N°404 Lightweight vehicle MONSTER ENERGY CAN-AM


(bra) 1.75m / 80kg


Bikes, karting, squash, football, cinema, family


Can-Am, Monster Energy, Method, Tensor, JJuan Brakes, Motul, OMP, Bell, Lazer, Divino Fogao, Norton

2020: 9th (SSV)
2019: 3rd (SSV)
2018: 1st (SSV)
2014: Ab. Stage 6
2013: 57th (solo car)
2001: 22nd

2020: Rally Dos Sertoes (2nd SSV)
2019: Qatar Rally (6th- 1st in SSV), Abu Dhabi Desert Chalenge (5th - 2nd in SSV), Kazakhstan Rally (8th- 1st in SSV), Morocco Rally (7th- 1st in SSV) – Winner of the FIA SSV World Cup
Rally Dos Sertoes (2nd SxS)
2018: Rally Dos Sertoes (6th SxS)
2017 Baja 1000
2013: Baja Italia
2012: 2012 World Cross Country Rally Champion in T2 class
2002: Rallye Dos Sertoes (1st)


20th Dakar anniversary for Varela

Not only is Reinaldo Varela one of the veterans of the Dakar, he has also become a title contender, winning the SSV class a few years ago. The Brazilian is one of the rare to have witnessed the rally on three different continents. After living his first Dakar on African soil back in 2001 and finishing at an excellent 22nd position of the car race, Reinaldo Varela returned to the rally ten years later and did it the hard way, alone. The Brazilian was indeed in what was then called a Can-Am UTV and again reached the finish in Santiago at a good 57th position (3rd of the solo class), Reinaldo however had company for his third rally. Alongside his usual co-driver Gustavo Gugelmin, and in a far bigger Mitsubishi ASX, he however failed to reach the finish, quitting the race after 6 days. For his fourth Dakar, it was back to basics for the two-time winner of the Dos Sertoes Rally who also competed in the Baja 1000. Possibly inspired by the victory of his compatriot Leandro Torres in the SSV class, Varela took his Can Am Maverick, still with Gugelmin as his precious guide to victory. The quest to retain their title was a tough one especially with far tougher competition for the last edition in South America and the Brazilian pair had to settle for third place behind newcoming rivals Chaleco Lopez and Gerard Farres. The switch to Saudi Arabia was a tough one for the 61-year-old, part of the impressive Monster Energy Can-Am squad. Ninth of the rally he however was a precious ally for his victorious team mate Casey Currie. Varela shows up at the start of his 7th Dakar after claiming second spot at the Rally Dos Sertoes on home soil. In the Middle-East, he’ll be celebrating his 10th anniversary on the Dakar.



  • Mark : CAN - AM
  • Model : XRS
  • Performance tuner : Monster Energy Can Am
  • Assistance : Monster Energy Can Am
  • Class : T4.1 Turbo production SSVs

Ranking 2021

Scratch Stage General
0 4 4 4
1 5 5 5
2 7 7 5
3 23 23 9
4 25 25 9
5 19 19 9
6 7 7 7
7 3 3 7
8 3 3 7
9 5 5 5
10 7 6 5
11 8 8 5
12 2 2 5

All news of R. Varela

Newsflashes - 11/01 13:05 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

Varela keeps his rivals at a distance

At the midway point, Reinaldo Varela still leads the special, with an advantage of almost 1’37’’ over Sergey Karyakin. Chaleco López has climbed into third place, a little more than two minutes behind, while American Austin Jones trails by more than three minutes. Saleh Alsaif, second at the start of the special, has lost almost 4’30’’!


Newsflashes - 11/01 12:34 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

Varela and Alsaif take the lead

Reinaldo Varela and Saleh Alsaif currently occupy the top two places after 122 km, within the same minute. Sergey Karyakin, runner-up to Casey Currie last year in the category, leads the group of pursuers including Chaleco López, more than two minutes behind.

Newsflashes - 10/01 15:02 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

Varela holds on, but…

…watch out for Saleh Alsaif and Aron Domżała, still within half a minute of the leader at km 279. Michał Goczał is under two minutes behind the leader and just 20 seconds ahead of Cristina Gutiérrez. Early stage leader Kris Meeke seems to be running out of gas and is now over five minutes back


Newsflashes - 10/01 13:12 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

Varela and López overtake Meeke by a hair's width

Reinaldo Varela and "Chaleco" López have vaulted ahead of Kris Meeke at km 148, but only 11 seconds separate the leading trio. Michał Goczał and Aron Domżała are also within one minute of Varela. Expect this duel to come down to the wire too!


Newsflashes - 07/01 13:06 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

Varela comfortably in control

Reinaldo Varela still holds first place after 155 km, but now he leads Khalifa Al-Attiyah who has taken second place from Frenchman Lionel Baud. As for Chaleco López, he is only a dozen seconds behind Baud.

Newsflashes - 07/01 11:01 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

Reinaldo leads at WP1

After a difficult special yesterday when he finished with the 29th time, Reinaldo Varela has returned to the front after the first time check point in the lightweight vehicle category. The Brazilian has a lead of more than 2’24’’ over Lionel Baud and 2’38’’ over Chaleco López. Sergey Karyakin, the runner-p to Casey Currie...

Newsflashes - 04/01 11:15 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

Varela leads the SSVs

Reinaldo Varela, the winner of the 2018 edition in the lightweight vehicle category, has moved into the lead after 46 km. However, Saleh Alsaif is on the Brazilian’s heels, only 4 seconds behind. Chaleco Lopez completes the top 3, trailing the provisional leader by just 40 seconds. Austin Jones, the winner of the first stage who had to open the way today, currently...

Newsflashes - 03/01 17:21 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

Varela, Jones and López within a minute

Reinaldo Varela has claimed the first stage of the 2021 Dakar. The Brazilian winner of the 2018 edition beat Austin Jones by 28 seconds and "Chaleco" López by 42. Last year's runner-up, Sergey Karyakin, was off the pace and finished in fifth place, losing over three minutes and finishing behind Gerard Farrés.

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