(arg) Born on 02/05/1969 at Córdoba 1.78m / 70kg


YPF Combustibles


2017: Camión / 4º
2016: Camión / 3º
2015: Auto / 27º

2017: Ganador de la Categoría camiones en el Rally de Marruecos
2016: Campeón del RallyCross Argentino en la categoría Maxi Rally; Subcampeón Argentino de Rally en la categoría Maxi Rally
2015: 3º en la General de la Categoría Camiones en el Rally de Marruecos; Subcampeón Argentino de Rally en la categoría Maxi Rally
2014: Subcampeón Argentino de Rally en la categoría Maxi Rally
2013: Participación en la Baja Polonia (abandono); 9º en el Rally de Marruecos.
Entre el 2003 y el 2012, logró 20 campeonatos entre títulos de categoría y Campeón Absoluto dentro del Rally Argentino.
Se proclamó campeón en cinco Campeonatos de Motociclismo en divisiones de Motocross y Supercross a partir de 1987.
Compitió además en el PWRC en 13 competencias y logró dos victorias, en tanto en el WRC disputó un total de 34 carreras.


“A big duel with the Kamaz”

The Argentinean crew that finished a remarkable fourth place on the 2017 Dakar continues to surprise. In the middle of the season, in taking the reins of Gerard de Rooy’s official team, they won the Morocco Rally with a decent margin of victory and even challenged several cars thanks to the speed of the Italian truck. They will have to confirm their strong form in taking on the always powerful Russian Kamaz team. They come in motivated and ready to battle all the way to the end.

F.V : “It was a big responsibility to drive the factory Iveco truck on the Morocco Rally and happily we were able to take an important victory because it was a first for an Argentinean team on this type of event. For us, beyond the victory, it was a great opportunity to work towards this result, to define everyone’s job to get to know each other better and to know just where we can go on a route as demanding as that of the 2018 Dakar. It is very hard to know at what level we are. For me, it was a good test because after the health problems I had, I was able to judge where I was.”



  • Mark : IVECO
  • Model : POWERSTAR
  • Performance tuner : De Rooy Team
  • Assistance : De Rooy Team
  • Class : C_T4.2 : Camions Modifiés

Ranking 2018

Scratch Stage General
1 17 17 17
2 2 2 3
3 1 1 2
4 2 2 2
5 9 9 2
6 1 1 2
7 2 2 2
8 2 2 2
9 - - -
10 3 3 2
11 2 2 1
12 4 4 2
13 - - -
14 - - -

All news of F. Villagra

Newsflashes - 19/01 18:08 [GMT -3] - Camion

Federico Villagra is out!

Yet another dramatic turn of events the day before the finish of the Dakar: Federico Villagra, the second placed driver in the truck category general standings, who was only one second behind the leader this morning, has dropped out of the rally. Exiting due to a mechanical problem is a cruel way to finish for the Argentinean, who had driven...

Newsflashes - 19/01 14:56 [GMT -3] - Camion

Villagra more than one hour behind

Federico Villagra has probably lost the Dakar on the 124 kilometres of the day’s special. Although he was one second behind the general standings leader Eduard Nikolaev this morning, the Argentinean has already lost more than 1 hour and 23 minutes to the Russian at the end of first part of the special.

Newsflashes - 19/01 12:42 [GMT -3] - Camion

Villagra in danger!

Federico Villagra is perhaps in the process of losing the Dakar. The Iveco driver, who was leading the special after 46 km, has been at a standstill for 20 minutes at the 79 km point. This is a godsend for Eduard Nikolaev who has an opportunity to open up a big gap over his rival.

Reactions - 18/01 17:28 [GMT -3] - Camion

Federico Villagra : « Terminer fort pour nous battre pour la victoire »

The Argentinean driver lost the lead of the general standings to title holder Eduard Nikolaev, but only by one second.

“We have two more stages. We were leading yesterday, but today we had a difficult day, so until the end it’s like we’re starting a new rally. It’s been a long rally and we’re...

Newsflashes - 18/01 11:06 [GMT -3] - Camion

Villagra soars away, Nikolaev lets go

Federico Villagra is already some way in front on the special with a lead of 4’14’’ over Ton van Genugen after 110 km, a performance that is becoming even better due to the problems experienced by the second placed driver in the general standings, Eduard Nikolaev, who has lost more than half an hour!

Newsflashes - 18/01 09:46 [GMT -3] - Camion

Villagra still untouchable

Federico Villagra is enjoying a splendid rally. Always at the forefront, the new general standings leader has again started at a fast pace. The Argentinean has reached CP1 with a lead of almost one minute over Martin Macík and Ton Van Genugten. Eduard Nikolaev, who needs to claw back time, has already lost two minutes.

Newsflashes - 17/01 11:37 [GMT -3] - Camion

Villagra turns the truck race on its head!

Eduard Nikolayev's overwhelming dominance since the start of the rally, which put him 3 h 48 clear of the third-placed driver this morning, had eliminated all his rivals except for Federico Villagra and his never-say-die attitude. The Argentinian's determination is paying off in his home country. The Iveco driver is leading the special at CP2...

Reactions - 14/01 16:42 [GMT -4] - Camion

Federico Villagra: "We did a clean race"

The second-placed rider in the general classification is banking on the stages in Argentina to make up his deficit to Eduard Nikolayev.

"It was a tough stage. In the first part I had to help the other Iveco truck, which was stuck in the mud. I lost some time, but from then on we did a clean race. The cancellation of tomorrow's stage is bad news for us because we need to...

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