(fra) 1.8m / 82kg


Vélo, ski de randonnée, bricolage



  • Mark : OT3
  • Model : OT3 - 03
  • Performance tuner :
  • Assistance :
  • Class : T3.P Prototype A-T vehicles

Ranking 2020

Scratch Stage General
1 24 24 24
2 8 8 8
3 40 45 -
4 44 44 -
5 1 1 -
6 4 4 -
7 4 4 -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -

All news of C. Despres

Newsflashes - 13/01 11:42 [GMT +3] - SSV

Despres exits the race

Cyril Despres is among the riders and drivers who did not take starter’s orders for the eighth stage this morning in Wadi Al-Dawasir. The Frenchman, who had switched to the Dakar Experience format after exiting the competition on stage 3, was no longer included in the general standings. He sacrificed his continued participation in the rally to give his young team-mate Mitchel...

Newsflashes - 09/01 16:27 [GMT +3] - SSV

Despres wins in Ha’il

Cyril Despres has narrowly won his first stage victory in the SSV category for his return to the race in the Dakar Experience format after the engine on his buggy broke during the third stage. The Frenchman with explorer Mike Horn as co-pilot, beat Aron Domzala by 41 seconds, though Sergei Kariakin was the day’s major winner, taking over the lead in the general standings.


Newsflashes - 09/01 15:34 [GMT +3] - SSV

Despres regains the lead

Cyril Despres has completed 303 km with the best time, 14 seconds ahead of Aron Domzala, who has already finished, however, so the suspense regarding the stage winner will be maintained until the former French bike champion completes the special.

Newsflashes - 09/01 12:42 [GMT +3] - SSV

Useful rest for Despres

Forced to exit the race after breaking the engine on their buggy during the 3rd stage, Cyril Despres and Mike Horn took a day’s rest before resuming the race in the Dakar Experience format this morning. This has obviously helped the two men, because they have completed the first 103 km in the lead!

Newsflashes - 07/01 21:26 [GMT +3] - SSV

Despres out

Cyril Despres is heading to the bivouac by road after losing his buggy's engine. The Frenchman and his explorer co-driver, Mike Horn, has been unable to complete the special and looks set to withdraw from the race. However, he will be able to continue the rally without being eligible for classifications thanks to the new Dakar Experience format


Newsflashes - 07/01 17:22 [GMT +3] - SSV

Uncertainty for Despres

Cyril Despres and Mike Horn have managed to reach the second neutralised zone thanks to a tow from the team’s assistance truck. However, the two men do not know whether they will be able to continue their route on the Dakar… “It was a lovely day, Mike was enjoying it and we started to maintain a good pace. But since yesterday the engine temperature has been...

Newsflashes - 07/01 14:48 [GMT +3] - SSV

A major blow for the Despres/Horn duo

Cyril Despres and Mike Horn have been at a standstill for several dozen minutes after 273 km of the special. Their buggy’s engine has given up the ghost and they are now forced to wait for their assistance team to arrive.

Newsflashes - 06/01 11:12 [GMT +3] - SSV

Mike Horn’s new adventure

Having only just returned from his incredible expedition to the North Pole, Mike Horn made a radical change of climate by taking part in the Dakar alongside Cyril Despres in an SSV. After 5 triumphs on a bike and several editions behind the wheel of a car, the Frenchman is now tasting the adventure in a buggy with an absolutely unexperienced but not faint-hearted co-pilot. The...

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