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Farming, bee keeping, building motocross tracks


GasGas, Red Bull, Fox Racing, Simford Group, POD Active, Sanders Apples, Wild Company, Quad Lock

2021: 4th (best rookie)

2021: Kazakhstan Rally (4th), Silk Way Rally (4th), Morocco rally (3rd), Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (12th)
2020: Andalucia Rally (11th)
2019: Australian off-road champion, Outright ISDE champion


“Navigation makes things so much more interesting”

It's hard not to make the comparison between Toby Price and Daniel Sanders. Both are Australian, both are fast, and both have neck-length hair. Both rode for the KTM Red Bull team on the Dakar last year. And the comparisons do not stop there, considering Sanders' result at the end of his maiden Dakar. Price finished on the podium in his first Dakar, but Sanders wasn't far behind. With no rally-raid experience whatsoever, the younger of the two finished an impressive 4th place in Jeddah last January. In addition to a return to Australia complicated by a lack of flights and a 14-day isolation period, “Chucky” could not return to the family farm, its orchard and its beehives for quite a long time. He had to get back to work quickly to better understand the sport. The kid from Melbourne, who was the best rookie in the last Dakar, learned the rally-raid intricacies throughout the season with his new team GasGas. Having competed in four of the five rounds of the FIM World Championship, Sanders, who placed third in the general classification behind Adrien Van Beveren and champion Mathias Walkner, can calmly look forward to his next Dakar with even higher expectations.

“I began riding motorcycles at the age of 8 on the family farm. My father was an enduro rider, and that's where I started. I had never been a fan of the Dakar before, even though I followed the results of the Australians. I met Toby Price for the first time in 2011 when we were competing in enduro. I was thinking of getting into rally-raid, but it came much quicker than I expected. I didn't have the best preparation before my first Dakar because of a shoulder injury in December, but fortunately, I recovered quickly. I threw myself into the unknown. I was used to the speed of Australian events, but when you have to navigate at 130km/h, it's pretty scary. You really have to stay focused throughout the day. Plus, we got the road books in the morning and only had 20 minutes to prepare. Opening the track and navigating is so complicated. The team told me not to put pressure on myself. I was there to learn and see if I liked it. I took the opportunity. I was aiming for the Top 10, knowing that there were about 15 riders capable of winning. I learned little by little, day by day. To finish 4th was incredible. I couldn't be happier. I love it so much. It is by far my favourite race and the hardest race I have ever done. I didn't expect it. Everyone said to me, "it's so hard, it's punishing," but I was ready for the challenge. Navigation makes things so much more interesting. I had 12 brutal days in phenomenal scenery. Being the 'face' of GasGas in rallying is great. I haven't been in the sport for a long time, so to be chosen by a factory team is incredible. I am excited about the future.”




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All news of D. Sanders

Newsflashes - 13/01 09:41 [GMT +3] - Bike

Quintanilla, Walkner and Sunderland hold steady after 127 km

After 127 km, Sunderland has achieved the best time, 8’’ ahead of Kevin Benavides', 1’15’’ in front of Matthias Walkner', 2’09’’ ahead of Joaquim Rodrigues and 2’48’’ in front of Pablo Quintanilla. Joan Barreda is in 15th position, 9’01’’ behind the leader, whilst Adrien Van Beveren is in 29th...

Reactions - 07/01 13:49 [GMT +3] - Bike

Daniel Sanders: “Now it’s time to show the others that the hard work is paying off”

Having set off to light up the stage once again today, Sanders is the only rider to regret the early finish to the special.

“We started off really well today. We had to ride on the course used by the cars and trucks yesterday. The track was already worn-in and we could see where we were going. There was a lot of open dirt and ground, so it was...

Summary - 07/01 12:23 [GMT +3]

Dakar 2022 – Stage 6 | A red-hot performance from Sanders and Terranova!


For the last day of racing before the rest day, stage 6 gave rise to a game of musical chairs between the FIA and FIM loops from the day before in the region of Riyadh. The cars and bikes started at the same time from 7.45 AM onwards on their respective specials. While the cars found the familiar traces of the two-wheelers on the ground in front of them, the leading...

Newsflashes - 07/01 09:47 [GMT +3] - Bike

Sanders still leads

After 81 km, Sanders is holding onto his lead, 1’26 in front of Walkner (KTM), 1’47 ahead of his team-mate Sunderland, 2’08 in front of Brabec (Honda), 2’26 ahead of Quintanilla (Honda) and 2’59 in front of Klein (BAS Dakar KTM). The gaps are fairly small, because the top 15, rounded off by the Shercos of Gonçalves and Santolino, are all...

Reactions - 05/01 15:08 [GMT +3] - Bike

Daniel Sanders: "I was really lucky I didn't crash"

17th in the stage, over 18 minutes down, but 4th overall at 7 minutes back, Sanders overcame the longest special of the rally despite a close shave.

Yeah, it worked out not too bad, the plan. I caught the guys earlier than I thought. It was really tricky navigation at the start, at the refuelling. After this, I was in the pack and we tried to open...

Reactions - 04/01 12:57 [GMT +3] - Bike

Daniel Sanders: “I sat and had a picnic for a bit and waited for three minutes”

“Chucky” claims that he deliberately stopped during the special to avoid winning it, which shows the best rookie of 2021 has somewhat of a nerve!

“We had a really fast part this morning and then it followed into some nice dunes, which were really, really good. I made a lot of time up in the first sixty kilometres of the stage. Then...

Reactions - 03/01 14:25 [GMT +3] - Bike

Daniel Sanders: “Hopefully I recovered a little bit of time”

Although he finished 23rd today, almost 25’ behind the stage winner’, “Chucky” remains 3rd in the provisional overall classification.

“It was really good this morning. I did really well with the navigation until the fuel stop after 200 km. Then it was really crazy. Just after the fuel stop, we had a few tricky notes. We missed a way point...

Reactions - 02/01 14:04 [GMT +3] - Bike

Daniel Sanders: "It's gonna be a really important day for me tomorrow"

It was the second consecutive stage win for "Chucky".

"Really difficult navigation, we had a lot of rain last night and that made it hard to find the right tracks. In the end, a lot of guys got lost and, luckily, we got onto the right track. It was a good, strong finish. I just didn't push too much at the start, just gave it a nice rhythm, and...

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