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Abu Dhabi Racing

2020: Ab. Stage 3
2018: 6th
2017: Ab. Stage 11

2019: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (2nd), Dubai International Baja (2nd), Baja Jordan (4th), Abu Dhabi Baja (1st)
2018: Rally Argentina (14th), Rally Finland (37th), Rally Turkey (15th), Rally Catalunya (21st)
2017: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (1st), Qatar Cross-Country Rally (4th), FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies 2WD Trophy (1st)
2016: Morocco Rally (6th), Baja Aragon, Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (7th)
2014: Middle East Rally Championship (2nd)
2004: Middle East Rally Championship (1st)
2002: FIA Middle East Cup for Drivers of Production Cars (1st)

4 x Middle East & UAE Rally Champion
150 starts in WRC, PWRC & MERC
Member of Ford and Citroën WRC factory teams


Al Qassimi wants to hit back

Chapter 3 of the Dakar is one that marked a new age in history as the rally moved to Saudi Arabia. It was also Sheikh Khalid Al Qassimi’s third chapter that he’ll want to rapidly turn… and forget. Indeed despite big ambitions, his Dakar as well as his Peugeot ended in flames after quite a tumble as soon as day 3. The Emirati legend returns with a will to hit back in style. Having grown up in the desert, the 48-year-old used to ride buggies and quads around his father's farm as a boy, before following in his brother's footsteps and taking up rallying. After winning being crowned Middle East Rally Champion in 2004, Sheikh Khalid realised he was hungry for more, and began competing in the World Rally Championship (WRC) in 2004. He went on to join the Ford and Citroën factory teams before pulling out in 2018, preferring to switch his focus to rally raid. He got his first taste of cross-country on home soil at the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, which he would later win in 2017 en route to lifting the 2WD Trophy at the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies. After a somewhat disappointing Dakar debut with Pascal Maimon in 2017, he stormed to a brilliant sixth place with Xavier Panseri in 2018, in the same Peugeot 3008 DKR Maxi with which Carlos Sainz and Lucas Cruz claimed victory. Sheikh Khalid is also the man behind the Abu Dhabi Racing project. Not only is he a driver he’s also the chairman of this structure involved in various motorsports disciplines from circuit racing to rallying. He was essential in the launch of the Racing Junior rally program from which Mansour Al Helei emerged. The young Ermirati will actually be living the Dakar in a Zephyr prototype alongside his mentor. Al Qassimi will of course keep an eye on his protégé, as well as new team mate and Dakar legend Cyril Despres (also in a Peugeot with Mike Horn), but mainly wants to focus on a good result with his usual French co-driver Xavier Panseri who guided Polish driver Krzysztof Holowczyc to third place in 2015.



  • العلامة : PEUGEOT
  • الطراز : 3008 DKR
  • نظام تعديل الأداء : Abu Dhabi Racing
  • مساعدة : Abu Dhabi Racing
  • الفئة : فئة T1.4 للسيارات بمُحرِّك ديزل ودفع ثنائي على جميع التضاريس

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جميع الأخبار S. Al qassimi

الأخبار العاجلة - 14/01 15:08 [GMT +3] - Auto

القاسمي في الصدارة:

تقدَّم السائق الإماراتي الشيخ خالد بن فيصل القاسمي إلى صدارة فئة السيارات بعد اجتياز 362 كيلومتر من المرحلة الخاصة، ويبتعد بـ 1:10 دقيقة عن استيفان بيتِرانسِل وناصر العطية، كما يُقدِّم سيريل ديبريه أداءً رائعًا حيث يتواجد في المركز الرابع بفارق أقل من أربع دقائق عن القاسمي.

الأخبار العاجلة - 07/01 11:45 [GMT +3] - Auto

الشيخ القاسمي يحافظ على استقرار أدائه:

يصعد السائق الإماراتي الشيخ خالد بن فيصل القاسمي تدريجيًا في الترتيبت العام منذ بداية المرحلة الخاصة الخامسة (الرياض - القيصومة)، علمًا بان يُشارك في سيارة بيجو "3008 دي كاي آر" تندفع بعجلتين بألوان "فريق أبوظبي للسباقات" وإشراف مؤسسة "بيه أتش سبور" الفِرنسية، بدأ القاسمي المرحلة من المركز الـ 24، وتقدَّم للمركز الثاني خلف الجنوب إفريقي جينيل دي فيلِّييررز بفارق...

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