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Monster Energy Honda Team, TutisWilma, Tosha&CO, Clínica Sospedra, 100%, Alpinestars

2023: Moto/13º
2021: Moto/13º (2º mejor rookie y ganador de la categoría maratón de motos de serie)

2023: 2º clasificado Sonora Rally, 1er clasificado Desafío Ruta 40, 5º clasificado Rally de Marrueco, Ganador en la Baja Aragón
2022: 1er clasificado Baja Aragón,10º clasificado en Rally Marruecos, 6º en Rally Andalucía
2021: 2º clasificado en Baja Aragón
2020: Victoria en Endurocup y 2º en Rally 2 del Rally Andalucía, 1º en el Rally Todo Terreno de Cuenca.
2019: 1º en el Hispania Rally; 2º en la Baja Aragón, 7º en el Panáfrica Rally de Marruecos.
2019- 2018- 2017- 2016: Compitió en el Campeonato del Mundo de Enduro


“Win? You never know”

Valencia native Tosha Schareina is an example of riders dreaming of competing in the Dakar with a factory team to follow. No matter how difficult or distant it may seem, with hard work, effort and much talent, it is possible. In his Dakar debut in 2021, he showed his class, finishing 13th overall and the second-best rookie in the motorbike category. He was due to be confirmed in 2022 but did not arrive in time to join the project he started with Jorge Martínez Aspar. A year away from competition could have cut short his progression, but Tosha showed up at the 2023 Dakar, determined to excel as a privateer. The first week was tough, hampered by tendinitis in his gas hand. But in the second week, he overcame the pain and was consistently among the frontrunners on an inferior bike. He had earned a factory ride, and that opportunity was given to him by Honda. They offered him a "pata negra" bike to compete in the Sonora Rally. Tosha was gambling, but it's when the pressure is on that the big stars shine. Schareina finished runner-up in his maiden race with HRC in a W2RC World Championship event. In the following race, he won the Desafío Ruta 40 in W2RC. He finished 5th in the Rally of Morocco and arrives at the 2024 Dakar, his third participation in the toughest rally-raid in the world, among the favourites. It is no longer a surprise. Tosha Schareina should fight for the win or the podium in his first year as an official HRC rider with the Monster Energy Honda Team.

T.S.: “There was an opportunity for a factory bike after the Dakar. We were fighting for it, which explains why we didn't go to Abu Dhabi because it wasn't a done deal yet. And it all happened in the fortnight before the Sonora Rally. I was testing in Mexico, and there is always stress, but I try not to think about it and focus on riding. And that was key in Mexico to finish 2nd in my debut with Honda in the Sonora Rally. I was supposed to stay with Honda until before the Dakar so they could test me, but nobody expected me to do so well. The Monster Energy Honda Team have given me three times as much from the start, and it's working out. This is my first Dakar with a factory team, and the bike is amazing. Even better is the entire team and the structure. With an official team, you show up well-prepared and only have to concentrate on riding. What are the objectives? I don't put a lot of pressure on myself. I'm going with the same mentality with which I've gone out to the World Championship rallies, to take it one stage at a time. We know we have the pace, but Saudi Arabia has more sand than we are used to. Win? You never know. But I know we have the speed to be there, and we will go for it”.




  • CRF 450 RALLY
  • Monster Energy Honda Team
  • Monster Energy Honda Team
  • Rally GP

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All news of T. Schareina

Summary - 13/01 19:03 [GMT +3]

After the Empty Quarter

After six stages and a total of eight days of racing, including the prologue in AlUla, the 46th edition of the Dakar has been a roller-coaster of breakthrough performances, vindications, debacles, plot twists, comebacks and surprises on the tracks and dunes of Saudi Arabia. The culmination of the first week, the brand-new 48H Chrono concept, scattered drivers and co-drivers...

News - 06/01 16:11 [GMT +3]

Dakar 2024 - Stage 1 | All the results


Marcelo Medeiros claimed his ninth career Dakar stage win. Juraj Varga surged near the end, but he finished 2′40″ behind the Brazilian. Laisvydas Kancius edged out Manuel Andújar for the podium at over 10 minutes down. 

Reactions - 06/01 13:05 [GMT +3] - Bike

Tosha Schareina: "I wasn't going fast"

A crash 240 km into stage 1 spelled the end of Tosha Schareina's third Dakar, his first on a works Honda, 24 hours after his triumph in the prologue. The Spaniard tells us how it happened after being airlifted to the start of the special to take him to an ambulance.

"I was riding so slow... I tried to pass Toby and I think I hit something...

Newsflashes - 06/01 12:33 [GMT +3] - Bike

Tosha Schareina

The medical team has extracted Tosha Schareina from the special. The Spaniard was racing in his third Dakar, his first on a works Monster Energy Honda. Alas, the winner of the prologue has had to quit the race at a time when he was the top outsider.

Newsflashes - 06/01 11:43 [GMT +3] - Bike

Tosha Schareina takes a tumble

Tosha Schareina, second at the previous time check, hit the ground at km 240. Ross Branch, who held the fastest time at the same point, stopped to assist the Honda factory rider, who hurt his arm. The Botswanan will be credited for this time at the finish.

Summary - 05/01 17:40 [GMT +3]

Schareina and Ekström: a day for sprinters

The name may seem misleading, with a prologue that turned out to have an extraordinary dimension, over a distance of 27 kilometres that was a condensed version, albeit a very accessible one, of the whole range of terrains encountered on the Dakar. The region of AlUla is ideal for such a sample, with sandy portions that were followed by rocky zones and even several...

Reactions - 05/01 15:07 [GMT +3] - Bike

Tosha Schareina: “The main race starts tomorrow”

Tosha Schareina won the prologue 12’’ ahead of Daniel Sanders to celebrate his status as an official HRC rider in the finest way possible.

“I felt really, really good on the prologue. It was longer than we expected normally for a prologue with more navigation too, on 100% sand. I felt good during all of the prologue. Of course, we...

News - 05/01 12:21 [GMT +3]

Dakar 2024 - Prologue | All the results


Francisco Moreno has beaten his countryman Manuel Andújar, the winner of the Dakar in 2021, by 28’’. The double title holder Alexandre Giroud achieved the third best time, 1’14’’ behind the day’s winner. As a result, on his 3rd Dakar, Moreno has picked up his 3rd stage...

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