N°305 Light Prototype EKS - SOUTH RACING


(chl) 1.75m / 78kg


Mountain bike, escuchar discos de rock en vinilo


Copec, Red Bull, Can-Am, BCI Seguros, TM, Maxus, Garcés Fruit, Gobierno de Chile, Würth, Emasa, Conveyor Belt, Te Pille, EKS, SOUTH RACING

2021: 1º en Categoría Vehículos Ligeros TT- 5 victorias de etapa/1º en SSV
2020: SSV/ 3º 2 victorias de etapa
2019: SSV/ 1º
2014: Moto/ Abandono en la etapa 6
2013: Moto/ 3° 5 victorias de etapa
2012: Moto/ Abandono en la etapa 8 1 victoria de etapa
2011: Moto/ 4° 1 victoria en etapa
2010: Moto/ 3° 3 victorias de etapa
2009: Moto/Abandono en la etapa 13 1 victoria en etapa
2007: Moto/Abandono en la etapa 8

2021: Campeonato Rally Mobil de Chile, 4º en la categoría RC2N en la 4ª fecha.
2019: 23º en la clasificación general (13º en la RC2) del WRC Rally de Chile.
2018: 1º en el Campeonato Nacional de Rally Cross Country, Categoría UTV; Abandono en el Desafío Inca.
2017: 1º en la Categoría R2 del Campeonato Rally Mobil; 2º en el Campeonato Nacional de Rally Cross Country, Categoría UTV.
2017, 2016, 2015: Participación en el Campeonato Rally Mobil.
2013: 2° en Desafío Ruta 40; 4° en Rally de Marruecos
2012: 7° en Rally de Qatar; 3° en el Rally de Marruecos
2011: 3° en Rally de Egipto
2010: Ganador del Rally de Túnez; 2° en Rally de Egipto
2009: 3° en Rally de Túnez, 8° en el Rally de Egipto
2008: 2° en Rally de Dubaï; 2° Dakar Series de Europa Central; 3° en Rally de Cerdeña.
2007: 4° en Rally Patagonia-Atacama, (1° en 450cc); 4° en Rally de Cerdeña, (1° en 450cc); 5° en Rally de Dubai.
2006: Campeón del Mundo de Rally (450cc); 5° Rally de Egipto, (1° en 450cc); 4° en Rally de Marruecos, (1° en 450cc); 3° en Rally de Argentina, (1° en 450cc); 5° Rally de Brasil, (2°en 450cc)


“We want to stay competitive”

Francisco “Chaleco” López Contardo is undoubtedly one of the greatest Dakar stars that South America has produced, who made his debut in 2007 when the rally took place in the African deserts. In seven participations in the bike category between 2007 and 2014, the Chilean idol twice finished on the podium with third-place finishes in 2010 and 2013. In 2011 he finished fourth, while the last four ended in retirement, totalling 11 stage victories. After a five-year hiatus, “Chaleco” returned to the Dakar in 2019 in a new category, the side-by-side, making a quick adaptation and winning the title in Peru. In 2020, now on Saudi soil, the native of Curicó finished third with two stage victories. In the last edition, “Chaleco” was dominant, taking five stage wins and winning both the light vehicle and SSV category. He took the lead on stage six, lost the lead due to a mechanical failure and regained it on stage nine. Once again, his navigator will be veteran Juan Pablo Latrach -who is making his ninth Dakar appearance after an intense year of competition- on the latest generation Can-Am XRS prepared by South Racing. Enthusiastic about a route that promises a lot of “off-road”, champion Chaleco Lopez comes to his eleventh Dakar to give his best, with his rough and tumble style, in one of the most competitive categories of the rally.

F.L.C.: “We did a good job in our preparation for the last Dakar, training very hard to get to a desert where there was a lot of rocks and where we had to be careful not to break the car. It was a special edition, fighting against great rivals like Kris Meeke and many others to win the category”.
“I've been going over the route for this edition, and I love it because it will have a lot of 'off-road', meaning we will have an open landscape and not too many rocks. We trained in Copiapo to build confidence, and we are planning a test in Portugal with South Racing before the Dakar to fine-tune the suspension. This team is constantly improving, and I do not doubt that the Can-Am will be the most competitive car in the category.
My goal for the Dakar? To give everything I've got, to continue to be competitive and fight among the leaders again”.

J.P.L.: “The 2021 Dakar was simply incredible. We arrived at the rest day after a mechanical problem thinking about how to make up for the 40 minutes lost, and we ended up winning and celebrating in Jeddah. The truth is that we went out to regain the lead with the bit between our teeth in difficult conditions. The Can-Am is reliable, but honestly, all the cars are very even".
"We can see that the 2022 route seems to have more dunes and some of the most difficult ones. Anything that isn't rocky is appreciated, but the dunes are also the forte of 'Chaleco', who, as everyone knows, is a very complete driver who also has pace on rough terrain. The objective is to try to win a second title”.




  • CAN - AM
  • XRS
  • South Racing – Can-Am
  • South Racing – Can-Am
  • P_T3_NO

Ranking 2022

All news of F. Lopez contardo

Reactions - 14/01 14:50 [GMT +3] - Lightweight Prototype

Francisco "Chaleco" López: "A completely different scenario"

Following last year's victory in the T4 race, the former biker from Chile has emerged victorious in the T3 category, but this time he has taken no stage wins in the process.

"It was a long race. These two weeks went pretty smoothly. It was a completely different scenario compared to last year, when I had to go flat out every day without fail....

Reactions - 13/01 17:44 [GMT +3] - Lightweight Prototype

Francisco López Contardo: “It’s easy to have a problem and exit the race”

“Chaleco” finished 3rd today in the T3 class, 15’38 behind Quintero, but more importantly 20’’ from his nearest pursuer in the general rankings, his South Racing team-mate Sebastian Eriksson, who he leads by almost one hour.

“Today, it was difficult to go fast. You had to look for grip in the dust and the soft dunes....

Reactions - 10/01 16:19 [GMT +3] - Lightweight Prototype

Francisco “Chaleco” López: “Anything can happen every day”

Although he has a comfortable lead at the top of the general rankings which he has dominated without interruption since stage 2, the Chilean is remaining cautious as he waits to conquer the title in the T3 class.

“I didn’t lose any time today, but the race is still long. Today I broke a part, so it goes to show that anything can happen...

Reactions - 07/01 15:30 [GMT +3] - Lightweight Prototype

Francisco “Chaleco” López: “As if I was starting again from scratch”

Distanced in terms of victories by Seth Quintero, the South Racing team leader still dominates the general rankings at the rest day, with a lead of more than 20 minutes over Sebastian Eriksson, also behind the wheel of a Can-Am.

“Today, I broke the differential and lost time at the end of the stage, but I’m still happy. I’m still...

Reactions - 06/01 18:54 [GMT +3] - Lightweight Prototype

Francisco “Chaleco” Lopez: “I can be happy with this day”

The Chilean winner of the T4 class last year is acclimatising perfectly to his new category, which he has dominated since day 2 of the Dakar 2022.

“It was a long stage with lots of racks and the navigation was also difficult. In the end, Eriksson caught up with me and we finished together, but I can be happy with this day. There is still a lot...

Reactions - 05/01 17:59 [GMT +3] - Lightweight Prototype

Francisco López Contardo: "A consistent stage"

Third in the T3 stage, behind Quintero and De Mevius, "Chaleco" simply wanted to survive the longest special of the race.

A stage with a lot of navigation and dunes, more than enough to put the vehicle through its paces. The car responded well, I'm pleased. We kept the vehicle safe and avoided flats. We navigated well and had a consistent stage. It...

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