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Summary - 06/01 17:20 [GMT -5] - Car

Peugeot comes up short


The opening stage of the 2018 Dakar consisted of a spectacular link section along the Pacific coast followed by a 31 km sprint near Pisco —the ideal warm-up before the first real difficulties of the rally emerge in the next few days. It helped...

Newsflashes - 07/01 10:34 [GMT -5] - Bike

Metge falls

Adrien Metge fell at kilometre 72 and is down with what looks like a broken tibia. It's probably curtains for the official Sherco biker in this Dakar.

Newsflashes - 07/01 09:39 [GMT -5] - Bike

Barreda steams ahead

Joan Barreda is in control at CP1, with Adrien Van Beveren, Pablo Quintanilla and Stefan Švitko trailing over a minute behind the Spaniard but with small differences among them.

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Lima - Pisco

In Lima coexist, in perfect harmony, its Viceregal and Pre-Columbian tradition with its contemporary architecture, a perfect example of a city in constant evolution. To wander along the streets of the Peruvian capital is to let yourself be charmed by the monumental churches, amazing archeological sites and big old houses that built the colonial identity of the city. It is within these edifications where the iconic balconies of Lima rise and date back to the Viceregal and Republic days, a great representation of the so called “City of the Kings”

One of the main attractions of the city is its Historic Downtown, declared, in 1991, Intangible Human Heritage. In every corner, you can breathe the vestiges of a spectrum of multiple cultures that join in Incan and Viceregal edifications. All together in a city that surprises you and makes you fall in love with its syncretism.

Lima is also the only South American capital which shores are graced by...

Known all over the world for sharing its name with Peru’s national drink, Pisco is one of the five provinces that conform the region of Ica, located south from Lima. This city gives birth to the name of the most famous hard liquor of America and one of Peruvians’ biggest prides.

The aromas of Pisco are the perfumes of Peru.  In the lands of Ica, “pisco grapes” are harvest, distinguished by their unique fragrances that perfectly conjugate the favorite flavors of the European sommeliers.  This is one of the reasons why visiting its vineyards is a must go adventure. Pisco is also a tribute to the Pre-Columbian heritage, since its name evokes a great diversity of birds in the south of Perú , some of the great example are parihuanas, huerequeques, zarcillos  and condors, since the word Pisco comes from the quechua word Pisscu which means Bird.

In the sunny lands of the valley- which occupies the largest portion...

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