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(esp) Born on 12/04/1962 at MADRID


Red Bull, Akrapovic, Argentina MotoGP, BF Goodrich, Delta Q, Kärcher, Magna, Primax, Recaro, Reiger Suspension, San Juan, Sparco y Vision Advisors

2018: 1º
2017: Abandono en la 4ª etapa
2016: Abandono en la 10º etapa
2015: Abandono en la 5ª etapa
2014: Abandono en la 10ª etapa
2013: Abandono en la etapa 6
2011: 3º
2010: 1º
2009: Abandono en la 12ª etapa
2007: 9º
2006: 11º

2010: Ganador de la Silk Way. 2 victorias de etapa (Volkswagen Race Touareg 2)
2009: Ganador de la Dos Sertoes y Ganador de la Silk Way. 6 victorias de etapa (Volkswagen Race Touareg 2)
2008: 1º del Rally Central Europeo y 2º Rally de Portugal
2007: Ganador de la Copa del Mundo de Rallies todo terreno; 2º de la UAE Desert Challenge ; 2º del Rally de Marruecos y 2º Rally E. Árabes. 5 victorias de etapa (Volkswagen Race Touareg)
2006: 4 victorias de etapa (Volkswagen Race Touareg)
1991, 1994, 1995 y 1998: Subcampeón del Mundo de Rallies.
1990 y 1992: Campeón del Mundo de Rallies.


“Man likes to push his limits”

He is the defending champion, the man to beat in the car category. Carlos Sainz now heads in search of his third Dakar title. After his error-free run last year alongside Lucas Cruz, Carlos returns with a new project. Following the withdrawal of Peugeot, ‘El Matador’ has joined the Mini clan for the 2019 edition. “After finishing the Dakar last year, a personnel question came about as to whether I would continue and who with. The Mini project sufficiently won me over to have a go on this new adventure. I wanted to enter with a new team and a new car for a winning project.” To adapt to their new car, Carlos Sainz and Lucas Cruz raced in the Morocco Rally. A technical problem cut their rally short. After the title last year and despite a lack of competition in his new car, Carlos Sainz hopes to battle for the victory and also continue to add to his legend. “In Morocco, we couldn’t show all the potential of the car, but I am confident that we can fight for the win. The team has worked hard and in detail to make the car as competitive as possible. “In the Peruvian sand and accompanied by his long-time co-driver Lucas Cruz, the Spaniard thinks that this edition will be particularly complex. “Peru was the key to the rally last year. There were a lot of retirements after the five stages that were run there. It is going to be a very difficult rally.

C.S: Honestly, I haven’t changed the way I prepare after winning last year. Once you have won, all you want to do is come back and win again. You are still aware of what kind of race it will be and you try to adapt to the car and its characteristics. The Dakar is a global challenge. Physically and mentally, it taxes all your strength and that of your team so that the victory brings maximum satisfaction. I think man likes to push his limits with incredible challenges and the Dakar is one of them. " L.C.: “This is a new project with several changes and big expectations. The rally-route will be difficult, with a lot of navigation. I think that it will be delicate because the terrain will change a lot from one bit of scenery to the next and that will give us some cold sweats. Carlos makes my job easier in creating a great ambiance inside the car, which is important. We understand one another very well and that is fundamental.”



  • Mark : MINI
  • Performance tuner : X-Raid
  • Assistance : X-Raid
  • Class : A_T1.4 : T1.4 - Véhicules 2 roues motrices, diesel

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