N°300 Light Prototype BUGGYRA ZM RACING


(cze) 1.76m / 85kg




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2021: 1st (light prototypes)
2020: 27th (SSV)
2018: 12th (quad)
2017: Ab. Stage 5 (quad)
2016: Ab. Stage 5 (car)
2014: Ab. Stage 10 (car)
2012: Ab. (quad)
2011: Ab. (quad)
2010: Ab. Stage 4 (quad)
2009: 1st (quad)
2007: 65th (1st quad)
2003: 46th (1st quad)
2001: 43rd (1st quad)
2000: 67th (1st quad)
1999: Ab. (quad)

2015: Intercontinental Rally, Serres Rally
2013: Albania Rally, Tuareg Rally, Serres Rally


“Lifting the Bedouin trophy is like holding an Olympic medal!”

They say age is only a number on the Dakar, and boy did Josef Machacek prove that a year ago. At the sprightly age of 63, the Czech veteran tamed the talented youngsters from the Red Bull Offroad Junior Team to win the Dakar for the sixth time, adding the T3 light prototypes title to his five crowns in the quads (officially, the quads title was only awarded from 2009 onwards, but Josef topped the category on four occasions between 2000 and 2007 when they were still classed among the bikes). That remarkable performance put Josef in esteemed company as one of the most decorated competitors in Dakar history, along with serial winners Stephane Peterhansel (14 titles), Vladimir Chagin (7) and Karel Loprais (6). Modestly refusing any comparisons with fellow Czech legend Loprais, Josef instead points to the excellent work done by Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing and chief designer David Vrsecky, who managed to develop a Dakar-winning Can-Am in the space of just two years. Not only did Josef claim the team’s first-ever Dakar victory in 2021, they also managed to bring their three other vehicles home in the top 10 (Tomas Enge in the T3s, Ignacio Casale and Martin Soltys in the trucks). Now 64, Josef is as keenly competitive as ever, but also enjoys sharing his passion for rally raid and inspiring the next generation -such as French rookie Teo Calvet, who will be competing for Buggyra Racing in the trucks alongside Casale at Dakar 2022. The Czech outfit will take part in the Hail Rally in December as they put the finishing touches on their preparations, before Josef and co-driver Pavel Vyoral get behind the wheel of T3 number 300 for what they hope will be another successful spin through Saudi Arabia.

J.M.: “Lifting the Bedouin trophy is like holding an Olympic medal, it's beautiful! I hadn't even thought about fighting for the win again. Through perseverance, reliability and the precise work of the team it worked out. It's a beautiful feeling, and all that effort was not in vain. I always used to race alone, now I have a great team behind me. It's a team effort. I can't do it alone anymore, like I did years ago when I raced quads without assistance. Personally, I'm drawing on the physicality of what it was like on the quad, even if the Can-Am is more comfortable. I can't forget to exercise, like stretching to keep myself fit. I don't drink alcohol, smoke or eat too much. I've won the Dakar six times and it would be nice if I could do it again, but defending first place is overwhelmingly difficult. The Dakar is about luck. It may not come together again this year, but we will do our best. It would be great, given the relatively short development of the machine -we won the Dakar on just the second time we participated- and my age (laughs). It will be very tough. We've got some new features on the Can-Am, but this time I don't think Red Bull will let it go. We have lower weight and we've extended the life of key components. There's new suspension with greater cornering stability. And most importantly, the electronic navigation system will be new to us.”




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