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2021: 10th
2020: 23rd (3rd rookie)

2021: FIM Bajas World Cup (1st); Dubai International Baja (2nd), Hungarian Baja (5th), Baja do Oeste (1st), Baja Portalegre 500 (5th)
2020: European motocross championship (11th)
2019: European motocross champion (EMX Open class), Baja Aragon (5th), Rallye du Maroc (34th)
2018: European motocross champion (EMX Open class), Czech motocross champion
2017: European motocross champion (EMX Open class), Czech motocross champion
2016: European motocross champion (EMX Open class), Czech motocross champion
2015: Czech motocross champion
2014: Czech motocross champion
2013: World motocross vice-champion (MX3 class)
2012: World motocross vice-champion (MX3 class)


“I never put in 1% less than maximum effort!”

This will only be Martin Michek's third outing at the Dakar, but the Czech motocross star has quickly made a name for himself on the world's toughest rally. On his 2020 debut, the 33-year-old enjoyed a great battle with Jaume Betriu for the top rookie prize, and he would probably have ended up in the top 15 were it not for an unfortunate mechanical on the penultimate stage. He returned in 2021 and stormed to 10th place, the highest finish for a Czech biker since three-time ISDE winner Stanislav Zloch back in 1998. It was only a few years earlier that Martin awoke to find a new motorbike under the tree on Christmas Day. Encouraged by his father and brother, he took up motocross, going on to enjoy a remarkably successful career that has spanned nearly 20 years. A two-time world vice-champion and four-time European champion -not to mention an 18-time Czech champion- he turned his hand to rally raid in 2019, kicking off with a promising fifth place at Baja Aragon. Several months after his Dakar debut in 2020 he contracted a rare liver disease, but luckily made a full recovery and was able to keep pursuing his passion on two wheels. He backed up his brilliant showing at Dakar 2021 by winning the FIM Bajas World Cup ahead of Frenchman Mathieu Doveze, with his season highlights including second place at the Dubai International Baja and victory at the Baja do Oeste in Portugal. Martin plans to head back to Dubai for a final tune-up ahead of Dakar 2022, and admits that he will be looking to impress the factory teams as he prepares for another rumble with their riders in Saudi Arabia.

“It's been 23 years since we had such a good Czech result in the bikes, 10th overall. It's really motivating for the future. I still do motocross, because it makes me very happy, I've been doing it all my life. I think it's also ideal preparation for the Dakar and rally raid. It's great to combine the two sports. I haven't been doing rally raid for very long, so it was awesome to win the FIM Bajas World Cup, to add another step to my pyramid! I only did my first Dakar in 2020, and it was one of my first experiences in rally raid. The illness that year stopped me racing and I almost died. The doctors said I would need a transplant, but after a few days my liver made a miraculous recovery. Five or six weeks later, I was able to race again. I love two wheels, I love the bikes. Without this sport I wouldn't have a happy life. Adrenaline gives me so much power and enjoyment, that's why I'm still racing. I never think about losing, I always think about winning. I'm always pushing to the limit. I never put in 1% less than maximum effort, because if I don't do 100%, I can't look my sponsors in the eye! I want to enjoy Dakar 2022 and battle with the factory guys again, although my navigation isn't at the top level. I don't get to see the roadbook much during the year, and I can't go training around the world in places like Dubai, Saudi Arabia or Chile. In motocross I was a factory rider for two years, and now my dream is to be a factory rider again in rally. If it happens one day, maybe I can get an even better result than last year!"




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  • Orion - Moto Racing Group
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واجه الدرّج التشيكي مارتن ميشيك مشكلةً ميكانيكية بعد نقطة التدقيق الثانية. أنهى مارتن مرحلة أمس في المركز العاشر، ويحتل المركز الـ 18 في الترتيب العام المؤقت لفئة الدرّاجات النارية، وكان خامس أفضل درّاج مُستقل في الترتيب. إنها ضربة قاسية لقائد الكتيبة التشيكية، الذي احتل المركز العاشر في رالي داكار 2021، والمركز الـ 23 في رالي داكار 2020 في أول مشاركة له. أنهى درّاج فريق "مجموعة...

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افتتح الدرّاج الإسباني خوان باريدا المسار، لكن وبعد اجتيازه نُقطة التدقيق الأولى عند الكيلومتر ثمانين، يبدو بأن الأفضلية هي للدرّاجين الذي انطلقوا خارج الخمسة الأوائل. يتصدَّر ريكي برابيك الترتيب يليه والكنر ومارتن وساندرلاند، بفارق دقيقة واحدة. في حين يتبعهم الدرّاجون لوسيانو بينافيدس وباريدا وسانتولينو وكوينتانِيَّا، الذين انطلقوا في الأمام، بفارق دقيقتين تقريبًا.


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