(nld) Nació el 05/04/1972 en NAARDEN 1.84m / 76kg


TW Steel, Maxxis, Super B, Destil, Airpress, Valma, Van Winkoop, Toolspecial, Mascot, Allsecur, Eru, McGregor, RTL7, Eurol


2017: 45th
2016: 35th (winner solo class)
2015: Ab. Stage 2
2014: Ab. Stage 11
2013: 56th
2012: 45th
2011: 36th (first solo)
2010: 50th (first solo)
2009: 70th (with twin brother Tom)
2007: 46th (with girlfriend Gaby Uljee)


Together once again, and with The Beast

After finishing the 2017 Dakar both on their one with a solo buggy, Tim and Tom Coronel were very clear: been there, done that, never again like this. The only way the twin brothers wanted to do the Dakar again was together. But not with just an average car: they wanted something special to do it the Coronel way. They came up with another buggy, but something completely different than the solo buggies they had. They call it The Beast, the car built by American Damen Jefferies, powered by a 6,2 litres Chevrolet engine. Like they did before, Tim and Tom will change roles when needed, with both of them being driver or navigator.

Tim C.: “Last year I ended up helping Tom solving a lot of trouble and that’s when he said: ‘I don’t want to do it on my own anymore. If we do this again, we’ll do it together’. But both of us do like something special and through Kees Koolen we got in touch with Damen Jefferies in California. I asked Damen: ‘What kind of car would you build yourself?’, giving him the freedom to come up with a car that is Dakar proof. After all, for us it is about the adventure and making it to the finish. For that, we also take into account the fact that the car actually is 300 kilograms too heavy. Damen admitted to that, but he also added that we would be able to make it to the finish that way.” Tom C.: “The last few years I spent so many nights in the desert and so much time repairing broken cars: I don’t want to do that anymore. I will never ever be driving on my own again, I really have had enough of this. So I said to Tim: ‘If you can come up with a car that is able to make it to the finish, a car we go together with, only than I will consider it’. I think he did a good job. Making it to the finish is the major goal, but reaching the stage-ending bivouacs in daylight would be nice for a change.”



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  • Clase : A_T1.3 : 2 roues motrices, es

Clasificación 2018

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2 60 60 63
3 69 69 65
4 30 30 55
5 32 32 52
6 42 42 51
7 37 37 46
8 27 27 42
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Últimas noticias - 09/01 07:10 [GMT -5] - Auto

Entre hermanos

Los hermanos gemelos Tim y Tom Coronel tienen sus costumbres en el Dakar. Sin embargo, no participaban en la prueba en el mismo coche desde 2009. En esta ocasión comparten un buggy al que han bautizado con el nombre de “The beast” (la bestia). Una particularidad… ¡podrán intercambiarse el puesto de piloto...


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