N°301 Light Prototype RED BULL OFF-ROAD TEAM USA


(esp) 1.64m / 57kg


Esquí, submarinismo, fútbol, baloncesto, apnea


Red Bull, Santander Consumer Finance, BF Goodrich, Sparco, Stillo

2021: SSV/Abandono (1 victoria de etapa)
2020: Coches/42ª
2019: Coches/26ª (7ª de T1.2)
2018: Coches/38ª (2ª en T1S)
2017: Coches/44ª (6ª de T1S y 1ª piloto española en acabar el Dakar en coches)

2021: Campeona de la Copa del Mundo FIA T3; 1ª T3 en el Rally de Kazajistán (9ª scratch); 1ª en T3 en el Rally de Andalucía (7º scratch); Extreme E con X44 y Sébastien Loeb
2020: 8ª en el Rally de Andalucía; 1ª Grupo N Rally Terra da Auga (18ª de la general)
2019: 20ª en Baja Aragón
2018: 5ª en el Campeonato de España de Todo Terreno (CERTT)
2017: 6ª en el Campeonato de España de Todo Terreno (CERTT); 24ª en la Baja Aragón (1ª en EVO Cup); 4ª en el Rally de Cuenca TT; 13ª en el Rally Isla de los Volcanes
2016: Top 3 - Campus FIA en Qatar; 1ª mujer en el Sealine Cross Country Rally; 20ª Baja Mar de Olivos
2015: Subcampeona de España de Todo Terreno; 1ª mujer en la Baja Aragón (3ª en EVO Cup)
2014: 7ª en el Campeonato de España de Todo Terreno (CERTT)
2013: 3ª en T2.2 en el CERTT
2012: Campeona femenina de España de Todo Terreno
2011: Campeonato de España de Todo Terreno (CERTT)


“Very competitive at all times”

In January 2021, Cristina Gutiérrez became the first woman to win a stage in the Dakar Rally since Jutta Kleinschmidt in 2005. The 30-year-old Spaniard -an orthodontist by profession- started her career in the world of rallying in 2011. She is currently the fe-male reference in the sport. In early November, she became the first female to win a round, in the T3 category, of the FIA Cross Country World Cup with Frenchman François Cazalet and the Red Bull Off-Road Team's OT3. Cristina's potential still has plenty of room to run. She has exponentially improved since she finished her first Dakar in 2017, being the first Spanish woman to do so in a car. This past year she has combined her brilliant presence in Extreme E alongside Sébastien Loeb in the X44 team of eight-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, with different raids and rallies in preparation for the Dakar. “Although Cristina may seem a bit shy, she is an unbeatable partner, a person you can trust, with a big heart. You want to work hard for her and give it you're all. Her race-craft surprises me more and more. What I love is that she doesn't care about being the best of the girls. She wants to be the best period!” says co-driver, Cazalet. The Spaniard and the Frenchman aim to fight for everything in the tight T3 FIA category, where they made their debut together in January 2021. To do so, they will debut the new specification of the lightweight OT3 prototype designed by Overdrive and hope to con-tinue to improve in what will be Gutiérrez's sixth Dakar participation. Where will she set the bar this time?

C. G.: “This year, I have focused on competing in the Cross-Country World Cup and Extreme E. But we will also do the Dakar with the new OT3, which I am very excited to race in the rally because it looks promising. I've felt very competitive at all times this season; I've always tried to improve, and I'm satisfied with the testing and learning we've done. My goal is to do well in the Dakar, in the T3 category, and hopefully, I can finish on the podium, which would be a dream. But I always like to be cautious about these things because this is the toughest race in the world. We are in a great place, and I hope to make the most of it”.

F. C.: “The 2021 edition was a clear change of direction in terms of the difficulty of the terrain and navigation. David Castera has decided to change things and give more importance to the co-driver, precise driving and slower and more technical stages. I believe the 2022 edition will mix this spirit with a good dose of sand and a visit to the Empty Quarter. It's been a year since Cristina and I met. I was without a driver, I was trying to integrate the youngsters into the team, and her name came up: I didn't know her personally, but she had made a big splash on the Andalusia Rally, she had already done four Dakars., which speaks for itself. It is a pleas-ure to work with her. There is a lot of serenity and respect. We are growing together, and we share the same goals. We will see what this Dakar offers us, but obviously, we will have the ambition to be among the leaders of the T3 category”.



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