(esp) Born on 01/05/1987 at Matar 1.78m / 76kg


Gervall, Finca Valldosera, Partauto.it, Vivinwine, Mev, Movilpark, Nutrisport

2018: 7º

2018: 12º Rally Merzouga, 12º Atacama Rally, 14º Desafío Inca
2017: Subcampeón de España de Enduro, 2º Rally de Cerdeña, 12º Rally Merzouga
2016: Campeón de España de Enduro, 5º Mundial de Enduro 2
2015: 5º en el Mundial de Enduro 2, Subcampeón de España Enduro 2
2014: Campeón de España de Enduro 2, 4º en el Mundial de Enduro 2


“The Dakar has taught me to know myself better”

Oriol Mena turned quite a few heads in the last running of the Dakar. In his maiden participation, the Spaniard finished an astonishing 7th place in the general classification and took rookie of the year honours and now has a bright future in front of him. Oriol understands just how much this first Dakar experience has changed his life. “This rally has some very important values. I discovered a part of me that I didn’t know. Going beyond your limits, the battle, the perseverance, this race taught me a lot and not just about motorcycle racing, but also about daily life.” This year, Oriol Mena has prepared even better for this edition that will start on January 6 after having raced in the Atacama Rally and the Desafio Inca, before wrapping up his preparation in the Dubai desert. “We have prepared very well in riding on terrain that is very similar to what we will face. Even though the Dakar changes a lot from one year to the next, I am very familiar with what Peru has in store for us.” Despite a successful beginning in 2018, Oriol isn’t concerned about pressure or a specific objective. “What I want is to do things right. The result will come. The position is just a number. I have incredible memories of my first participation. It is a race in which speed isn’t the only thing that counts. There is so much more I really liked it and I want some more.”

O.M: Navigation will be very important in this edition. It will make all the difference. I can’t wait for the start and experience the camaraderie, harmony and cohabitation over 20 days with the people in my team. The factory riders are fortunate to have a structure waiting for them to make their lives easier after each stage. But the amateur who has to make friends, who will help when he falls, that is what makes the Dakar special. Then, you arrive at the bivouac and the professional rider and the amateur meet and talk about their day. This is something quite special.”



  • Model : 450 RALLY
  • Performance tuner : Speedbrain
  • Assistance : Speedbrain
  • Class : M_G1.1 : ELITE

Ranking 2019

Scratch Stage General
1 14 14 14
2 16 16 14
3 8 8 12
4 11 11 12
5 17 17 12
6 20 20 13
7 13 13 13
8 12 11 11
9 11 10 10
10 17 17 10

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