(nld) Born on 06/02/1967 at Eindhoven 1.85m / 80kg


Snijders Sloten


2017: 18th (truck with Tilburgs)
2016: ab. Stage 9 (car with Dollevoet)
2015: Ab. Stage 3 (car with Dollevoet)
2014: Ab. Stage 6 (car with Dollevoet)
2013: 75th (bike)
2012: 17th (truck with Bekx)
2011: Ab stage 8 (car with Van Deijne)
2010: 46th (bike)
2009: 50th (bike)
2007: 69th (bike)
2005: 57th (bike)

2018: Morocco Desert Challenge (8, truck with Tilburgs)
2017: Morocco Desert Challenge (5, bike), winner national championship Havelte (car, with Dollevoet)
2016: Balkan Offroad Rally (7, bike)
Before: several races in Holland, Leipzig 500miles, Baja Saxonia, Morocco Rally, Tuareg Rally, Eastern Europe Rally, etc


“My chance for my daughters to be proud of me”

Rally raids and navigation in particular are in the blood of Marcel Snijders. The Dutchman competed in the Dakar on a bike and as navigator in cars and trucks. As the bike is where his heart lies, this Dakar he decided to enter the “Original by Motul” class once again, although he insists -not for the first time- this is really the last time. Safety first is his motto in the rally and in daily life, as the owner of a shop in locks, keys and bolts in Eindhoven.

M.S.: “After watching the 2018 edition on television, I wanted to do it one more time. The driver of the truck I was with the last tie decided to skip once again and the best way for me is by myself anyway, as an “Original”. But this is really the last time! It is my chance for my daughters to be proud of me, like I am proud of them. Both of them are grown up now, and one of them is a professional model working for high class fashion brands and glossy magazines. And the other one is just as pretty. I’m not, so I have to do it this way, by finishing another Dakar.”



  • Mark : KTM
  • Model : RALLY REPLICA 450
  • Performance tuner : Van der Velden Motors / BAS Dakar
  • Assistance : Original by Motul
  • Class : M_G2.2 : G2.2 Marathon 0 à 450 cm3

Ranking 2019

Scratch Stage General
1 101 101 101
2 102 102 102
3 92 92 92
4 83 81 89
5 85 85 84
6 70 70 75
7 82 82 77
8 69 69 67
9 66 66 65
10 71 71 63

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