“For me the Dakar seemed out of reach!”

He’ll be a newcomer on the Dakar but certainly one to watch in the SSV class. Russian champion Alexei Shmotev is an old friend of his now team mate Sergei Karyakin and that’s what certainly pushed him to take on the biggest challenge of his life. The 36-year-old started competing on quads like his Ekaterinburg mate and only started driving a car (an SSV) this year. A fine transition that saw him capture 5th spot at the Silk Way Rally and 3rd position in Morocco. His goal is now to at least finish his first Dakar in his redesigned CanAm and eventually help out Karyakin who will be aiming at victory. At his side, Shmotev will be counting on the experience of Andrei Rudnitski who already has three Dakar finishes under the belt including a fine 15th place with Kuba Przygonski back in 2016.

A.S.: “When I was a young man, I started riding ATVs with my friends, and of course, I’d heard about Dakar. At that time for me it was something incredible and out of reach. I thought that to go to Dakar, you needed to be an iron man! And now I am going there it’s amazing! I started racing cars at the beginning of this year at the North Forest race. Sergei Karyakin convinced me to participate in an SSV as part of his team. I know Sergei from 2005, when we were quad riders. This year I competed in 9 races and every one was a kind of preparation for the Dakar. Of course, the minimum goal is to get to the finish. But the races in Morocco and at the Silk Way rally showed that I can be quite successful on the long distances. I don’t want to make plans in advance, but I will do my best as any competitor. I’ve never been to Saudi Arabia, and as a traveler, I’m very excited to discover this country.”



  • Mark : CAN-AM
  • Model : MAVERICK X3 X RS
  • Performance tuner : SNAG Racing Team
  • Assistance : SNAG Racing Team
  • Class : T3.P Prototype A-T vehicles

Ranking 2020

Scratch Stage General
1 7 7 7
2 21 21 11
3 12 12 10
4 10 10 10
5 33 33 11
6 17 16 11
7 17 17 10
8 - - -
9 13 13 30
10 25 25 29
11 24 24 28
12 23 23 28

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