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Fabulous Forty for Peterhansel


At 500 km, the longest special of the 2018 Dakar was also one of the hardest. Rain on the Bolivian Plateau and sections at altitudes exceeding 4,800 metres made the challenge even more daunting. The competitors had to contend with their own fatigue as well as the wear and tear of their vehicles after the rules of...

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Uyuni - Tupiza


The official foundation of the city of Uyuni was held on February 20, 1890, with a simple ceremony in which the prefect of the department of Potosí, Ing. Julio Pinkas (designer of the urban map of the city of Uyuni) and thirty people among employees of the Bolivia Railway, the Huanchaca Company and particular people who were already domiciled in the place.

Uyuni, within urban geography, is one of the cities with the greatest historical content and at the same time a surprising initial growth that in a short time gave a halo of fame for its international trade and the human quality of its people.

The merits received by Uyuni are the following: Uyuni, the predilected daughter of Bolivia, ratified by Hernán Siles Suazo on July 7, 1983 and the declaration of Ciudad Benemérita under the presidency of Dr. Víctor Paz Estensoro.

Uyuni is located in the south west of Bolivia. It is the capital of the province Antonio Quijarro...


Tupiza is nestled in the narrow valley of the Tupiza river. It is currently established in the ancestral territory of chichas.

It is asserted that it was founded between the end of 1535 and January 1536, as supply base for the expedition of Diego de Almagro to Chile. It cannot be assured if the population was created by Almagro himself or by the head of one of his exploratory troops, Juan de Saavedra. If this situation is true, Tupiza would together with Paria (Oruro) be the oldest Spanish city in Bolivia.

Tupiza is considered an important mining center, highlighting in this activity the Chillcobija mines, which were rich in silver, lead, copper, tin, zinc and antimony. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the largest companies operating in southern Bolivia (such as the Aramayo Company) built their headquarters in this beautiful town.

One of the most outstanding facts that frame Tupiza is that in 1908 the famous American bandits Butch Cassidy and...

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