(fra) Born on 06/08/1965 at VESOUL 1.74m / 75kg


Peugeot, Total, RedBull


2017 : vainqueur ;
2016 : vainqueur ;
2015 : 11ème ;
2014 : 2ème ;
2013 : vainqueur ;
2012 : vainqueur ;
2011/2010 : 4ème ;
2009 : abandon étape 7 ;
2007 : vainqueur ;
2006 : 4ème ;
2005 : vainqueur ;
2004 : vainqueur ;
2003 : 3ème ;
2002 : abandon ;
2001 : 12ème ;
2000 : 2ème ;
1999 : 7ème ;
1998 : vainqueur (moto) ;
1997 : vainqueur (moto) ;
1996 : abandon (moto) ;
1995 : vainqueur (moto) ;
1993 : vainqueur (moto) ;
1992 : vainqueur (moto) ;
1991 : vainqueur (moto) ;
1990 : abandon ;
1989 : 4ème (moto) ;
1988 : 18ème

2017 : Silk Way Rally (5ème)
2016 : Silk Way Rally (15ème)
2015 : vainqueur du China Grand Rally
2013 : vainqueur du Rally dos Sertoes, 3ème de la Baja d’Espagne
2012 : vainqueur de la Baja d’Espagne, vainqueur du Rally dos Sertoes
2010 : vainqueur du rallye du Maroc, vainqueur de la Baja d’Espagne
2009 : vainqueur du rallye du Maroc
2008 : vainqueur du Pax Rallye Portugal, Dakar Series
2007 : vainqueur de l’UAE Desert Challenge et de la Baja d’Espagne
2006 : vainqueur du rallye de Tunisie
2005 : vainqueur de l’UAE Desert Challenge
2004 : vainqueur du rallye de Tunisie, du rallye du Maroc
2003 : vainqueur de l’UAE Desert Challenge
2002 : vainqueur du rallye de Tunisie, de l’UAE Desert Challenge


“30 years on the Dakar…is no joke”

When he was a teenage skateboard champion in the 80’s, Stéphane Peterhansel was already watching the Dakar on TV as Cyril Neveu and Hubert Auriol swallowed up the Saharan dunes. His talent and precocity saw him waste little time heading to the sharp end of the rally-raid order, when he won his first Dakar in 1991. The Frenchman, famous for the blue bandana won six times in eight years for Yamaha. When he made the switch to four wheels, the skills learned on the bike quickly paid off. He was 7th on his first attempt in 1999 and returned the following year to finish runner-up with co-driver Jean-Paul Cottret. The first car title came in 2004 when “Peter” joined Hubert Auriol as the only two competitors to taste the bubbly in the bike and car categories. The rest of the “Mitsu” saga resulted in wins in 2005 and 2007. Following the withdrawal of the Japanese firm, Peterhansel joined X-Raid, but it wasn’t until 2012 that he scored his 10th success. Undaunted by this victorious cycle, "Mr Dakar" was back on the top step of the podium in 2013. A new challenge came his way in 2015 with the return of Peugeot. The 2008 DKR teething pains stood in the Frenchman’s way of getting the result he hoped for (11th), but the project was heading in right direction for the 2016 edition. With a more complete 2008, Peugeot won the Dakar for the first since Ari Vatanen in the 405. The victories have kept coming and now stand at 13 after a stress-filled duel with team mate Sébastien Loeb. 30 years after his first Dakar, "Peter" still feels like a chained lion as January nears.

“Last year’s win was perhaps the nicest and the most intense. I had a great time in the fight we had with Seb. And I never felt any pressure…just good vibes. I think we have worked more than usual this year. I like testing and driving this car. With the changes made, it feels safer and more stable and we can really run it hard! I am not getting nostalgic, but there is a bit of sentimental feeling that I am coming to the end of the line. On the other hand, we’re not going to think about it and just race flat out. I have been doing the Dakar for 30 years and I only missed one…and that is no joke. It has never gotten old because I have had a lot of families on the Dakar with different team mates, different vehicles, different terrains and different rivals. Over the long-term the Dakar isn’t that wearing, and this isn’t a motocross or rally world championship that is spread over the entire year. In any case I don’t know if I will stop after, I still have a ton of motivation to win.”



  • Mark : PEUGEOT
  • Model : 3008 DKR
  • Performance tuner : Team Peugeot Total
  • Assistance : Team Peugeot Total
  • Class : A_T1.4 : 2 roues motrices, di

All news of S. Peterhansel

Reactions - 20/01 14:29 [GMT -3] - Auto

Stéphane Peterhansel: "We made two big mistakes"

After 13 triumphs on the Dakar in 30 years, Stéphane Peterhansel has finished the 2018 edition in 4th place, which might be his last position…

“It was a crazy Dakar. We lost a lot of top drivers due to crashes. Some other top drivers lost a lot of time or it wasn’t possible for them to finish. For us, we made two big mistakes and lost a lot of...

Newsflashes - 19/01 20:31 [GMT -3] - Auto

Peterhansel finishes

Stéphane Peterhansel has finished one of his most difficult days on the rally. The Peugeot driver was second in the general standings this morning, but has completed the special more than one hour behind Nasser Al-Attiyah after the power steering broke on his 3008 Maxi after crashing into a tree. As a result, he is now 4th in the general...

Newsflashes - 19/01 18:45 [GMT -3] - Auto

Peterhansel almost one hour behind

Stéphane Peterhansel has completed 616 km of the special. The Frenchman, who was second in the general standings this morning, is performing equally to Nasser Al-Attiyah on the second part of the stage after having received help from his assistance team during the neutralised zone, but will be powerless to prevent the Qatari from taking...

Newsflashes - 19/01 11:38 [GMT -3] - Auto

Peterhansel loses 46’50’’


The verdict is a harsh one for Stéphane Peterhansel: he has completed 97 km 46’50’’ behind Bernhard ten Brinke. If the gap stays the same, the official Peugeot driver will no longer be on the Dakar podium!

Newsflashes - 19/01 11:13 [GMT -3] - Auto

Peterhansel is on the move again

Assisted by Cyril Despres, Stéphane Peterhansel has resumed racing. In a major blow for him, the second placed driver in the general standings has lost almost 36 minutes due to this mishap!

Newsflashes - 19/01 10:48 [GMT -3] - Auto

Peterhansel crashes!

Stéphane Peterhansel has had an accident after 78 km of the special! The Frenchman’s Peugeot seems to be in a delicate state, forcing him to wait for help before resuming racing. This could see his hopes of a podium finish on the Dakar disappear!

Reactions - 18/01 15:43 [GMT -3] - Auto

Stéphane Peterhansel: "Second is a good place after the big damage to the car"

The title holder’s objective is now to ensure he finishes in second place and provide Peugeot with a one-two.

“I think it’s finished now. For sure, we will try to secure second place, so we controlled the gap with Nasser today. We drove a good stage. It was beautiful in the small canyons. The tracks were a little bit like WRC, but they were really clean...

Newsflashes - 18/01 12:59 [GMT -3] - Auto

Peterhansel takes control

Stéphane Peterhansel has been gaining momentum as stage 12 has gone on. After a cautious start, the Frenchman has moved up the gears to take the lead after 448 kilometres, but by only 15 seconds in front of his old foe Nasser Al-Attiyah. Bernhard ten Brinke seems to be on the wane and has dropped back into third place, 2’38’’...

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