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Summary - 14/01 18:32 [GMT +3]

Three is the magic number for Cornejo and Loeb


Leaving aside the lousy navigators out there who manage to stretch the course like a rubber band, covering more than 850 km in a Dakar stage is something that happens once in a blue moon. It has only happened once in Saudi Arabia, in today's return to competition on the road from Riyadh to Al Duwadimi, clocking in at a whopping 874 km, following the prescribed route...

Dakar Mag - 15/01 07:00 [GMT +3] - Bike

Precious water

In the desert, water is as rare as it is precious. This year, Amaury Baratin has had bitter experience of this.

Having miraculously survived the first week of racing, the rider of KTM #79, who is taking part in his third Dakar, reached the finishing line of the seventh stage literally parched. “I rode 400 km without being able to swallow a...

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