(cze) 1.89m / 90kg


Anything with an engine, basketball


Big Shock, Silmet, IVAR CS, UNCS, Strix

2020: 5th
2019: Ab. Stage 5 (2nd half-marathon)
2018: 5th
2017: 10th
2016: 19th
2015: Ab. Stage 5
2014: 13th (navigator for Vildman)
2013: 18th (navigator for Vildman)

2020: Baja Poland (2nd), Baja Drawsko (1st)
2019: Baja Aragon (1st), Baja Poland (1st), Rallye du Maroc (2nd)
2018: Baja Aragon (2nd), Baja Poland (1st), Rallye du Maroc (1st)
2017: Baja Aragon (1st), Baja Poland (1st), El Chott Rally Tunisia (1st)
2016: Baja Drawsko (1st), Baja Poland (2nd), Hungarian Baja (3rd), Baja Aragon (4th)
2015: Baja Drawsko (1st), Baja Poland (1st), Hungarian Baja (2nd), Baja Bohemia (2nd), Baja Aragon (3rd)
2014: Hungarian Baja (1st), Baja Aragon (4th)
2013: Silk Way Rally (7th)


“I know it's possible to catch the Kamaz”

He may only be 31 years of age, but Martin Macik is already preparing for his ninth(!) Dakar in the trucks with Big Shock Racing. No longer one of the category's rising stars but rather a seasoned competitor, the Czech navigator-turned-driver has finished as high as 5th on two occasions, in 2018 and 2020. Martin inherited his love of all things motorsport from his dad, Martin Sr., who first took part in the Dakar in 2003. In 2016, the father-and-son duo set up the Big Shock Racing team, which encourages professional racers and amateur enthusiasts to take part in the world's biggest rally. Martin Sr. gave his son the Dakar bug by taking him to watch the end of the rally in Senegal, back in the Africa days, and Martin Jr. now has another chance to outdo the old man by improving on the latter's career-best effort of 4th place in 2010. Martin will be returning to Saudi Arabia with the same crew, made up of trusty navigator Frantisek Tomasek and experienced mechanic David Svanda. They have made some tweaks to their IVECO Powerstar, 'Karel' or 'Charles', which was first unveiled for Dakar 2020 -although the nickname has no link to the last Czech winner in the trucks, the legendary Karel Loprais. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the trio only made two outings this year -winning Baja Drawsko and coming second at Baja Poland- but they are still targeting another top-5 finish at Dakar 2021. The Big Shock Racing boys are relishing the prospect of an almighty rumble with the likes of Kamaz, Maz and Mammoet Rallysport. Away from rally, Martin is also a keen businessman, having set up the MM Production, MM Photography and Dakar Obsession projects. If you're ever in Prague you can also pop into his coffee shop, the Pilot Café, for a slice of homemade cake and a chat about rally raid.

M.M.: "The year was quite boring, to be honest, although I quite enjoyed spending more time with my family than I would normally. My daughter is a Dakar baby, she was born on 16 January, so she'll be celebrating her first birthday. Our first truck was called Frank so we wanted to give the second one a name too: Charles, the English equivalent of Karel, a nice Czech name. We've changed to an automatic gearbox, and I've been training with that quite a lot. We raced at Baja Drawsko, which was quite interesting, and at Baja Poland there were only three trucks, and all three of them were produced in our garage! Jaroslav Valtr will be driving one of them on the Dakar. I guess Frantisek is one of the best navigators now. I taught him, so he must be the best! I think it will be his fifth or sixth Dakar, and he's got the experience we need. We've heard we will be among the priority crews so we get the electronic roadbook. So that will be quite new. David is still our number 1 mechanic, he's in charge of all the technical aspects surrounding Charles. I'm really looking forward to fighting with Kamaz. They have four trucks, four similar drivers and they're fast as shit! I know it's possible to catch them -maybe not all of them- but I will certainly do my best. And of course I'm not only there to fight Kamaz. They are the best, but there is also Maz, with Viazovich and Vishneuski. Van den Brink is fast too, even if he takes risks, and there are many more, not only Kamaz. I think between 10-15 trucks can be in the top 5. There are a lot of contenders and I'll be fighting with all of them. I'm probably the only guy in the top 10 with a solitary truck, and no rapid assistance. I know it's going to be hard, but we don't have the budget to send two trucks, and we don't have a second driver. I'm aiming for the top 5, that's my goal. Otherwise I wouldn’t be going to Dakar. That's not just my position, it reflects the ambitions of my team, the owners, managers and sponsors. They're not standing behind me because I have a pretty face, but because we have the results. We've achieved two top-5 finishes, in 2018 and 2020. Still, my father was 4th in 2010, so now it's time to do even better!"



