Sunday 28 November at 11 am (Paris time) - Presentation of the 2022 Dakar


(qat) 1.7m / 85kg


Shooting, horse riding, fishing, moto bikes


Ooredoo, Qatar, Red Bull

2020: 2nd (1 stage win, Toyota)
2019: 1st (3 stage wins, Toyota)
2018: 2nd (4 stage wins, Toyota)
2017: Ab. Stage 4 (1 stage win, Toyota)
2016: 2nd (2 stage wins, Mini)
2015: 1st (5 stage wins, Mini)
2014: 3rd (2 stage wins, Mini)
2013: Ab. Stage 9 (3 stage wins, Buggy Qatar)
2012: Ab. Stage 9 (2 stage wins, Hummer)
2011: 1st (4 stage wins, Volkswagen)
2010: 2nd (4 stage wins, Volkswagen)
2009: Ab. (3 stage wins, BMW X Raid)
2007: 6th (BMW X Raid)
2006: Ab. (BMW X Raid)
2005: Ab. (BMW X Raid)
2004: 10th (Mitsubishi)

2020: Qatar Rally (1st), Andalucia Rally (1st), Ha’il Rally; MERC
2019:, Qatar Rally (1st), Kazakhstan Rally (1st), Silk Way Rally (1st), Morocco Rally (Ab.); MERC championship (4 races); Baja 1000
2018: Russian Baja (1st), Kazakstan Rally, Qatar Rally, Silk Way Rally (2nd), Morocco Rally (1st); MERC champion (14th title)
2017: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (1st), Qatar Rally (1st), Rally Kazakhstan (1st), Spanish Baja (1st), Hungary Baja (1st); Poland Baja (1st), Morocco Rally (1st); Winner of the FIA Cross-Country World Cup
2016: Morocco Rally (1st) , Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (1st), Qatar Rally (1st), Italian Baja (1st), Spanish Baja (1st), Poland Baja (1st); Winner of the FIA Cross-Country World Cup
2015: Morocco Rally (1st), Qatar Rally (1st), Egypt Rally (1st), Italian Baja (1st), Baja Hungary (1st), Baja Poland (2nd); Winner of the FIA Cross-Country World Cup + 11th MERC title + WRC2 title
2014: Qatar Rally (1st), Egypt Rally (2nd), Morocco Rally (1st), Baja Portalegre (2nd)
2013: WRC (Middle-east), Super Boat World Championships (2nd)
2012: Bronze Medal Skeet Olympic Games, IRC Cyprus (1st), Sealine Cross-country Rally Qatar (1st), WRC season with Citroen
2010: Silk Way Rally (2nd)
Morocco (twice), Transiberico, Dos Sertoes, Egypt, etc.


“We don't have to go flat-out...”

The first good news for Nasser Al Attiyah: in the 2021 Dakar he will sport the number 301 on his vehicle. It was with this very number that he won in 2015 then in 2019 in the final edition in South America. Since his first Dakar in anonymity at the wheel of a Mitsubishi Pajero that he drove to 10th place in Senegal in 2004, Nasser has multiplied his successes: three victories with three different cars, with the first coming in 2011, and a total of 35 special stage wins. After having driven for all the big teams in the discipline (BMW, Volkswagen, Hummer and MINI), he has been part of the Toyota Gazoo team for 4 years now, giving the constructor its first victory. But the last edition of the rally was a real disappointment. Victim of incessant punctures (a dozen in all), the Qatari had no answer for Carlos Sainz. His fourth second place makes him even hungrier for the 2021 edition, especially as it promises to be much more technical. Contrary to previous years, Al Attiyah was naturally forced to curtail most of his activities this year and not travel the planet to compete in the FIA Off-Road Rally World Cup, the Middle East Rally Championship or take on the world's elite in ball-trap events. Already qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games in shooting, he therefore spent more than 6 months at home with his family in Doha before moving to his second home north of Barcelona where he set up a driving school to hone his preparation for the Dakar. In the company of faithful navigator Mathieu Baumel, he won the Andalucía Rally in October behind the wheel of his Hilux. At just 50 years of age, he now has to prove on the Dakar that 301 is indeed his lucky number.

