N°45 Moto KOVE


(chn) 1.7m / 65kg


Cross-country racing, dirtbikes, fitness



2023: 46th

2023: Sonora Rally (9th Rally 2) / Rallye du Maroc (19th Rally 2)
2021: Alxa Hero Festival, First Motorcycle Hero Meeting "Desert Rally" Champion
2019: "Red Sorghum Cup" Wuhai Khan's Battle International Desert Field Passion Race, International Motorcycle Group Double Champion, "Daqing Racing Town Cup" China Off-Road Motorcycle Championship (Daqing Station) Champion
2018: Inaugural "Yuankou Ancient Town Cup" Car and Motorcycle Off-Road Challenge Champion, Shaanxi "National Fitness" Car and Motorcycle Off-Road (National) Invitational, Xingping Station Champion
2017: Talon Sports Drink Cup International Off-Road Motorcycle Grand Prix Champion, Sino-Thai Cup China Off-Road Motorcycle Championship (Yongkang Station) Champion


“2023 was a year of growth”

One of the standard bearers for the up-and-coming Kove team, Sunier Sunier returns for his second Dakar with big ambitions in the bikes. The 26-year-old was encouraged to get into motorsport by his father -now his biggest fan- and as a boy he dreamed of lining up on the Dakar. That dream became a reality in 2023, when he was one of three domestic riders selected to represent Chinese manufacturers Kove on their Dakar debut. The man from Alxa Left Banner had already impressed with a host of victories in national events, and finished as the top Chinese biker at Dakar 2023 in 46th place. His teammates Liansong Deng and Ming Ji Fang also managed to finish, but Kove are now aiming higher. Their founder, former motocross rider Zhang Xue, has declared that the team will be capable of fighting for overall victory in the next five years. And for Dakar 2024, they will also be providing support for highly rated American Mason Klein, who was right up there in 2023. As for Sunier, he is determined to improve on last year’s showing and land himself a spot in the top 30. He has continued to pick up experience this season at the Sonora Rally and the Rallye du Maroc, and will no doubt be eyeing up Zakeer Yakefu's national record of 33rd overall in the bikes from Dakar 2021.

“Every time I cross the finish line, the feeling is just incredibly exhilarating. Once I’ve got a good grasp of the pace on the track, the most enjoyable moment for me is rushing towards that line. I’d say 2023 was a year of growth. It was my first time doing the Dakar, so I had to remind myself every day that the main goal was to finish the rally. My lowest point last year was when I crashed and damaged the bike rim. I had to wait two hours on the track for spare parts; it was a tough moment. In 2024 I aim to achieve positive results, both in individual stages and the overall standings. My personal goal is to break into the top 30. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. My father loves racing, but now he’s older and didn’t have the opportunity to compete when he was young. So he gets very excited watching me race!”




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