  • Mark : IVECO
  • Model : POWERSTAR
  • Performance tuner : Big Shock Racing
  • Assistance : Big Shock Racing
  • Class : T5.2 Modified trucks

Ranking 2021

Scratch Stage General
0 3 3 3
1 5 5 5
2 5 5 4
3 4 4 4
4 4 4 2
5 9 9 3
6 7 7 4
7 10 10 5
8 8 8 5
9 1 1 5
10 1 1 5
11 5 5 4
12 1 1 4

All news of M. Macik

Newsflashes - 14/01 12:46 [GMT +3] - Camion

Macík leads after 127 km

Martin Macík, winner of the last two specials, has taken the lead on the stage, distancing Anton Shibalov by 1’01’’ and Aliaksei Vishneuski by more than 1’30’’. Dmitry Sotnikov has conceded 2’37’’, but this is hardly a dramatic state of affairs for the comfortable general standings leader.

Reactions - 13/01 17:33 [GMT +3] - Camion

Martin Macík: "We led the way for our rivals"

Martin Macík, the protagonist of the final part of the rally, overcame the challenge of opening the way to claim his second stage win in a row and consolidate his fifth place overall.

"The first part was hard, but after that we had fun. We made a few navigation errors, but we also led the way for our rivals because the starting intervals were very short today."


Newsflashes - 13/01 15:51 [GMT +3] - Camion

Macík scores a brace

Martin Macík took his second stage win in a row today. The Czech driver fended off Kamaz's Dmitry Sotnikov and Ayrat Mardeev to take the spoils by 1'40" over the leader of the general standings, who claimed his tenth podium finish in as many stages. The Russian has almost got the rally in the bag.

Newsflashes - 13/01 14:43 [GMT +3] - Camion

Macík back in the lead

200 km into the special, Martin Macík has retaken the lead by 3'30" over Anton Shibalov, with Dmitry Sotnikov sandwiched in between at 2'37".


Newsflashes - 13/01 12:01 [GMT +3] - Camion

Macík first at WP1…

…but keep an eye out for the Kamaz trio, spearheaded by Dmitri Sotnikov ahead of Ayrat Mardeev and Anton Shibalov. Including Aleš Loprais, that makes five trucks within one minute at WP1.


Reactions - 12/01 19:08 [GMT +3] - Camion

Martin Macík: “This was harder than the marathon stage”

With his first stage victory obtained after a fierce battle against Russian Airat Mardeev, Martin Macík now occupies fifth place in the general standings. The Czech driver can still legitimately lay a claim to a place on the final podium.

“Well, I think that this was harder than the marathon stage. The stage was really hard, really bumpy, very long and especially...

Newsflashes - 12/01 16:45 [GMT +3] - Camion

“Charles” wins

Martin Macík has driven his truck nicknamed “Charles” to victory on the day’s special. The Czech pulled away from the two Kamaz drivers Airat Mardeev and Dmitry Sotnikov, to finish approximately 2’30’’ ahead. Anton Shibalov has given up 4’12’’ to the day’s winner, but most significantly a little less...

Newsflashes - 12/01 15:32 [GMT +3] - Camion

Macík and Mardeev separated by a whisker

With only a little more than 100 km left, Martin Macík and his truck nicknamed “Charles” are in the lead, but only by three seconds in front of Airat Mardeev. Ales Loprais trails by 1’18’’, followed closely by Dmitry Sotnikov, though the Russian is known for his storming finishes to the specials meaning the standings may yet change...

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