Riwald, Eurol, JaBe, Sea Vsat, Holland Casino, Renault Trucks

2019: ab stage 5
2018: 7th
2017: Ab. Stage 2
2016: Ab. Stage 12 (truck)
2015: 25th (truck)
2014: Ab. Stage 3 (car)
2013: Ab. Stage 10 (car)
2012: Ab. Stage 10 (car)

2018: Morocco Desert Challenge
2017: Morocco Desert Challenge, Silk Way Rally
2016: OiLibya Morocco Rally (1st)
2015: Libya Rally (1st), Baja Aragon (12th), Baja Poland (ab)
2014: Morocco rally (15th)


“Hybrid technology is the future”

The Riwald Dakar Team, together with the Czech partner MKR Technology, worked hard for months on the development of a completely new and unique concept: a hybrid off-road truck. In an era in which the environment has become a major global issue, the focus in the truck was on hybrid technology. The Renault Trucks C460 Hybrid Edition is a lightweight truck which, including the 700-kilo hybrid technology, has reached the ideal weight of 8.5 tonnes. Together with his brother Ewald, Gert Huzink is running a scrap recycling company, Riwald. As the main sponsor of the Riwald Dakar Team, the Dutch company is at the cradle of this spectacular and structural change in rally sport.

G.H.: “In our business we work hard on more sustainable, cleaner and professional recycling of materials, metals in particular. We invest in the future and are one of the most innovative recycling companies in Europe. Together with MKR and our partners we developed this Renault C460 Hybrid Edition. It is the conviction of the Riwald Dakar Team and its partners that the electrical technology in the truck can bring about a transition. The hybrid drive system, equipped with Eurol Specialty lubricants, has been exposed to extreme conditions and tested with promising results. The Riwald Dakar Team and MKR have a three-year partnership with the aim of achieving a top 3 ranking in the rally world within that period.”



  • Marque : RENAULT
  • Modèle : C460 HYBRID EDITION
  • Préparateur : MKR
  • Assistance : Riwald Dakar
  • Classe : T4.2 Camions modifiés

Classement 2020

Scratch Étape Général
1 42 42 42
2 12 12 39
3 21 21 36
4 5 5 33
5 17 33 32
6 16 16 28
7 15 15 24
8 21 21 24
9 5 5 25
10 4 4 25
11 8 8 24
12 24 24 24

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Dépêches - 07/01 10:41 [GMT +3] - Camion

Huzink électrise la course

Gert Huzink entre à son tour dans l’étape camion. Le Néerlandais pilote un Renault un peu spécial puisqu’il est équipé d’une technologie hybride ! Après une première étape compliquée, Huzink s’est classé à une prometteuse 12e place lundi. L’objectif est d’aller...


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