(esp) 1.9m / 90kg


Montar en bicicleta, esquiar y fútbol 7 con amigos

2020: Auto/ 27º
2019: Auto/ 2º
2018: Auto/Abandono en la etapa 3
2017: Auto/4º
2016: Auto/6º
2015: Auto/Abandono en la etapa 10 (1 victoria de etapa)
2014: Auto/1º (4 victorias de etapa)
2013: Auto/4º (4 victorias de etapa)
2012: Auto/2º (3 victorias de etapa)
2011: Auto/Abandono en la etapa 9
2010: Auto/Abandono en la etapa 3 (1 victoria etapa)
2009: Auto/10º
2007: Auto/13º
2006: Auto/3º
2005: Auto/6º
2004: Motos/1º (2 victorias de etapa)
2003: Motos/Abandono (1 victoria de etapa)
2002: Motos/Abandono (3 victorias de etapa)
2001: Motos/Abandono (3 victorias de etapa)
2000: Motos/17º (4 victorias de etapa)
1999: Motos/Abandono (1 victoria etapa)
1998: Motos/Abandono (2 victorias etapa)
1997: Motos/Abandono
1996: Motos/1ª participación, 1 victoria de etapa

2019: 2º en la Baja Aragón, 7º en el Rally de Marruecos y 2º en la Baja Portalegre.
2018: 1º Baja Hungría, 1º Turkmenistan Rally, 1º Rally Portalegre y 19º Silk Way Rally
2017: 3º Rallye Marruecos, 4º Baja España Aragón
2016: 1º Rally Navarra, 1º Rally Bellpuig, 6º Rallye Marruecos
2015: 2º en el Rally Tierras Altas de Lorca; 1º en el Rally de Navarra; 1º en la Baja España Aragón; 1º en el Rally Vidreres- Maçanet.
2014: Ganador de la Baja España Aragón; Ganador del Desafío Inca ; Abandono en el Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (1 victoria de etapa); Abandono en la última etapa del Rally de Marruecos.
2013: Ganador de la Baja España, de la Baja Hungría, del Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge y del Desafío Ruta 40 (copiloto: Michel Périn); 1º en el European Final Gymkhana Grid de Madrid.
2012: 2º en el Desafío Litoral; Campeón de Cataluña de Rally (copiloto: Pilar Barceló)
2011: 3º en el Rally de Túnez (con Mini), Abandono en el Rally de Marruecos.
2010: 3º en el Campeonato de Cataluña de Rallies (con Mitsu Evo) ; 6º de la Baja Aragón (con Mitsu Stradale).
2009: 1º en la Baja Aragón; 1º en el Campeonato de Cataluña de Rallies Tierra,
2008: 2º en la Baja Aragón; 2º en el Rally de Guijuelo; 6º en el Rally Portugal Dakar Serie.
2007: 2º en la Baja Aragón; 2º en el Rally Vodafone Transibérico; 7º en el Rally de Guijuelo; 3º en el Rally de Lanzarote.
2006: 2º en la Por Las Pampas; 2º en el Rally Vodafone Transibérico; 1º en el Rally de Cáceres (Grupo N); 1º en el Rally de Ourense (Grupo N).
2005: 1º en la Baja España-Aragón; 4º en el Rally Patagonia-Atacama; 4º en el Rally de Marruecos.
2004: 2º en el Rally de Cerdeña
2003: Ganador del Rally de Egipto; Ganador del Rally de Cerdeña; 2º en la Baja España-Aragón; 3º en la Copa FIM Rallys TT; 3º en el Rally de Túnez, 3º en el Rally de Marruecos.
2002: Ganador del Rally de Túnez (KTM 950 Rally); Ganador de la Baja España Aragón.
2001: 2º de la Baja España Aragón; 2º en el Rally de Túnez; 2º en el Rally de Egipto; 3º en los ISDE Francia.
2000: Ganador de la Baja Italia; Ganador de la Baja España Aragón; 3º en los ISDE España.
1999: 2º en el Raid de Egipto; 2º en el Rally de Dubaï UAE Desert Challenge; Ganador de la Baja España Aragón; Ganador de la Baja Italia; 1º en el ISDE Portugal.
1998: Ganador de la Baja España Aragón; Campeón de España de Raids; 4º en el Rally de Túnez.
1997: Campeón de España de Enduro; Campeón de España de Raids; Ganador de la Baja España-Aragón.
1996: 3º en el Campeonato de España de Enduro 4T; 2º en el Campeonato del Mundo de Enduro 4T; 2º en la Baja España-Aragón.
1995: 2º en el Campeonato de España de Enduro 4T; 3º en los ISDE; Ganador de la Baja España-Aragón; 8º en el Campeonato del Mundo de Enduro.
1994: Campeón de Europa de Enduro Senior; 1º en los ISDE USA; 4º en el Campeonato de España de Enduro Senior.
1993: 4º en el Campeonato de España de Enduro Senior; 3º en los ISDE.
1992: 5º en el Campeonato de Europa de Enduro Senior (125 cc); Subcampeón de España de Enduro Senior (125 cc).
1991: Subcampeón de España de Enduro Junior (125cc); 3º en los ISDE Checoslovaquia.


