(svk) 1.77m / 85kg



الجهات الراعية

Slovnaft, Dynamic, Norwit, Lucerna, Tipos, Brema, Altel, Impa, Ivar.Cs, MicroStep, KTM

2020: 11th
2019: Ab. Stage 8
2018: Ab. Stage 10
2017: 25th
2016: 2nd (1 stage win)
2015: 5th
2014: 9th
2013: Ab. Stage 12
2012: 5th
2011: Ab. Stage 8
2010: 13th

2019: Serres Rally, ISDE, Merzouga Rally (Ab.)
2018: Serres Rally (1st), Merzouga Rally (9th), Morocco Rally (10th)
2017: Hellas Rally (2nd), Serres Rally (1st), European Enduro championships
2016: Serres Rally (1st), Merzouga Rally (2nd), Morocco Rally (31st)
2015: ISDE Slovakia
2014: enduro races
2013: Tunisia Rally (1st)
2011: European cross-country championship (3rd), E3 Slovakian championship (1st)


“I liked this Dakar more”

In 11 appearances, Stefan Svitko has seen it all: the glory when he captured second spot back in 2016 and quite a few painful setbacks forcing him to retire on four occasions. One of the most talented riders of the field, the Slovakian has struggled not being a real factory rider. His first Dakar in 2010 was indeed a very promising one: 13th spot and best rookie trophy. Then followed four Top 10 finishes for this enduro specialists and multiple European champion. His last appearance was yet again a solid one when he flew to 11th place for his first experience on Saudi soil. After a year with almost no racing due to the pandemic, Svitko prepared on home soil and returns with the ambition to always do better although he does feel that with age and raising a family, his pace is no longer the same.

“I like this Dakar more than the ones in South America. The race was fast and I took time to adapt to the new terrain. I was also really surprised by the weather with the temperatures going from 20 degrees during the day to close to zero at night. My overall position could have been better but I was mainly happy to reach the finish, having failed to do so the two previous years. I was also satisfied because in front of me there were only factory riders. I believe I went slower than before. I believe each rider has a sense of fear for the Dakar. I love riding bikes, but I prefer my family.”



  • العلامة : KTM
  • الطراز : RALLY REPLICA
  • نظام تعديل الأداء : KTM Slovakia
  • مساعدة : Slovnaft Team
  • الفئة : فئة النُخبة G1.1 A.S.O.

التصنيف 2021

شطب المرحلة عام
0 21 21 21
1 13 13 15
2 7 7 9
3 21 21 14
4 9 9 13
5 11 11 12
6 18 18 14
7 18 18 13
8 14 14 12
9 12 11 10
10 12 12 10
11 8 8 9
12 15 15 8

جميع الأخبار S. Svitko

الأخبار العاجلة - 05/01 07:28 [GMT +3] - Moto

سفيتكو يُجاري درّاجي الفرق المصنعية:

انطلق اشتيفان سفيتكو من المركز السابع في المرحلة الخاصة الثالثة، علمًا بأن السلوفاكي يُشارك على متن درّاجة "كاي تي أم" من تحضير فريقٍ خاص صغير، حيث قدَّم أداءً جيدًا خلال عُبور الكُثبان الرملية في المرحلة الخاصة الثانية، مُشكلًا ضغطًا على درّاجي الفرق المصنعية والكُبرى، ويُتيح له المجال للتحفُّز لتقديم أداءٍ أفضل في مرحلة اليوم.

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