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Tupiza - Salta


Tupiza is nestled in the narrow valley of the Tupiza river. It is currently established in the ancestral territory of chichas.

It is asserted that it was founded between the end of 1535 and January 1536, as supply base for the expedition of Diego de Almagro to Chile. It cannot be assured if the population was created by Almagro himself or by the head of one of his exploratory troops, Juan de Saavedra. If this situation is true, Tupiza would together with Paria (Oruro) be the oldest Spanish city in Bolivia.

Tupiza is considered an important mining center, highlighting in this activity the Chillcobija mines, which were rich in silver, lead, copper, tin, zinc and antimony. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the largest companies operating in southern Bolivia (such as the Aramayo Company) built their headquarters in this beautiful town.

One of the most outstanding facts that frame Tupiza is that in 1908 the famous American bandits Butch Cassidy and...

Salta, a place you will fall in love with     

Receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, Salta has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.
Blessed by Nature, the province is an endless source of landscapes and other attractions that will surprise and amaze you with their beauty.
Salta is a province of many colours, a land of varied landscapes from the arid puna (grasslands) to the wild greenness of the jungle, plus the intense red colour of the Calchaquíes valleys.
You can see its culture in the streets and in its people, food, music and handicrafts.
Salta is a friendly, enjoyable place whose people reflect the beauty and immensity of its landscapes.
Salta is unique, and when you visit it, it will become even more beautiful.

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The City of Salta and the surrounding area

Salta is one of the best-conserved colonial cities in Argentina. Outstanding sites...

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