(fra) Born on 06/08/1965 1.71m / 68kg


X-Raid, Mini, Red Bull


2019 : Abandon
2018 : 4e
2017 : Victoire
2016 : Victoire
2015 : 11e
2014 : 2e
2013 : Victoire
2012 : Victoire
2011 : 4e
2010 : 4e
2009 : Abandon
2007 : Victoire
2006 : 4e
2005 : Victoire
2004 : Victoire
2003 : 3e
2002 : Abandon
2001 : 12e
2000 : 2e
1999 : 7e

En moto
1998 : Victoire
1997 : Victoire
1996 : Abandon
1995 : Victoire
1994 : Victoire
1993 : Victoire
1992 : Victoire
1991 : Victoire
1990 : Abandon
1989 : 4e
1988 : 18e

2019 : Vainqueur de la Coupe du monde tout terrain
11 fois champion de France d’Enduro
Vainqueur du China Grand Rallye, du rallye de Tunisie, du rallye de Dubai


“This challenge has brought us closer together”

It is hard to imagine an edition without him? “Mister Dakar”, the record holder with 13 victories (6 in the bike category and 7 in the car category) will well and truly take part in this new rally-raid chapter. The Vesoul native starred with Yamaha on two wheels then on four with Mitsubishi, Mini and Peugeot before returning to Mini last year. But this season, the challenge will be different. After a long-time association with Jean-Paul Cottret, then David Castera, who is now the Dakar boss, the rally-raid legend has decided to take on the challenge with his wife, Andrea. This idea of racing together for this couple, which has been together for 16 years, has been bandied about for some time. And now, they have decided to go for it. After doing four rallies together, they recently won the FIA Cross-Country Rally World Cup in a Mini buggy. Yet, Stéphane and Andrea see themselves more as outsiders than favourites. Yes, the German has solid experience in rally-raid and the Dakar. She has taken part nine times, including five times in the bike category and finished a career-best fifth place during the Mitsubishi glory days and in the same year her eventual husband won (2004). But Andrea continues to get her bearings as a co-driver. Nevertheless, it is hard to imagine Mr. and Mrs. Peterhansel not being in the mix for the win in the general classification!

“We had been thinking about participating together for several years but it took us some time. This new chapter begins with a first edition in Saudi Arabia and is ideal for us to set off together. I am approaching retirement and I needed a new challenge, to do something different. If I didn’t do this with Andrea, I am not sure I would continue. I am very motivated and I can feel it in our preparation. I have the impression that this challenge has brought us closer together. Co-driver is not Andrea’s primary profession but she is serious and methodical in the car. Obviously, she lacks some experience and it will be up to me to more involved in this area. I don’t think we are favourites. There are crews more complete than us. We have to continue to improve, but we do get along very well in the car. An I know that when we are on the podium together, the pleasure is increased tenfold! "



  • Mark : MINI
  • Performance tuner : X-Raid
  • Assistance : X-Raid
  • Class : A_T1.4 : T1.4 2 roues motrices diesel

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