(qat) Born on 21/12/1970 at Qatar 1.7m / 85kg


Ooredoo, Qatar, Red Bull


2018: 2nd (4 stage wins, Toyota)
2017: Ab. Stage 4 (1 stage win, Toyota)
2016: 2nd (2 stage wins, Mini)
2015: 1st (5 stage wins, Mini)
2014: 3rd (2 stage wins, Mini)
2013: Ab. Stage 9 (3 stage wins, Buggy Qatar)
2012: Ab. Stage 9 (2 stage wins, Hummer)
2011: 1st (4 stage wins, Volkswagen)
2010: 2nd (4 stage wins, Volkswagen)
2009: Ab. (3 stage wins, BMW X Raid)
2007: 6th (BMW X Raid)
2006: Ab. (BMW X Raid)
2005: Ab. (BMW X Raid)
2004: 10th (Mitsubishi)

2018: Russian Baja (1st), Kazakstan Rally, Qatar Rally, Silk Way Rally (2nd), Morocco Rally (1st); MERC champion (14th title)
2017: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (1st), Qatar Rally (1st), Rally Kazakhstan (1st), Spanish Baja (1st), Hungary Baja (1st); Poland Baja (1st), Morocco Rally (1st); Winner of the FIA Cross-Country World Cup
2016: Morocco Rally (1st), Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (1st), Qatar Rally (1st), Italian Baja (1st), Spanish Baja (1st), Poland Baja (1st); Winner of the FIA Cross-Country World Cup
2015: Morocco Rally (1st), Qatar Rally (1st), Egypt Rally (1st), Italian Baja (1st), Baja Hungary (1st), Baja Poland (2nd); Winner of the FIA Cross-Country World Cup + 11th MERC title + WRC2 title
2014: Qatar Rally (1st), Egypt Rally (2nd), Morocco Rally (1st), Baja Portalegre (2nd)
2013: WRC (Middle-east), Super Boat World Championships (2nd)
2012: Bronze Medal Skeet Olympic Games, IRC Cyprus (1st), Sealine Cross-country Rally Qatar (1st), WRC season with Citroen
2010: Silk Way Rally (2nd)
Morocco (twice), Transiberico, Dos Sertoes, Egypt, etc.


“Give me some sand and I am happy”

From one year to the next things seem the same for Nasser Al Attiyah. The wins and titles keep adding up as his 14th crown in the MERC (Middle East Rally Championship) and 5th consecutive triumph in the Rally of Morocco can attest to. But what the Qatari wants most is to return to the top step of the Dakar podium, the rally that this all-rounder, who is as comfortable behind the wheel as he is having a pistol in his hand (medallist in the London Olympic Games), dedicates all his attention to. It is fine to say that his runner-up finish on the most recent Dakar was like “a small victory” against the powerful Peugeot armada, where only winning would do. Since finishing 10th in his Dakar debut in a privateer Mitsubishi Pajero in 2004, Nasser went on to win the Dakar in 2011 and in 2015, and has 31 stage victories to his credit. After competing for the biggest teams in the sport (BMW, Volkswagen, Hummer and Mini), he signed with Overdrive with the goal of bringing Toyota Dakar glory. This season has been about developing and improving the Hilux that he will share with his trusty co-driver Mathieu Baumel. Happy with the performance level of his car, especially in Morocco, Al Attiyah doesn’t want to say too much and pour the pressure on Sébastien Loeb, who he believes is the favourite for the win on the next edition of the Dakar.

N. A. A.: “Finishing second in the Dakar behind a Peugeot was pretty good. We had some problems that we had to solve on our own while Peugeot had four cars to provide help to one another with Cyril Despres who became a rapid assistance team mate. So, it was sort of all small victory for us, even if we could have done better. For 2019, the rally favourite will be Sébastien Loeb in his Peugeot. We all know how fast he is. And it is great to see the return of his three former team mates (Peterhansel, Sainz and Despres). I am pleased with the changes that have made to our Toyota. We have a new chassis and the car has really progressed. In addition, I am delighted that we will stay in one country on the next Dakar. It promises to create an incredible following among the public. Give me some sand and I am happy. The scenery in Peru is amazing. The dunes are somewhat particular and always tricky.”



