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Loeb falls as Peterhansel soars

Loeb falls as Peterhansel soars


Sand galore! The fifth and final stage in Peru was just like the ones that preceded it. The cars and trucks, racing on their own separate course, went through another day in hell. The Tacna region and its mountainous dunes showed no mercy, but the competitors got to take a breather with a stretch on the beach...

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San Juan de Marcona - Arequipa

Following the route of the Southern Panamericana Highway, at the 70th km of Nasca, the district of Marcona (one of Ica’s cities) with its port San Juan of Marcona, can be found. With a docile weather and sunny during the summer, this location is known for its beautiful and wide beaches. Full of fine sand and turquoise water that embellishes the coastal landscapes of one of the most particular littorals of Perú.

But in Marcona, every stations comes to light it up with new charms. While in spring timid rays of sun turn its majestic dunas in the ideal place for practicing summer sports; in the winter, the presence of tupid fog concentrates in its prairies giving birth to flora that’s paints in green the humps of its hills. Marcona is a sealed deal.

The Nationa Reserve of San Fernando (RNSF) is another one of the many charms this littoral district owns. The marina currents converge in the coast, making it possible to see the sea wolves...

Located at 2328 meters above sea level, in the south region of Perú, the “White City” glows, blessed with a permanent sunny weather and blue skies that invite you to walk and admire the beauty of its monuments, snowy mountains, countrysides, volcanos and deep canyons.

Thanks to its cultural diversity, the city of Arequipa is considered a reference in Perú- Its has seen many of the most admired politics, artists and Peruvian writers be born. But it’s not only a city that surprises because of its great celebrities – transcendental in Peruvian history- the White City is also famous because of its natural diversity, which makes it into one of the most beautiful and varied cities in Perú. 

So it is that its profound canyons, such as Cotahuasi and El Colca and its wonderful beaches, coves and snow peaks, find its historic, religious and ancestral legacy, an amazing convergence point which makes it a unique...

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