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The Dakar contested its first stage in Argentina this year and also encountered much warmer temperatures than in recent days, with almost 40°C in the shade. The danger was that this could tire the competitors on the vast sandy terrain covering the first part of the special and then perhaps rob them of...

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Salta - Belén

Salta, a place you will fall in love with     

Receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, Salta has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.
Blessed by Nature, the province is an endless source of landscapes and other attractions that will surprise and amaze you with their beauty.
Salta is a province of many colours, a land of varied landscapes from the arid puna (grasslands) to the wild greenness of the jungle, plus the intense red colour of the Calchaquíes valleys.
You can see its culture in the streets and in its people, food, music and handicrafts.
Salta is a friendly, enjoyable place whose people reflect the beauty and immensity of its landscapes.
Salta is unique, and when you visit it, it will become even more beautiful.

Not to be missed:

The City of Salta and the surrounding area

Salta is one of the best-conserved colonial cities in Argentina. Outstanding sites...

Belén, a unique place in the heart of Catamarca

Belén is a beautiful city in the centre of the West Region of Catamarca province, located among majestic mountains.
Surrounded by indescribable and varied landscapes, the skills of Belén’s textile artisans are on show everywhere, hence its recognition as the "National Home of the Poncho”. Their original styles recreate the colours of the landscape, while the artisanal industry born among the former inhabitants of the valley has remained intact. It is just as authentic now as thousands of years ago, and anyone who wishes can visit the shops and homes of the artisans to admire, touch and be amazed by their original creations.
La Ruta del Telar (Cloth Route) allows you to experience a practice that reveals history and identity. Fairs such as Feria Pasear, Expo Cerros y Puna, Feria Andina, Feria Belén Cuna del Poncho and the traditional and authentic “March of the...

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