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2020: 2nd (3 stage wins)
2018: Ab.
2017: 19th
2014: 5th

2020: Gold of Kagan (2nd)
2019: Silk Way Rally (1st)
2018: Silk Way Rally (3rd)
2017: Silk Way Rally (2nd)
2016: Silk Way Rally (8th)


Shibalov, ready to go

The secret for success in the Kamaz clan is found in its extraordinary heritage. Each newcomer behind the wheel of one of the blue trucks is a potential Dakar winner. As so many prodigies before him, Anton Shibalov was raised in Tatarstan, which is the home of the prestigious Kamaz brand. He learned from the best beginning with the master himself, seven-time Dakar champion, Vladimir Chagin. In his first participation in 2014, Shibalov finished 5th, always at the ready to assist that year’s victor, Andrey Karginov. After skipping the last edition in South America, the 35-year-old Russian came out swinging in the first Dakar stage in Saudi Arabia to take his first ever stage win. He won two more on his way to his best result in the rally: runner-up behind his team-mate Karginov. Following the win on the 2019 Silk Way and second place in the Gold of Kagan rally, which was the only event in which he raced in 2020, Shibalov is a serious contender for the win in edition 43 of the Dakar. He will be able to rely on the help, in the cabin of his Kamaz, of long-time team-mates Dmitrii Nikitin and Ivan Tatarinov.

“The 2020 Dakar was an interesting and exciting race just until the very end with a great battle and a very demanding course in this new region for the Dakar. I was thrilled that our crew finished second overall and congratulations to Andrey Karginov.”



  • Mark : KAMAZ
  • Model : 43509
  • Performance tuner : Team KAMAZ Master
  • Assistance : TEAM KAMAZ Master
  • Class : T5.2 Modified trucks

Ranking 2021

Scratch Stage General
0 4 4 4
1 3 3 3
2 6 6 3
3 3 3 3
4 5 5 3
5 3 3 2
6 3 3 2
7 3 3 2
8 1 1 2
9 4 4 2
10 6 6 2
11 1 1 2
12 2 2 2

All news of A. Shibalov

Newsflashes - 14/01 16:59 [GMT +3] - Camion

Shibalov wins and Sotnikov loses 7 minutes!

On completion of the final portion of the special, in the end Dmitry Sotnikov has missed out on the podium for the first time since the first stage and has conceded more than seven minutes to Anton Shibalov. The Russian climbs to within a little less than 40’ of his team-mate in the general standings before the final stage finishing in Jeddah, a gap which is...

Newsflashes - 14/01 14:41 [GMT +3] - Camion

Shibalov leads

After 306 km, Anton Shibalov, the main rival of Dmitry Sotnikov in the general standings, currently leads with a lead of a little less than two minutes over Aliaksei Vishneuski. After a cautious start, the title holder Andrey Karginov and Dmitry Sotnikov are not far behind Vishneuski.

Newsflashes - 13/01 12:36 [GMT +3] - Camion

Shibalov moves into the lead

Anton Shibalov has toppled Martin Macík from the provisional lead by just five seconds. Aleš Loprais and Dmitry Sotnikov are about ten seconds behind their stablemates.

Newsflashes - 11/01 16:43 [GMT +3] - Camion

Shibalov deprives Vishneuski of victory

Aliaksei Vishneuski has cracked in the last few kilometres to lose seven minutes and hand victory to Anton Shibalov. As if that was not enough, Andrey Karginov and Dmitry Sotnikov have also gained the upper hand over the Belarussian, pushing him off the day’s podium. Ignacio Casale, the title holder in the quad category, has completed the special in fifth place,...

Newsflashes - 07/01 12:10 [GMT +3] - Camion

Shibalov takes the helm

Anton Shibalov, runner-up to Andrey Karginov last year, has taken the lead at the first time check point, with an advantage of already 3’15’’ over Czech driver Martin Macík. Dmitry Sotnikov has already lost almost 12’, but there is everything still to play for!

Newsflashes - 05/01 12:09 [GMT +3] - Camion

Shibalov takes the lead

Anton Shibalov, on the podium for the first two stages, has managed to move ahead of Dmitry Sotnikov after 183 km. However, the leading trio are tightly packed: Anton Shibalov, Siarhei Viazovich and Dmitry Sotnikov are within the same twenty second bracket!

Newsflashes - 03/01 14:58 [GMT +3] - Camion

Shibalov takes the lead

Anton Shibalov leads the truck race after 92 km, although the Russian remains within range of Martin Macík (+ 1'17") and Aliaksei Vishneuski, who continues to make good progress in his fifth Dakar.

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