DVC Water Group, Arie Molenaar Motors, IVECO Schouten

2019: 30th (winner of Originals by Motul)
2018: 49th

2017: Merzouga Rally
2016: Merzouga Rally
2013: Baja Germany, Serres Rally
2012: Erzberg Rodeo


“Winning the title has not changed my line of approach”

In only his second Dakar Edwin Straver won the Originals by Motul in 2019. He considers it a gift, the cherry on the cake. It hasn’t changed much in the mind and the line of approach of the Dutch maintenance engineer, who has been too busy with his one-man business to compete in big events, but has made a lot of miles in local endure races.

“Being in the Dakar again is the way of defending the title, but I’m not changing anything. Trying to stay out of trouble and bringing myself and my bike to the finish remains the main goal. I’m not going to watch the standings until the final few days. The biggest difference to last year is that I have a new bike, a KTM once again, and I’ve been preparing it myself to get to know it in every little detail. I have to be able to do the maintenance with my eyes closed. It saves precious time when maintenance is easy. Getting the roadbooks just before the start is a good thing for mallemoto-riders. Last year I’ve prepared the roadbook maybe three times the night before. I don’t really care. Navigation isn’t my strongest point. I can ride faster than I can navigate, but in the Originals-class consistency is more important than speed. I’m looking forward to Saudi Arabia. I’ve been to the Middle East before and the landscapes and diversity are really nice and interesting.”



  • Marque : KTM
  • Modèle : 450 EXC
  • Préparateur :
  • Assistance : Original by Motul
  • Classe : G2.2 Marathon

Classement 2020

Scratch Étape Général
1 67 66 66
2 82 81 69
3 60 59 60
4 50 50 58
5 48 47 51
6 37 37 47
7 39 39 45
8 - - 45
9 39 38 42
10 27 27 38
11 - - -
12 - - -

Toute l'actualité de E. Straver

Dakar Mag - 02/01 16:57 [GMT +3]

« L’objectif, c’est toujours de finir »

Découvrir le Moyen-Orient après deux expériences en Amérique du Sud ravit Edwin Straver. A l’heure des vérifications administratives et techniques organisées à Jeddah, cet ancien pilote de motocross se dit impatient de mettre le cap sur Al Wajih pour une première étape que l’on dit longue et musclée....


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