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esquí, submarinismo, fútbol, baloncesto, apnea


Red Bull, Can-Am, Santander Customer Finance, Motul, J Juan Brake Systems

2023: T3 / 4ª clasificada T3 (2 victorias de etapa)
2022: T3 / 3ª clasificada T3
2021: SSV / Abandono (1 victoria de etapa)
2020: Coches / 42ª
2019: Coches / 26ª (7ª de T1.2)
2018: Coches / 38ª (2ª en T1S)
2017: Coches / 44ª (6ª de T1S y 1ª piloto española en acabar el Dakar en coches)

2023: Sonora Rally (4ª T3) / Desafío Ruta 40 (2ª T3) / Rallye du Maroc (3ª T3). W2RC: 4ª T3
2022: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (2ª T3) / Rallye du Maroc (2ª T3) / Rally Andalucía (4ª T3). W2RC: 3ª T3
2021: Campeona de la Copa del Mundo FIA T3; 1ª T3 en el Rally de Kazajistán (9ª scratch); 1ª en T3 en el Rally de Andalucía (7º scratch); Extreme E con X44 y Sébastien Loeb
2020: 8ª en el Rally de Andalucía; 1ª Grupo N Rally Terra da Auga (18ª de la general)
2019: 20ª en Baja Aragón
2018: 5ª en el Campeonato de España de Todo Terreno (CERTT)
2017: 6ª en el Campeonato de España de Todo Terreno (CERTT); 24ª en la Baja Aragón (1ª en EVO Cup); 4ª en el Rally de Cuenca TT; 13ª en el Rally Isla de los Volcanes
2016: Top 3 - Campus FIA en Qatar; 1ª mujer en el Sealine Cross Country Rally; 20ª Baja Mar de Olivos
2015: Subcampeona de España de Todo Terreno; 1ª mujer en la Baja Aragón (3ª en EVO Cup)
2014: 7ª en el Campeonato de España de Todo Terreno (CERTT)
2013: 3ª en T2.2 en el CERTT
2012: Campeona femenina de España de Todo Terreno
2011: Campeonato de España de Todo Terreno (CERTT)


“A rally so long and so unpredictable that you never know”

Cristina Gutiérrez will experience her most special Dakar in 2025, the achievement she has been working for all her life: to compete in the Dakar as an official driver for a brand like Dacia in the premier car category (T1+) and with Sébastien Loeb as her teammate. But in 2024, she will embark on an exciting Dakar with the Red Bull Can-Am Factory Team to win stages and go for the overall win or the podium in the T3 Challenger category after finishing 4th in 2023 and third in 2022. Gutiérrez won two stage victories (prologue and final stage) in the last edition. After a difficult opening week with several setbacks, she and co-driver Pablo Moreno battled to stay in contention but fell short of a podium result. Cristina Gutiérrez is a pioneer. In January 2021, she became the first woman to win a stage in the Dakar Rally since Jutta Kleinschmidt in 2005. And in 2022, she took another step forward by claiming her first Dakar podium in the T3 category. Apart from the Dakar, in 2021, she became the first woman to win the FIA Cross Country World Cup with the Red Bull Off-Road Team. The 32-year-old Spaniard has progressed exponentially since finishing her first Dakar in 2017, the first Spanis woman to do so in cars. She has spent the last three years driving in Extreme E alongside Sébastien Loeb in seven-time F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton's X44 team and, in 2022, in the second year in the electric category, Cristina and 'Seb' became champions. Mechanical problems in the final round prevented Gutiérrez from winning the title in the first FIA W2RC FIA World Rally-Raid Championship in 2022 but brilliantly finished on the overall T3 podium. She returned to the FIA W2RC World Rally-Raid Championship in 2023 and finished in 4th place, but was ineligible for the win or the podium because he did not score in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge due to a technical issue. Pablo Moreno Huete, her co-driver in 2019 and 2020, returned to be her side in 2023. Together, they want to continue to make history and go for the overall win in 2024 before their long-awaited jump to the premier category with Dacia in 2025.

