N°405 Lightweight vehicle MONSTER ENERGY CAN-AM


(esp) 1.8m / 75kg


BTT, pádel, cine, deporte, bicicleta, familia y amigos


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2020: SSV/11º 3 victorias de etapa
2019: SSV/ 2º
2018: Motos/ 5º
2017: Motos/ 3º
2016: Motos/ 8º
2015: Motos/ Abandono en la 8ª etapa
2014: Motos/ Abandono en la 5ª etapa
2013: Motos/ 69º
2012: Motos/ 7º
2011: Motos/ 28º (Mochilero de Francisco López)
2010: Motos/ Abandono en la 8ª etapa
2009: Motos/ 19º (Mochilero de Marc Coma)
2006: Motos/16º (Mejor Rookie)

2020: 11º en la categoría Autos y 2º en la clase T4 del Rally Andalucía, 2º en la clase T4 de la Baja Polonia.
2019: 1º Rally Panáfrica
2018: 2ºRally Marruecos, 1º Rally Panáfrica
2016: 1º Hellas Rally, 4º Merzouga Rally, 2º Baja Aragón.
2015: 2º del Merzouga Rally, 1º de la Transanatolia, 1º en la Baja Aragón
2014: 3º en el Rally de Cerdeña
2013: 8º del Merzouga Rally
2012: 2º de la Baja España; 9º del Mundial de Rally (11º en Abu Dabi, 5º en Qatar, 7º en Cerdeña)
2011: Ganador de la Baja España
2010: Abandono en la 4ª etapa del Rally de Faraones (1 victoria de etapa); Participación en la Baja España (Abandono) y en el Rally de Cerdeña (Abandono).
2007: Campeón de España de Raids; 4º en el Rally de Túnez; Ganador de la Baja-Aragón.
2000: Campeón del Mundo de Enduro por Equipos; Campeón del Mundo Junior de Enduro
1999: Campeón del Mundo de Enduro por Equipos
1998: Campeón del Mundo de Enduro por Equipos


“The goal is to get back on the podium”

Gerard Farrès is one of the most complete competitors in Spain with 13 participations since his debut on the Dakar in Africa in 2006 where he finished 16th, and best among the rookies. During his many years on the Dakar, Gerard has competed 11 times on a motorbike, finishing in the top ten three times. In 2020, he is taking part in the SSV category for the third time, where he feels particularly comfortable. "It's not an individual sport like motorbikes and it presents less risk.” The Catalan, who has his place among rally-raid’s elite, has experienced all three eras of the Dakar. And he assures that he has enjoyed of them. Africa, where he met people who, because of their vulnerable position, taught him a lot. South America, for its incredible scenery and passion for our sport. Arabia, for the return to infinite landscapes, adventure, difficult navigation, but also in the search for openness and equality. Last year, Gérard was accompanied by his friend Armand Monleón, who made his Dakar debut in 2016 with a 10th place in the bike category. The co-driver has done the Dakar four times on a motorcycle. Together, they finished in 11th place with three stage victories, and they also helped Currie and Berriman win the rally for the team. In 2020, the duo of Farrès Güell and Monleón also raced in the Rally of Andalucía finishing second in their category. Gérard also participated in the Poland Baja, which is a round of the World Championship. With their experience and preparation, Gérard and Armand's objective on the Dakar is none other than to be back on the podium of this highly contested category.

G.F.G.: “In the last edition, we explored a new continent and I really have to say that if I have to compare the three eras of the Dakar, I like them all equally. I was won over by the people in Africa, who despite the difficult living conditions, taught us a lot. I will always remember the scenery and the enthusiasm for our sport in South America. In Arabia, it feels like we have returned to the roots of the Dakar, that is to say, adventure, the vast desert, difficult navigation and in the society, where we are witnessing change, openness and a search for equality.
I feel very much at home in SSV. Although we were always supported by a team, motorcycling was a more individual sport and involved greater risk. Now, instead, I will set off with Armand (Monleón) and we have to get along very well to navigate correctly. There is a lot of stress with the driving. You have to be very focused, because a mistake can be very costly…
The goal is to get back on the podium. We were very pleased to have helped our team-mate get the win. It was a very important result for the team.”

A.M. “Switching to the SSV category as a co-driver and having to adapt to four-wheels was a huge challenge. We were surprised by the complicated stages and the extraordinary scenery.
As for the vehicle, we are always working to make it better. Each day, we are becoming more and more comfortable with the Can-Am and we have changed some small things that have made the difference. I think our main rivals will be Chaleco (López) and Juan Pablo who have a lot of experience and Domzala and Marton, who are very fast. It is a wide-open category and there are more and more drivers battling in T4. We have done a very good job all year long and the experience gained from the last Dakar will help us to be more competitive.”



  • Mark : CAN - AM
  • Model : XRS
  • Performance tuner : South Racing - Monster Energy Can Am
  • Assistance : South Racing - Monster Energy Can Am
  • Class : T4.1 Turbo production SSVs

Ranking 2021

Scratch Stage General
0 26 26 26
1 6 6 6
2 2 2 3
3 35 35 12
4 42 42 13
5 47 46 26
6 3 3 20
7 27 27 19
8 20 19 18
9 15 15 16
10 5 4 15
11 3 3 11
12 13 13 11

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