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(ita) 1.75m / 83kg


Biking, mechanics, restoration of old motorcycles

2022 – Moto, 72nd
2021 - Moto, Original by Motul: 43rd overall
2017 – Moto, 85th - Asuncion / Buenos Aires
2016 – Quad, Can-Am 6th - Buenos Aires / Rosario
2013 – Moto, DNF. - Lima / Santiago de Chile
2012 – Moto, 77th - Mar del Plata / Lima
2011 – Moto, 49th - Buenos Aires / Buenos Aires
2010 – Moto, 23rd (winner of the Marathon class) - Buenos Aires / Buenos Aires
2002 – Car, 48th - Arras Madrid Dakar
2000 – Car, 36th - Paris Dakar Cairo
1990 – Moto, 5th - Paris Dakar (1 stage win)
1989 – Moto, 2nd - Paris Dakar (1 stage win)
1988 – Moto, 2nd - Paris Dakar (2 stages wins)
1987 – Moto, 4th - Paris Dakar (2 stages wins)
1986 – Moto, 10th - Paris Dakar (4 stages wins)
1985 – Moto, 3rd - Paris Dakar

2022 - 2nd of the FIM Rally-Raid Trophy for Senior
2008 - Winner of the Pyramids Rally on a Yamaha
2007 - Winner of the Pyramids Rally on a Yamaha
2006 - Winner of the Pyramids Rally on a Yamaha
1992 - Winner of the Pharaons Rally on a Gilera
1991 - Winner of the Transpaña on a Suzuki
1986 - Winner of the Pharaons Rally on a Yamaha


“I’ve managed to keep up with the competition”

There are few motorcyclists in the world who can match Franco Picco’s experience in international rallies. Nevertheless, the Italian rider has no intention of giving up. Now hitting his 29th participation in the Dakar, Picco is a huge fan of sand, which is why he has decided to make his comeback as the race returns to the dunes in the Saudi Arabia desert. An enthusiast of the great African sands, Picco looks to Saudi Arabia as a new “playground” where he can have fun. His great experience paid off despite the additional difficulties given by the “Original by Motul” class, with no assistance. In 2022, he lined up with a brand-new bike: the Fantic XEF 450 Rally. He got the full support of the Venetian manufacturer with a mechanic and a support vehicle. He developed the official bike and for 2023, he will ride alongside Alex Salvini. This year, Picco finished second of the FIM Rally-Raid Trophy for Senior with one win at the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, another line in his great resume!

FP: “I’ve believed in this project from the beginning. And I was sure that we’d not only continue to develop the bike but also reap a great deal of satisfaction. I’ve never lost sight of the goal, and thanks to constant training and my experience, I’ve managed to keep up with the competition. Now having a teammate, a cross and enduro champion like Alex Salvini who takes part in motor rallies, has given me the added impetus to share in the development of the bike and set my sights even higher.”




  • 450 RALLY
  • Fantic
  • Fantic
  • Rally 2

Clasificación 2023


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