C. G.: “The 2023 Dakar was intense. We had many problems in the opening week, and the first three days were insufferable. The second week was better, and we had a cleaner and more consistent race. Despite losing time in the first week, we were happy to finish fourth overall. Moreover, we started the Dakar with a stage win and finished with another”.
“We fought for the podium at every round of the 2023 FIA World Rally-Raid Championship W2RC, achieving it several times. Having just one race without qualifying in W2RC plays a big part in your overall ambitions. Now, I'm enthusiastically looking forward to the 2024 Dakar. You can never give up in this category because there is so much equality. It's my last Dakar, apparently in this category, and I want to fight until the end. I want to better my third place two years ago, and hopefully, we can fight for the overall victory. It's such a long and unpredictable rally that you never know. We will give our all and will fight for everything”.

P. M. H.: “The 2023 Dakar was my Dakar comeback with Cristina Gutiérrez, as we raced together in 2019 and 2020. We approached the 2023 event with enthusiasm and excitement, setting good times and overcoming the many adversities that come your way in a rally like the Dakar. We had everything: breakdowns, problems and the famous river. We fought until the last day. We were consistent and solved the problems from one day to the next, preparing for a complete 2023 season in the FIA W2RC World Championship”.
“We are coming to the 2024 Dakar with more milage together than last year. We now understand each other better in the car, we have worked hard to get the results, and I believe that throughout the 2023 FIA W2RC World Championship, we showed that we have the speed to be on the podium in every round. We have consistency and speed and are better prepared. We are going to fight, as always.”




  • T3 MAX
  • South Racing Can-Am
  • South Racing Can-Am
  • T3.1: Lightweight Prototype Cross-Country

Ranking 2024

All news of C. Gutierrez herrero

Summary - 19/01 17:53 [GMT +3]

Dakar 2024: Brabec and Sainz, masters of the dunes

The 46th edition of the Dakar, the 5th to be organised in Saudi Arabia, has finished after more than 4,700 kilometres of specials and a total distance of almost 8,000 kilometres, which tested the riders, drivers, co-pilots and crews, from the ancient city of AlUla to the shores of the Red Sea, passing through the oceans of dunes in the Empty Quarter. The major winners of the 2024...

Reactions - 19/01 13:18 [GMT +3] - Car

Cristina Gutiérrez: “I pushed myself until the finish”

Having started 25 minutes behind Mitch Guthrie this morning, the Spanish rider took advantage of the American's mechanical problems to win the Challenger class. She becomes the first woman to win a Dakar title since Jutta Kleinschmidt.

“I always tried to fight until the finish. We didn’t know what had happened until the last kilometres....

Summary - 18/01 18:48 [GMT +3]

Brabec and Sainz show who’s boss


The terrain proves decisive! With more than 4,700 kilometres of specials over two weeks of racing, it is still possible to predict where the victory will be won. The dunes of the Empty Quarter definitely played an important role, while the volcanic stones on the first stage also played a part. Indeed, we could list the damage recorded on each of the stages in one...

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Van Beveren and Loeb go on all-out attack


The expedition back to AlUla has surely brought back some memories. However, it was not a return to square one, because the situation has evolved considerably since the prologue. The return journey spared the competitors from the volcanic rocks, instead opting for the northern route from Al Duwadimi, which nevertheless shared some common ground with the previous...

Summary - 13/01 19:03 [GMT +3]

After the Empty Quarter

After six stages and a total of eight days of racing, including the prologue in AlUla, the 46th edition of the Dakar has been a roller-coaster of breakthrough performances, vindications, debacles, plot twists, comebacks and surprises on the tracks and dunes of Saudi Arabia. The culmination of the first week, the brand-new 48H Chrono concept, scattered drivers and co-drivers...

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