(esp) Born on 17/02/1972 at Vic 1.9m / 90kg


Mini, Monster, X-Raid, Personal Vision Advisors, Roncato, Sparco, Roka

2018: Abandono por accidente
2017: 4º
2016: 6º
2015: Abandono en la 10ª etapa (1 victoria de etapa)
2014: 1º (4 victorias de etapa)
2013: 4º (4 victorias de etapa)
2012: 2º (3 victorias de etapa)
2011: Abandono en la etapa 9
2010: Abandono en la etapa 3 (1 victoria etapa coche)
2009: 10º
2007: 13º
2006: 3º
2005: 6º
2004: 1º (2 victorias de etapa moto)
2003: Abandono (1 victoria de etapa, moto)
2002: Abandono (3 victoria de etapa, moto)
2001: Abandono (3 victorias de etapa, moto)
2000: 17º, moto (4 victorias de etapa moto)
1999: Abandono, moto (1 victoria etapamoto)
1998: Abandono, moto (2 victorias etapa moto)
1997: Abandono, moto
1996: 1ª participación, 1 victorias de etapa, moto.

2018: 1ºBaja Hungría, 1ºTurkmenistan Rally, 1ºRally Portoalegre y 19ºSilk Way Rally
2017: 3º rallye Marruecos, 4º Baja España Aragón
2016: 1º rally navarra, 1º rally bellpuig, 6º rallye marruecos
2015: 2º en el Rally Tierras Altas de Lorca; 1º en el Rally de Navarra; 1º en la Baja España Aragón; 1º en el Rally Vidreres-Maçanet.
2014: Ganador de la Baja España Aragón; Ganador del Desafío Inca ; Abandono en el Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (1 victoria de etapa); Abandono en la última etapa del Rally de Marruecos.
2013: Ganador de la Baja España, de la Baja Hungría, del Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge y del Desafío Ruta 40 (co-piloto: Michel Périn); 1º en el European Final Gymkhana Grid de Madrid.
2012: 2º en el Desafío Litoral; Campeón de Cataluña de Rally (copiloto: Pilar Barceló)
2011: 3º en el Rally de Túnez (con Mini), Abandono en el Rally de Marruecos.
2010: 3º en el Campeonato de Cataluña de Rallies (con Mitsu Evo) ; 6º de la Baja Aragón (con Mitsu Stradale).
2009: 1º en la Baja Aragón; 1º en el Campeonato de Cataluña de Rallies Tierra,
2008: 2º en la Baja Aragón; 2º en el Rally de Guijuelo; 6º en el Rally Portugal Dakar Serie.
2007: 2º en la Baja Aragón; 2º en el Rally Vodafone TransIbérico; 7º en el Rally de Guijuelo; 3º en el Rally de Lanzarote.
2006: 2º en la Por Las Pampas; 2º en el Rally Vodafone TransIbérico; 1º en el Rally de Cáceres (Grupo N); 1º en el Rally de Ourense (Grupo N).
2005: 1º en la Baja España-Aragón; 4º en el Rally Patagonia-Atacama; 4º en el Rally de Marruecos.
2004: 2º en el Rally de Cerdeña
2003: Ganador del Rally de Egipto; Ganador del Rally de Cerdeña; 2º en la Baja España-Aragón; 3º en la Copa FIM Rallys TT; 3º en el Rally de Túnez, 3º en el Rally de Marruecos.
2002: Ganador del Rally de Túnez (KTM 950 Rally); Ganador de la Baja España Aragón.
2001: 2º de la Baja España Aragón; 2º en el Rally de Túnez; 2º en el Rally de Egipto; 3º en los ISDE Francia.
2000: Ganador de la Baja Italia; Ganador de la Baja España Aragón; 3º en los ISDE España.
1999: 2º en el Raid de Egipto; 2º en el Rally de Dubaï UAE Desert Challenge; Ganador de la Baja España Aragón; Ganador de la Baja Italia; 1º en el ISDE Portugal.
1998: Ganador de la Baja España Aragón; Campeón de España de Raids; 4º en el Rally de Túnez.
1997: Campeón de España de Enduro; Campeón de España de Raids; Ganador de la Baja España-Aragón.
1996: 3º en el Campeonato de España de Enduro 4T; 2º en el Campeonato del Mundo de Enduro 4T; 2º en la Baja España-Aragón.
1995: 2º en el Campeonato de España de Enduro 4T; 3º en los ISDE; Ganador de la Baja España-Aragón; 8º en el Campeonato del Mundo de Enduro.
1994: Campeón de Europa de Enduro Senior; 1º en los ISDE USA; 4º en el Campeonato de España de Enduro Senior.
1993: 4º en el Campeonato de España de Enduro Senior; 3º en los ISDE.
1992: 5º en el Campeonato de Europa de Enduro Senior (125 cc); Subcampeón de España de Enduro Senior (125 cc).
1991: Subcampeón de España de Enduro Junior (125cc); 3º en los ISDE Checoslovaquia.


