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2019: 51st

Morocco Rally 2019 (40th), Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2019
Africa Eco Race (2017 and 2018), Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2018 (18th), Serres Rally, Morocco Rally 2018 (24th)


“No way I was going back”

Australians have the reputation of being tough guys. Ben Young is the perfect example of that. On his first attempt at the Dakar, the rider from Victoria rode half the rally with a broken hand. His crash on day 5 almost seemed like routine. A good old bandage and the journey could continue, all the way to the finish where Young captured a fine 51st position. He only realised his hand was broken once back home when his wife forced him to have an X-ray. The owner of a construction company returns mainly because he wanted to discover Saudi Arabia. His philosophy remains the same: to ignore the standings and battle it out against himself in the most spectacular scenery.

“To be honest the Dakar was never on my radar. I knew it would be hard but it really was the ultimate challenge. The level was crazy and every day was getting harder and harder. You have those amazing landscapes but it’s just torture. I was overwhelmed by it all. I fractured my hand after crashing on day 5 but decided to ignore it. I just bandaged it up and carried on. It was only when I returned to Australia that my wife forced me to have an X-ray. The doctor confirmed that I had cracked a bone and told me I was crazy. I guess it just adds to the whole experience. After the finish there was no way I was going back. But I guess the emotional scars start heeling and you just want to return. I didn’t have the intention of returning so soon but Saudi Arabia really attracts me. I was told the terrain was amazing and it’s a motivation to return, so are the new navigation rules (road book given only in the morning). My 51st place was amazing but during the Dakar I asked my team not to mention the standings and just give me my start time for the following day. I’ll have the same philosophy again: to race against myself.”



  • Mark : KTM
  • Model : 450 RALLY REPLICA
  • Performance tuner : Duust Rally Team
  • Assistance : Duust Rally Team
  • Class : G2.1 Super production

Ranking 2020

Scratch Stage General
1 93 92 92
2 93 93 88
3 93 92 88
4 67 66 76
5 66 66 71
6 60 60 66
7 55 55 63
8 - - 63
9 73 73 62
10 76 76 59
11 54 58 57
12 72 72 58

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