N. A. A: “Last year’s Dakar in Saudi Arabia was a real disappointment. It was great to be in a new region with incredible scenery and above all we were full of confidence, but as soon as the rally started, we started getting punctures. In total I had 11. The tyres we had in South America were not suitable for Saudi Arabia. So not winning was a big disappointment but we still finished second. Carlos Sainz made fewer mistakes and he was faster on the rolling portions. I'm also delighted to see that the next rally will be far more technical and slower. We don't need to go flat-out. Concerning the tyres, we were able to test (Giniel de Villiers and I in Ha'il) and I am quite confident. This year has been rather quiet for me. I only contested the Qatar Rally before the confinement and the Andalucía Rally afterwards, as well as a few rounds of the Middle East Rally Championship. I stayed at home for more than 6 months but it felt good not to travel and enjoy my family. I am now looking forward to a Dakar where there will be more dunes and tricky bits. With the number 301, I hope to win.”



  • Mark : TOYOTA
  • Model : HILUX
  • Performance tuner : Toyota Gazoo Racing
  • Assistance : Toyota Gazoo Racing
  • Class : T1.1 petrol modified A-T 4x4

Ranking 2021

All news of N. Al-attiyah

Reactions - 15/01 13:04 [GMT +3] - Auto

Nasser Al Attiyah: “I am sure we will come back stronger next year ”

This year, the three time winner of the Dakar has finished in second place in the general standings for the fifth time in his career, a bitter pill to swallow for the Qatari!

“I would like to thank the team. We did an amazing job with no mistakes from me, my co-pilot or the team. We worked very, very hard. What can we do? This is the second year that we are fighting...

Newsflashes - 15/01 11:13 [GMT +3] - Auto

A reaction from Al-Attiyah…

…but it is probably too little, too late from the Toyota driver. With only 50 km left until the finishing line, Nasser Al-Attiyah has regained forty seconds on his rival Stéphane Peterhansel. Barring a miracle, Peterhansel seems to be ensured of his 14th victory on the Dakar.

Newsflashes - 15/01 09:21 [GMT +3] - Auto

Al-Attiyah gets to grips with the special

6 out of 11 is the score for Nasser Al-Attiyah and Matthieu Baumel as they set off for the last special on stage 12 of the rally. The Toyota crew are leading out the cars in front of Stéphane Peterhansel, the Qatari’s main rival, for a duel that promises to be thrilling!

Reactions - 14/01 16:15 [GMT +3] - Auto

Nasser Al Attiyah: “It’s exactly like last year, we are really struggling with the tyres”

The Qatari won a sixth special (including the prologue), but still remains frustrated with his second place in the general standings.

“It really wasn’t easy. I don’t want to say anything, but I am really happy to be here on day eleven without any technical problems with the car. It’s exactly like last year, we are really struggling with the tyres....

Newsflashes - 14/01 16:13 [GMT +3] - Auto

Number six for Al-Attiyah!

Nasser Al-Attiyah has picked up his sixth stage success of the year! Although he trailed by up to almost 3’30’’ during the special, the Toyota driver maintained a sufficient pace to pip his rival Stéphane Peterhansel at the post. However, Al-Attiyah still trails the Frenchman by quarter of an hour in the general standings…

Reactions - 13/01 16:27 [GMT +3] - Auto

Nasser Al-Attiyah: "Tomorrow will decide the Dakar"

Nasser Al-Attiyah is in hot pursuit of Stéphane Peterhansel, but he has a 17-minute deficit to the overall leader.

"Navigating wasn't easy, but I'm rather happy the stage went without a hitch. I think tomorrow will decide the Dakar. It's going to be a tricky stage, but we'll do our best. There's no strategy, we'll just keep driving fast. Of course, Stéphane...

Newsflashes - 13/01 10:33 [GMT +3] - Auto

Al-Attiyah and Peterhansel already neck and neck

Nasser Al-Attiyah went through the first checkpoint in first place, but the Toyota driver is only 14" ahead of his rival Stéphane Peterhansel. Giniel De Villers went through WP1 in third place over a minute back. We are now waiting for Yazeed Al-Rajhi and Brian Baragwanath to reach the time check to have a clearer picture of the pecking order.

Reactions - 12/01 17:05 [GMT +3] - Auto

Nasser Al Attiyah: “We didn't have any spare wheels”

The three times winner of the Dakar suffered a significant time loss due to several punctures on the loop around Neom. He now trails Stéphane Peterhansel by 17’50’’ in the general standings.

“The navigation was no problem, but we had three flat tyres, three punctures and we didn't have any spare wheels, so we decided to just to get to the...

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