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2020: 3rd (1 stage win)
2019: 6th
2018: 2nd (1 stage win)
2017: 13th
2016: Ab. Stage 8
2015: 34th
2014: 11th
2013: 27th

2019: Silk Way Rally (Ab.), Morocco Desert Challenge (1st)
2018: Silk Way Rally (Ab.), Turkmen Desert Race (1st)
2017: Silk Way Rally (7th)
2016: Silk Way Rally (6th)
2013: Silk Way Rally (3rd)
2012: Silk Way Rally (14th)


“I really want to win the race”

Over the past decade, Siarhei Viazovich has gone from talented outsider to serious contender in the trucks. The head of the MAZ-SPORTauto team has finished on the podium twice, coming second in 2018 and third in 2020. When it comes to the Dakar's 10-tonne juggernauts, KAMAZ are definitely the team to beat: the Russian armada have won 16 of the past 20 editions, including the last four. In fact, since the turn of the century, only Karel Loprais (2001), Hans Stacey (2007) and Gerard de Rooy (2012, 2016) have prevented them from claiming victory. But Siarhei could soon be joining that exclusive club, with his Belarus-based team emerging as the most serious challengers to KAMAZ's crown. It won't be easy going, given that MAZ are only entering two trucks this year, compared to KAMAZ's four. But Siarhei and rising star Aliaksei Vishneuski have both demonstrated their capabilities in recent editions, and the 41-year-old is now determined to land a historic first win for Belarus in his 6440RR bonnet truck. It would be a remarkable achievement for the MAZ-SPORTauto team, which celebrated its 10th anniversary on December 2020. Siarhei is once again joined by experienced crew members Pavel Haranin and Anton Zaparoshchanka, who helped to develop the team's very first truck for the 2010 Silk Way Rally. The duo have both been competing on the Dakar since 2012, and they are equally committed to helping Siarhei conquer the world's toughest rally.

S.V.: “I really want to win the race, especially since I've already been 2nd and 3rd. This year, KAMAZ will be represented by their traditional four crews. So Dakar 2021 won’t be easy, because there will only be two MAZ racing vehicles. It's a great honour to represent Belarus and the Minsk Automobile Plant at a big race like the Dakar, both for me and the team. I'm really proud and grateful that fate has given me such a chance. I began my career in 2011 as a classic rally driver and won the Belarusian championship at the first attempt. In 2012 I saw MAZ on TV when they were participating in the Dakar. After the team returned from South America, I began negotiations to become their driver, and they gave me that opportunity. The first Dakar in Saudi Arabia went well for me. I was able to reach the podium, finishing 3rd, which was definitely a big success. The main differences from South America were the large amount of stones, the roadbooks being given out 15 minutes before the race, and a 15-minute timeout on special sections. Overall, the rally made a good impression and didn’t lose the true Dakar spirit.”



  • Mark : MAZ
  • Model : 6440RR
  • Performance tuner : MAZ-SPORTauto
  • Assistance : MAZ-SPORTauto
  • Class : T5.2 Modified trucks

Ranking 2021

Scratch Stage General
0 1 1 1
1 4 4 4
2 3 3 2
3 1 1 2
4 - - -
5 - - -
6 - - -
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -

All news of S. Viazovich

Newsflashes - 08/01 14:10 [GMT +3] - Camion

It’s all over for Viazovich

Siarhei Viazovich, winner of the prologue and third stage, suffered a mechanical problem yesterday that lasted all night. Despite its best efforts, the Belarussian team have resigned themselves to dropping out of the rally and must wave goodbye to their hopes of another podium on the Dakar.

Newsflashes - 06/01 13:42 [GMT +3] - Camion

Viazovich in big trouble!

In a shocking turn of events, Siarhei Viazovich has been hit by a very serious mechanical. The Belarusian winner of yesterday's stage estimates at 1 to 2 hours the time it'll take him to fix his Maz. Today's stage could signal the end of his quest to succeed Andrey Karginov as the winner of the rally.


Newsflashes - 06/01 12:14 [GMT +3] - Camion

Viazovich leads the juggernauts

Siarhei Viazovich was the first truck driver to start today's special, ahead of Russian Dmitry Sotnikov. The winner of the last two stages is in command of the general classification and determined to further expand his margin of almost 17 minutes over his Belarusian rival. Reigning champion Andrey Karginov is another man to watch.

Newsflashes - 05/01 14:06 [GMT +3] - Camion

Viazovich wins in Wadi Ad-Dawasir

Siarhei Viazovich has won the day’s special. Behind the wheel of his Maz truck decked out in the colours of the MAZ-SPORTauto team which celebrated its 10th birthday last month, the Belarussian finished just 18’’ ahead of Dmitry Sotnikov, who won the first two stages. Anton Shibalov completed the special in third position, 1’16 behind. Title...

Newsflashes - 05/01 13:29 [GMT +3] - Camion

Viazovich under pressure!

Siarhei Viazovich still leads the special in the truck race after 262 km, but Dmitry Sotnikov, who was in third around the midway point, is now hot on his heels, only 4’’ behind. Anton Shibalov and his team-mate Andrey Karginov, the title holder, are not far behind the two leaders, trailing by approximately 40’’. It promises to be a close battle...

Newsflashes - 03/01 14:12 [GMT +3] - Camion

Viazovich opens the road for the juggernauts

Siarhei Viazovich, third in 2020 and winner of yesterday's prologue, has kicked off the first stage in the truck category with fellow Belarusian Aliaksei Vishneuski right behind him.

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