N°324 Prototype Léger FRANCOSPORT


(prt) 1.8m / 89kg


Off-road racing


Yamaha, AQD, Eurodomotica, Crosspro, Bluemotor

1st participation

2021 : Andalucia Rally, Rallye du Maroc
2019 : Rallye du Maroc
2018 : Portuguese national SSV championship winner


“The priority is to finish”

This might be Mario Franco’s first Dakar but he nevertheless has plenty of experience both racing and running SSV racing teams. He created his team Franco Sport back in 2016 and regularly enters 5 or 6 vehicles in national championship races. As a driver he won the hotly contested Portuguese national championship in 2018. In preparation for the Dakar he competed in Rallye du Maroc in 2019 and again in 2021 and popped across the border to Spain to compete in the Andalucia Rally in 2021. As a major Yamaha dealer with close ties to Yamaha Portugal and Yamaha Europe the choice of vehicle was easy to make and they will running a turbo 1000 cc three cylinder engine in a prototype chassis. The race will be a family affair with his co-driver being his cousin Rui who normally navigates for his brother in the T1 class in local off-road races.

“I am physically and mentally well prepared and with the international rallies I’ve done, in addition to national races, I think we have enough experience. Despite that for this first attempt our priority will be to finish. Then if all goes well in the future we can push for a result.”




  • YZX1000R
  • P_T3_NO

Classement 2022


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