(pol) 1.85m / 73kg




Westa Development, Radius Projekt

2019: Ab. Stage 8

2016: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (2nd, T3 class)


“I'm a traveler, first and foremost”

For the second consecutive year, Maciej Domzala and Rafal Marton will be racing the Dakar alongside their sons Aron Domzala and Maciej Marton. The Polish duos will both be competing in an SSV, although Maciej and Rafal will be taking things somewhat easier in a slower category than their boys, and simply hoping to make it through to the finish line. Last year, they had a host of mechanical issues with their Polaris and eventually had to throw in the towel on stage eight, but Maciej is confident they will fare better this time around in a more reliable Can-Am. The 58-year-old real estate developer describes himself as a "gentleman driver", although he has achieved some impressive offroad results, including a second place at the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge in 2016. Rafal, on the other hand, has been involved in professional motorsport since the early 1990s, in a variety of roles including service manager, sporting coordinator and co-driver. This will be a 12th Dakar outing for a man who came as high as 13th in the cars in 2014. Maciej, an avid traveller, is meanwhile relishing the prospect of a first trip to Saudi Arabia.

M.D.: “For me, the target is only to finish. I'm not in exactly the same category as my son. He's in the first class, I'm going in a similar vehicle but slower. Last year was fun but we had problems with the Polaris. It was a disaster, every day something got destroyed. Every stage I was waiting for the service and it wasn't really my fault. It wasn't great, sitting there not knowing why we couldn't move. This year we will go with a Can-Am and I hope it will be better. Last year the Can-Ams all finished, they didn't have technical problems. In the Dakar I'm not a professional driver like my son, it's more of an adventure. I'm a traveler, first and foremost. I've been to nearly every country in the world but never to Saudi Arabia, so that's one of the main reasons to go. I have fun racing, of course, but it's also about new countries, new adventures. So my first goal is to finish the Dakar and the second is to discover Saudi Arabia, which wasn't so easy before. I didn't do any racing this year, I don't have too much time for it any more. I'm almost 60, so once a year is enough for me! Sometimes I go with my son, but only for fun."



  • Mark : CAN - AM
  • Model : MACERICK X3
  • Performance tuner : South Racing
  • Assistance : Domzala Team
  • Class : T3.S Light A-T production vehicles

Ranking 2020

Scratch Stage General
1 29 29 29
2 24 24 23
3 21 21 18
4 24 24 18
5 17 17 17
6 23 22 16
7 20 20 14
8 18 17 13
9 16 16 12
10 23 23 12
11 16 16 12
12 21 21 13

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