N°503 Camiones MAZ-SPORTAUTO




Maz, Wabco, velcom, BorgWarner, G-Energy

2019: 6th
2018: 2nd
2017: 13th
2016: Ab. Stage 8
2015: 34th
2014: 11th
2013: 27th

2019: Silk Way Rally (Ab.)
2018: Silk Way Rally, Turkmenistan Rally (1st)
Silkway Rally, UAE Desert Challenge, Hungarian Baja


“If someone can win the Dakar, so can I!”

After years of learning and climbing up the standings, Siarhei Viazovich entered the club of potential Dakar winners when he finished 2nd back in 2018 of the 40th edition of the event. Not only has the Belarusian businessman performed on the toughest of all rallies he has also built an impressive factory team with three very competitive trucks. Last year a spectacular tumble over a dune made the headlines and viral video footage around the world, but it certainly troubled his quest for victory as soon as day 2. Viazovich managed to move up the standings gradually but had to settle for 6th place at the finish. For his 8th Dakar, on unknown territory, the 40-year-old returns with Pavel Haranin as his navigator and Anton Zaparoshchanka (formerly with Vasilevski) as his mechanic.

“What is special about MAZ is that we are colleagues and after work we are friends. Today my hobby (rally and rally raids) is also my job so I’m really happy. To be honest, I never dreamt of the status I have today. It’s far beyond my childhood dreams. If I’d been told I’d be a Dakar finisher and potentially a Dakar winner, I would have never believed it. I’ve learned from my mistakes both in sports and as the head of a team. My model has always been Semyon Yakubov, the man who created the Kamaz team and who started from zero. He managed to create an empire and a team that to date has no equivalent in the world. My philosophy is that if one person can, another can as well with the necessary effort. If someone can win the Dakar, so can I.”



  • Marca : MAZ
  • Modelo : 6440RR
  • Preparador : MAZ-SPORTauto
  • Asistencia : MAZ-SPORTauto
  • Clase : T4.2 Camiones modificados

Clasificación 2020

Scratch Etapa General
1 2 2 2
2 1 1 1
3 2 2 1
4 6 6 2
5 4 4 3
6 3 3 3
7 6 6 3
8 6 6 3
9 2 2 3
10 19 19 3
11 5 5 3
12 17 17 3

Toute l'actualité de S. Viazovich

Últimas noticias - 08/01 11:29 [GMT +3] - Camion

Viazovich a la cabeza

Siarhei Viazovich, que perdía ayer frente a Andrey Karginov, vuelve a tomar las riendas tras 55 km de especial. Le persiguen los Kamaz de Anton Shibalov y Karginov, ambos a menos de 24 segundos.

Últimas noticias - 07/01 10:25 [GMT +3] - Camion

Viazovich abre pista

Arranca la especial camiones con Siarhei Viazovich. El nuevo líder de la general será el blanco de los Kamaz de Dmitry Sotnikov y Andrey Karginov, que salen justo detrás.

Últimas noticias - 06/01 14:51 [GMT +3] - Camion

Viazovich golpea con fuerza

¿Será este el año de Siarhei Viazovich? Después de terminar segundo en 2018, el bielorruso se está mostrando muy en forma desde la salida de Jeddah: se ha impuesto en la segunda etapa y se pone en cabeza de la clasificación general. El piloto de Maz se coloca por delante de Dmitry Sotnikov y Andrey Karginov...

Últimas noticias - 06/01 12:16 [GMT +3] - Camion

Viazovich se pone por delante

Siarhei Viazovich toma la delantera de la especial en el km 159, pero el piloto de Maz solamente dispone de 54 segundos de ventaja frente al Kamaz de Dmitry Sotnikov y de 1’20’’ sobre Andrey Karginov.


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