(rus) 1.76m / 81kg


Snowmobile, Quad, Model planes, boxing, skiing


Fores, Pride, CAN AM, BRP, De Walt, Facom, UMMC, RCC and Ravenol

2019: 10th (1 stage win)
2018: Ab. Stage 5
2017: 1st (3 stage wins)
2016: 4th
2015: Ab. Stage 4
2014: 7th (1 stage win)

2019: Silk Way Rally (1st SSV), Rallye du Maroc (2nd SSV)
2018: Silk Way Rally (4th - 1st SbS), Rallye du Maroc (1st SbS)
Silk Way Rally 2016
Can-am Russia 2010-2013- 2016


“You have to be patient and know how to wait!”

If there is one raider thrilled to see the Dakar begin a new chapter in Saudi Arabia, it is Sergei Karyakin, who is happy to discover a new region, but more especially relieved to not have to return to Peru, which has not been very kind to him. The winner in the quad category in 2017, lost his title and broke both arms in a violent crash on the road to Arequipa. The transition from quad to SSV would be almost as painful. Following a good start and taking the lead after stage four, an accident a few days later cost him his chance for the win. He finished 10th. Adios Peru and now comes a new adventure with the hope of success. To do this, the Saint-Petersburg native will be behind the wheel of an all-new CanAm that has been completely redesigned just for the Dakar! He will be able to count on the help of childhood friend Anton Vlasiuk with whom he won the Silk Way Rally and finished runner-up on the Morocco Rally. Karyakin has also worked hard on his mental approach to better take on this Dakar and be much more patient.

“I was thrilled to change classes last year. It is a much safer, faster and more than anything else more fun category. I haven’t made my life any easier. Life is supposed to be difficult and that makes it a lot more interesting. The first time in a tandem was quite complicated, but I have known Anton (Vlasiuk)for so many years. He is a solid navigator and from my past racing on my own, we talk a lot about directions to take. I am happy to not have to go to Peru and instead go to Saudi Arabia. I suffered tremendously there. There was the crash in 2018 when I broke both my arms. Last year we had another big accident. I made a huge mistake. And Saudi Arabia will level the playing field. In South America, the factory teams were the favourites. They all knew the course. Here, it is an unknown for everyone, which is better. The goal is to win. You know, in Russia, you have to win to be noticed. Through a lot of mental preparation, I have learned that you have to be patient and know how to wait. We will have second car in the team to be driven by Russian champion, Alexei Shmotev. Each of us will run their own race but we will carry different spare parts to eventually help one another.”



  • Mark : CAN-AM
  • Model : MAVERICK X3
  • Performance tuner : SNAG Racing Team
  • Assistance : SNAG Racing Team
  • Class : T3.P Prototype A-T vehicles

Ranking 2020

Scratch Stage General
1 5 5 5
2 7 7 4
3 2 2 4
4 4 4 4
5 5 5 1
6 14 13 3
7 12 12 3
8 5 4 3
9 4 4 3
10 12 12 2
11 6 6 2
12 4 4 2

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Reactions - 17/01 12:36 [GMT +3] - SSV

"The best race in the world"

Former quad champion Sergey Karyakin finished as runner-up in this year's SSV race. Saudi Arabia was gentler to the Russian than South America used to be.

"Sometimes, it was rough. Sometimes, I was not really lucky. But I still think second place is a good thing. We enjoyed the race, we like how the scenery changes, it's not like in Peru, where you only have sand,...

Newsflashes - 05/01 12:43 [GMT +3] - SSV

Karyakin lands the first blow

2017 champion Sergey Karyakin seems to be in his element in Saudi Arabia. The Russian is leading the race at km 86 by a mere 12 seconds over Casey Currie. Meanwhile, "Chaleco" López is proceeding with caution at 6 minutes back.

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