda team have been hit hard by the global pandemic, to the extent that they were uncertain about returning for this second edition in Saudi Arabia. The 46-year-old has been a regular on the Dakar since making his debut with Aurelijus Petraitis in 2003, helping to make rally raid one of the most popular sports back home in Lithuania. After three outings as a co-driver, the pioneering Antanas got the behind the wheel in 2014 and went from strength to strength, finishing as high as 12th in 2018. Since 2017 he has been accompanied by Darius Vaiciulis, a mountaineer and extreme sports enthusiast who has completed the Seven Summits challenge, climbing the highest peak on all seven continents. Antanas first developed a passion for motorsport in his early 20s, collecting several national titles before discovering the captivating world of offroad racing. A former winner of the Libya Desert Challenge and the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, he is a fan of big dunes and tough, technical tracks. Last year's 42nd edition was not entirely to his liking, but he believes Saudi Arabia has the potential to offer the Dakar field one of the most spectacular rallies in the event's history.

A.J.: “I thought I'd seen everything since 2003. But for me this year will be the biggest challenge. We're staying positive, but it's not easy to find a substitute if someone has to drop out. For a private team of six or seven, changing one or two people can be fatal. We're like a small family. You're not sure what will happen from day to day. It's a lottery, and I never play the lottery. I have great passion and love for sport, but this situation has forced me to gamble. Everyone has been asking, 'Are you going to Dakar this year, will it take place?' I said, 'If it takes place, I will be there 100%. I'm still young and strong, I have a big passion. Everyone understands that as one of the strongest privateer teams, we can be counted on, we do things straight. We are on ASO's priority list and it's not just because of our results. This year has been a terrible thing. It's a small team and we've been growing for 10 years, and if we're killed now… Our passion cannot be killed, but I will drop behind for several years. The Dakar is not only about factory teams, it's also about guys like me. Small, private teams, but very professional teams. It will be difficult for us to survive. At the end of the day, the best thing is to stay positive. That’s why I participate in Dakar, because I can always find a solution. I would like to be in the top 20, and the challenge is to be in the top 10. The Dakar is a big part of my life. I remember so many things about 2003. I finished my first Dakar and got a medal, but there is so much more to it than that. I remember meeting Hubert Auriol and respecting him so much, there was a great sense of old-time Dakars. And the track was technical, challenging. We mustn't lose this really demanding passion of the Dakar, which is connected to the route. It has to be really technical and strong; you want to feel like a man and see amazing views. I designed tracks before for the Libya Desert Challenge, I know how to make it fun and challenging for drivers. Saudi Arabia was a welcome change, but Dakar 2020 was not the most satisfying. It was fast, bumpy, stony, not so technical, rather dull. In Peru we had fantastic dunes, a fantastic drive, like it used to be in Africa. I think in Saudi they can do the same. There is the potential there to have the best Dakar of all time.”



  • Marque : TOYOTA
  • Préparateur : VSI Dakaras LT
  • Assistance : VSI Dakaras LT
  • Classe : T1.1 4x4 TT modifiés essence

Classement 2021


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