N°73 دراجة RALLY POV


(ita) 1.85m / 85kg


Biking, scuba diving, skiing

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La Gazzetta dello Sport / Innteck / CanellaMoto.it / US Leonessa d’Italia 1903 / Parc Hotels Italia / Oldrati Group / Officine Mak / MrWolf / Affralux Isyluce / McDonald's Imola / Giambenini / eBike Store Brescia / MAX / Cardo / Ristorante PioNono / Scott Motorsports / Airoh / SKF / Motorex / Dunlop / BlackBird

2022: 26th (Original by Motul)
2021: DNF


“I want to create a story”

Tiziano Internó is a 30-year-old man born with technology who thinks through audiovisual content, socialisation, sharing, and involvement. When he lined up for his first Dakar in 2021, his experience was stronger on communications and off-road riding than in rally. He runs a communications agency in Brescia, Italy, and only started getting into rallying a few years ago, after 10 years of racing at the highest levels between Italian, European, and world levels. He raced with his own Rally POV (Point of View) project aiming to document his race journey with his own eyes, from preparation to the stages. Unfortunately, a couple of bad crashes in the third stage put him out of the race earlier than planned. In 2022, he came back with a refreshed project: a new, higher-performance bike and a team of digital creators who will follow him and the other Italian riders. He was one of the only Italians who gained access to the “Original by Motul” class. He finished 26th in the class and is now aiming to do even better for his third participation.

TI: “I’m not a rider, but I’m an amateur who wants to enjoy the most beautiful race in the world, that is the Dakar. In fact, I don’t race. I’ve never raced for myself, but I’ve always raced for the people at home because I have a project that is called Rally POV. Rally POV is my story, but basically can be the story of everyone who dreams about the Dakar. So, it’s the dream of a child that wants to be a Dakar rider. This story started three years ago, and I try to create a journey from zero to Dakar. Rally POV starts to tell the story about my preparation for the first Dakar that didn’t go so well because I retired in the third stage. But my second Dakar last year was a success as I finished the race. Each day, I made a video to try to show the beauty of this amazing race. This year will be my third participation. I will race for Fantic because I will be officially supported by the Italian manufacturer. I will race with the new XF 450 rally. I’m very proud about this because I started from zero three years ago as I built my bike in my garage. Now three years later, I’m like an official rider that doesn’t want to compete for the ranking but want to create a story, to tell the story of the race. I’m very, very proud about this. I will race another here also this year in the Original by Motul class, so without assistance. I’m ready. I think I’m ready. I train a lot this year also in the desert. I’m very excited to start this third amazing adventure.”




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  • Original by Motul
  • رالي 2

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