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2020: 1st (7 stage wins)
2019: Ab. Stage 5 (2 stage wins)
2016: 14th
2015: 3rd
2014: 1st (4 stage wins)
2013: 3rd
2012: 4th, 2 stage wins
2010: 5th place. (mechanic of Mardeev)

2020: Gold of Kagan (3rd)
2019: Baja Rostov (1st), Silk Way Rally (2nd)
2018: Silk Way Rally (1st)
2017: Africa Eco Race (1st)
2014 Zoloto Kagana, 3rd
2011: Silk Way Rally 3rd


“Demonstrate our domination in a new region…”

He is once again the boss of the Dakar. After a two-year absence and an unfortunate experience on the last edition in South America where he was disqualified following an incident with a spectator, Andrey Karginov returned to his winning ways. His second victory was accomplished with style. Behind the wheel of his Kamaz, the Russian took command of the rally on stage four and never looked back as he went to take seven stage wins from a possible 12. The achievements of the 44-year-old Russian speak for themselves: Dakar champion in 2014 and 2020, third place twice (in 2013 and 2015) and 18 stage wins. This is his 9th Dakar with his habitual team-mates: Andrey Mokeev and Igor Leonov. While Eduard Nikolaev has hung up his helmet to take on a new role in the team Karginov will be the new leader of the blue armada.

A.K.: I was very happy about our victory last year. We had to battle for two weeks on a particularly difficult rally. It is important to confirm our status as the number one truck on the Dakar and demonstrate the domination of our Russian vehicles in this new rally-raid region. The changes make us move forward and this was y the case last year when the organisers complicated navigation by giving us the road book just prior to the start of some stages. This year, it goes even further with in addition a course layout that will undoubtedly be more difficult. In this edition we will have an electronic road book. We have been looking forward to this change. But we have excellent navigators, a great deal of experience and I am convinced that we will be up to the job".



  • Mark : KAMAZ
  • Model : 43509
  • Performance tuner : Team KAMAZ Master
  • Assistance : TEAM KAMAZ Master
  • Class : T5.2 Modified trucks

Ranking 2021

Scratch Stage General
0 11 11 11
1 21 21 21
2 11 11 14
3 5 5 12
4 2 2 10
5 7 7 10
6 6 6 9
7 5 5 8
8 3 3 7
9 5 5 7
10 5 5 7
11 6 6 7
12 6 6 7

All news of A. Karginov

Newsflashes - 11/01 12:49 [GMT +3] - Camion

Karginov leads

Title holder Andrey Karginov is in the lead at the first time check point, but no less than seven trucks are within the same minute, with Airat Mardeev seventh, 58’’ behind the current stage leader. General standings leader Dmitry Sotnikov has dropped down in to fourth place, but only 13’’ behind Karginov!

Newsflashes - 07/01 17:16 [GMT +3] - Camion

Finally a win for Karginov!

Head and shoulders above the rest last year, the title holder stumbled on misfortune at the start of his ninth Dakar. Due to mechanical problems on the first special finishing in Bisha, the Russian lost more than 1 hour 30 minutes. However, today, he has finally tasted victory for the first time this year after starting sixth this morning. It will not be sufficient to make up...

Newsflashes - 06/01 15:55 [GMT +3] - Camion

Sotnikov denies Karginov

Dmitry Sotnikov has done it again! The Russian, fourth at the last intermediate time check, put the pedal to the metal in his Kamaz to overtake Andrey Karginov in the dying breaths of the stage. Sotnikov claimed his third win of the year by just 11" over the defending champion. Aliaksei Vishneuski (+ 14") completed the podium, with Martin Macík (+ 22") in fourth...

Newsflashes - 06/01 14:31 [GMT +3] - Camion

Karginov widens the gap

Andrey Karginov remains in charge of the truck classification, although Aliaksei Vishneuski, Martin Macík, Ayrat Mardeev and overall leader and Dmitry Sotnikov are still very much in the running. Meanwhile, Siarhei Viazovich is still stationary at km 100.

Newsflashes - 06/01 13:14 [GMT +3] - Camion

Karginov strikes back

Andrey Karginov is a man on a mission… and he has made his intentions clear from the get-go. The reigning champion, who suffered a technical problem during the first stage, is leading the race at the first time check, but with nine trucks within one minute, he will have to keep going flat-out all the way to Riyadh.

Newsflashes - 03/01 17:13 [GMT +3] - Camion

Karginov's Dakar going up in smoke

After dominating the 2020 Dakar from A to Z, Andrey Karginov's start to the 2021 edition couldn't have been more different. The Kamaz driver has been working on his truck for almost an hour and a half and could well be waving goodbye to his chances of retaining the title in Jeddah.

Newsflashes - 03/01 15:58 [GMT +3] - Camion

Mardeyev moves into the lead as Karginov works on his truck

Ayrat Mardeev is upping the pace as the stage reaches its halfway point and seized the lead by a razor-thin margin of one second over Martin Macík and seven over teammate Dmitry Sotnikov. Meanwhile, defending champion Andrey Karginov has already had to stop several times to work on his Kamaz and is haemorrhaging time.

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