  • Mark : TOYOTA
  • Model : HILUX
  • Performance tuner : Toyota Gazoo Racing
  • Assistance : Toyota Gazoo Racing
  • Class : A_T1.1 : T1.1 - Véhicules 4x4 tout-terrain modifiés essence

Ranking 2019

Scratch Stage General
1 1 1 1
2 11 11 8
3 2 2 1
4 1 1 1
5 2 2 1
6 2 2 1
7 4 4 1
8 2 2 1
9 1 1 1
10 12 12 1

All news of N. Al-attiyah

Reactions - 17/01 11:40 [GMT -5] - Auto

“I’m really happy to win this race with Toyota”

Unsurprisingly, in light of the lead he had going into the last stage, Nasser Al-Attiyah won his third Dakar in Pisco. The Qatari was Twelfth to finish 9’ behind Carlos Sainz at the finish of the last special and offers Toyota its first victory in the car category.

“It’s fantastic. No mistakes during the entire rally. It was a very, very difficult rally...

Newsflashes - 17/01 10:34 [GMT -5] - Auto

Nasser Al-Attiyah wins his 3rd Dakar

Nasser Al-Attiyah has finished the last stage on the 41st Dakar in 12th place 9 minutes behind the day’s winner. The Toyota driver his won his 3rd Dakar rally head and shoulders above the rest, by 46 minutes in front of Nani Roma. Sébastien Loeb climbs onto the final podium in Lima.

Newsflashes - 17/01 09:44 [GMT -5] - Auto

Al-Attiyah in control

Nasser Al-Attiyah is only 60 kilometres from a third outright triumph on the Dakar. The Toyota driver is avoiding taking risks and has reached WP2 3’45 behind Sainz.

Newsflashes - 17/01 09:03 [GMT -5] - Auto

Al-Attiyah starts the special

Al-Attiyah starts the special

Nasser Al-Attiyah has started the last special of the Dakar after Cyril Despres, Jakub Przygonski, Sébastien Loeb and Nani Roma. In the mean-time, Carlos Sainz still leads the stage at WP2, 2’08 ahead of Benediktas Vanagas.

Reactions - 16/01 12:19 [GMT -5] - Auto

Nasser Al-Attiyah: "We're quite happy"

Barring any last-minute surprises, the overall leader will stand on the top step of the Dakar podium for the third time tomorrow after taking his 34th stage win today.

"We saw Sébastien and I didn't know about 'Peter', we just got the information on the finish line. I hope he's okay. Today was very difficult, not easy, with a lot of soft sand, but we took it...

Newsflashes - 16/01 11:42 [GMT -5] - Auto

Al-Attiyah on cloud nine

Nasser Al-Attiyah couldn't have asked for a better scenario on the eve of the finale. The overall leader took his third stage win in this year's edition, beating Nani Roma by five minutes and increasing his lead over the Spaniard in the general classification to 51 minutes!

Reactions - 15/01 13:54 [GMT -5] - Auto

“We’ll try to manage the next two days”

By distancing his Stéphane Peterhansel by more than 20 minutes, the race leader appears to have shaken of the man who he sees as his main rival. Now Nani Roma occupies the role of closest pursuer, 46 minutes behind the Qatari.

“It was a good pace that we pushed. When we started with Stéphane 30 minutes in front of us regarding the start time, we didn't...

Newsflashes - 15/01 12:33 [GMT -5] - Auto

Al-Attiyah impresses

Nasser Al-Attiyah has probably just won his 34th stage on the Dakar. The leader of the general standings has driven an exemplary special and currently boasts the best time at the finishing line, 7’48 ahead of Jakub Przygonski. Giniel de Villiers and Nani Roma finished 8’28 and 8’30 behind. Only Sébastien Loeb can potentially stop the Qatari from grabbing...

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