“This year, it will be tense just until the last day, we have everything needed to win”

A dramatic accident on stage three due to a trench he didn’t see ruined the hopes of Nani Roma in the 2018 edition. The Spaniard was transferred to Lima by helicopter, but a few weeks later he was already planning his return for the 2019 edition. Following his premature retirement last year, Nani Roma and co-driver Alex Haro put in a complete preparation all throughout the year. "This is the season in which we competed in the most races." And with great results with wins on the Baja Hungria, a rally in Turkmenistan and the Baja Portoalegre. “We had a fine season, with a lot of testing kilometres, and I am very motivated. We have a big team; a super car and I have a top co-driver. We have everything needed to win the Dakar, but anything can happen in the rally. The slightest error in the sand or in a dune can cost you the victory.” Nani Roma, who will take part in his 23rd Dakar, knows that his team mate, and defending Dakar champion, Carlos Sainz is the man to beat and predicts a race full of surprises and emotions just until the last day. “It will be a Dakar with a lot of sand and it will be very hard just until the last day. It will not be like usual where the three or four final days or on tracks and where the race is practically settled. This year, there will be suspense all the way to the end.” Five years after his first triumph, Nani Roma wants to return to the top step of the podium.

N.R : “I have been racing in the Dakar for more than two decades, it is part of my daily routine. It has always provided incredible emotions and sensations. The things I have experienced have affected me a lot, which is what makes this rally so unique. After 40 years, the Dakar effects society like Formula 1 or any other competition. It is a very special race.” A.H.B : “After the accident last year, we decided to take part in more rallies than any other year and it was positive for us to rid ourselves of fear. We needed to prove that Nani had completely recovered and that there were no lingering effects from the accident and we ran strong with solid results. We have a very good car, the most consistent in the field and one of our best chances to fight for the win this year. Nani is very easy to work with. He has always shown full confidence in me ad we are taking on this Dakar with a lot of enthusiasm.”



  • Mark : MINI
  • Performance tuner : X- Raid
  • Assistance : X- Raid
  • Class : A_T1.2 : T1.2 - Véhicules 4x4 tout-terrain modifiés diesel

Ranking 2019

Scratch Stage General
1 11 11 11
2 2 2 3
3 5 5 4
4 4 4 3
5 3 3 3
6 5 5 4
7 2 2 3
8 5 5 2
9 2 2 2
10 6 6 2

All news of N. Roma

Reactions - 17/01 12:53 [GMT -5] - Auto

“Nasser didn’t make any mistakes”

The Spanish driver, a winner on a bike in 2004 and then in a car in 2014, returned to the podium on the Dakar, in 2nd position, 46 minutes behind Nasser Al-Attiyah.

“We are happy. It was a tough race, with a lot of stress every day. It wasn’t easy. We didn’t even have one second just to be a little bit relaxed. But I’m happy to be here and happy...

Reactions - 16/01 14:44 [GMT -5] - Auto

"Álex does an amazing job"

Nani Roma extended his rock-solid performance with an impressive second place on the eve of the finale. The Mini driver finished 4'58" and consolidated his second place in the general classification, where he now has a margin of over an hour over Sébastien Loeb.

"I tried to to my best. [It was] a really complicated stage, so difficult, also in navigation....

Reactions - 15/01 17:13 [GMT -5] - Auto

“We tried to take our time”

Nani Roma finished stage eight in fifth place, fifteen minutes behind Sébéstien Loeb. Although he now occupies second place in the general standings, the Mini driver is under threat from the Frenchman who he only leads by sixteen seconds. Tomorrow may very well prove to be crucial.

“Really tough. A really, really tough day, with soft dunes and a lot...

Reactions - 14/01 14:56 [GMT -5] - Auto

"Happy to be here"

Nani Roma finished second in stage 7 and shipped 4'33" to Stéphane Peterhansel, but he capitalised on Sébastien Loeb's misfortune to move up to third place overall. The Mini driver also cut his deficit to leader Nasser Al-Attiyah to 37 minutes.

"It's not bad because today was another difficult day. There were lots of dunes and, with our 4x4, it's harder to...

Newsflashes - 14/01 10:38 [GMT -5] - Auto

Roma takes the lead at CP1

Mini's Nani Roma posted the fastest time at CP1, beating Stéphane Peterhansel by 1′25″ and Giniel De Villiers by 2′52″. Nasser Al-Attiyah is racing conservatively at 3′07″, whereas Sébastien Loeb has thrown caution to the wind but is still over 37 minutes back.

Reactions - 13/01 17:37 [GMT -5] - Auto

"We need to keep calm"

Nani Roma inched closer to the overall podium after coming in fifth in stage 6. The Mini driver is just four minutes behind Stéphane Peterhansel, who had another bad day at the office.

"We lost some time at two waypoints. We got stuck at one and lost seven minutes. We spent a long time looking for the other one. The road book told us to stick to the left...

Reactions - 08/01 12:19 [GMT -5] - Auto

Nani Roma: “I’m happy about the result”

Unlike last year, Nani Roma has successfully negotiated the beginning of the Dakar 2019. The Mini driver climbed on to the podium of the second stage by finishing second, one and a half minutes behind Sebastien Loeb.

“It was the same end of the stage as last year, and last year for me it was not such a perfect day. This morning, it was not so easy for me to start...

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