(nld) 1.84m / 76kg


motorsports, skiing, surfing


TW Steel, Maxxis, Destil, Van Winkoop, Toolspecial, Mascot, Eru, Eurol, JBL

2019: 42nd (with twin brother Tom)
2018: 35 (with twin brother Tom)
2017: 45 (solo)
2016: 35 (winner solo class)
2015: Ab. Stage 2 (solo)
2014: Ab. Stage 11 (solo)
2013: 56 (solo)
2012: 45 (solo)
2011: 36 (first solo)
2010: 50 (first solo)
2009: 70 (with twin brother Tom)
2007: 46 (with girlfriend Gaby Uljee)


“We like new adventures”

Tim Alfa and Tom Romeo Coronel are in it together, ever since their conception. Not just in the Dakar, but also in business. Whatever they do, motorsports is the centre of it. The family business has several companies: a kart centre, an indoor climbing wall, a gym, a social media company. They are pioneers in everything: in 2001 Tom was one of the first in The Netherlands with a series of online stores, the kart centre was one of the first to run electric karts. Also in the Dakar they are not afraid of doing things differently. First with their own solo buggies, since 2018 with a two seater buggy they call The Beast. The car, powered by a 6,2 litres Chevrolet engine, was built by American Damen Jefferies to perform in Baja racing. The Coronel brothers, mainly Tim, who is ‘head of the Dakar Department’, modified and improved it to Dakar standards. Like they did before, Tim and Tom will change roles when needed, but in general Tim will drive and Tom tries keeping up with the roadbook. While Tom was racing in WTCC again this year, Tim was in a different adventure: tv show Expedition Robinson, trying so survive on an island without any help from the outside.

Tim Coronel: “We are doing things that make us happy 24 hours a day. We are fortunate that our oldest brother is financially well-trained: he has worked out the organizational structures. That’s not where Tom and me are at our best, because that will not work out. We are the noisemakers, the creative ones and we have the feeling with the market. Tom likes the details, I like the big picture. With our combined strengths we reach a higher level. That’s why I like it so much to do the Dakar together.” Tom Coronel: “I’m an entrepreneur, but not a business man. I prefer to call it going on an adventure instead of running a business. Doing things other people call ‘impossible’ are a real trigger to me. That’s when the fun starts. The Dakar and being an entrepreneur have many similarities. It hurts and it keeps you awake at night, it’s about being inventive, constantly pushing out frontiers, exceeding your own limits and never ever giving up. It’s not fun at all, but when you reach your goals and make it to the finish, the reward and the satisfaction are tremendous.”



  • Performance tuner : Jefferies and Maxxis Dakar Team
  • Assistance : Maxxis Dakar Team
  • Class : T1.5 Score vehicles

Ranking 2020

Scratch Stage General
1 35 35 35
2 26 26 27
3 28 28 24
4 32 32 21
5 31 31 22
6 29 29 23
7 44 44 27
8 35 35 27
9 31 31 27
10 33 33 26
11 43 43 28
12 29 29 28

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