Roma to do his 25th Dakar with the Bahrain Raid Xtreme team

Nani Roma is synonymous with the Dakar. That is why, every year, the Catalan native shakes up the motor sport community with the announcement of another go in the world’s most difficult rally. For his 25th participation, the two-time winner and lone Spaniard to have won in both the car and motorcycle category announced that he will drive the all-new BRX T1 prototype entered by the Bahrain Raid Extreme team. The team created by Prodrive International is a partnership between Prodrive and Mumtalakat, which is a sovereign fund of the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Team director, David Richards with six WRC titles, five category wins in the 24 Hours of Le Mans ad four British Touring Car titles to his credit, assures that “the Dakar is to motor racing what Everest is to mountain climbers: one of the biggest challenges there is. And the time has come for Prodrive to take it on.” Nani’s impressive Dakar career includes nine editions on two wheels and 15 on four. In 2004, he won on a KTM in the days of the Dakar in Africa. And in 2014 he won with MINI in South America. Nani Roma employed consistency and speed to finish 2nd on the 2019 Dakar behind Qatari Nasser Al-Attiyah, which was sweet revenge after his big crash on stage 3 of the 2018 Dakar. In 2020, Nani overcame multiple punctures and mechanical problems with the all-new Borgward car and made it to the finish. It was also the first collaboration with co-driver Daniel Oliveras, who now joins him on this sensational project. Along with team-mate, nine-time World Rally Champion Sébastien Loeb, Nani carried out the first test phases with the Bahrain Raid Xtreme team and his new car. The prototype completed its first 2,000 kilometres around Milbrook (England), while in November it was put to the test in the deserts of Dubai on terrain very similar to that of Saudi Arabia. Enthusiastic after his first encounter with the about the car, Nani guarantees its reliability: "I did everything I could to break it ... and I failed!

N.R.: Everyone in the BRX team is ambitious, which is motivates me a lot. I am looking forward to this trip with the team and to use my experience in all areas to go for victory on the Dakar. This is an opportunity not to be missed. The combination of Mumtalakat in their support of motor sport, with the experience of David Richards and Prodrive in building winning cars, is a sign of real change in the Dakar.
Any driver will tell you that you know if you have a good car within minutes of getting behind the wheel. And for me, everything was positive: the brakes, the steering, the engine, the suspension. Every time we got out of the car; we learned something new. There's still a lot to do, but that's normal with such a new car. I did my best to break it... and I failed!”

D.O: "The fact that Nani chose me and trusted me was a dream for me because from an early age I began to follow his career. It was a challenge for me to make him feel comfortable with me. Last year, we were able to do the Rally of Morocco and the Baja Portalegre before the Dakar and I learned a lot from him. We ran the Dakar with the desire to get a good result, but luck wasn't on our side.
When Nani talked to me about the BRX project, it was another dream come true for me as Prodrive has always been a reference for many in the World Rally Championship and now we can work with this great team. The car impressed us immediately. They have built a proper race car, with the aim of achieving great results. There is a very good atmosphere in the team. Enthusiasm and the desire to improve every day can be felt, and this family atmosphere will help us a lot and make the car more competitive. We all know that this is a new project, but the objective will always be to fight to be ahead. It is a very long rally and anything can happen, but I think we can be competitive from the start.”



  • Mark : PRODRIVE
  • Model : HUNTER
  • Performance tuner : Bahrain Raid Xtreme
  • Assistance : Bahrain Raid Xtreme
  • Class : T1.1 petrol modified A-T 4x4

Ranking 2021

Scratch Stage General
0 15 15 15
1 6 6 6
2 16 16 10
3 15 15 11
4 13 13 10
5 8 8 7
6 7 7 5
7 10 10 5
8 11 11 5
9 10 10 5
10 10 10 5
11 18 18 5
12 11 11 5

All news of N. Roma

Newsflashes - 10/01 10:50 [GMT +3] - Auto

Roma shines in his BRX

Nani Roma and his new French co-driver, Alexandre Winocq, are shining at the wheel of their new Bahrain Raid Xtreme (BRX) prototype, another one of which has been left in the care of Sébastien Loeb. The two-time Dakar champion is now fifth overall, 1 h 36 behind two Minis and two Toyotas. The Catalan is satisfied with his performance in the opening week, stressing the...

Newsflashes - 07/01 10:48 [GMT +3] - Auto

Roma closes in on the leaders

Nani Roma, taking part in his 25th Dakar, currently occupies third place after 43 km. Sébastien Loeb’s team-mate trails Giniel De Villiers by 4’27’’ over Giniel De Villiers and is a little more than two minutes behind second placed Erik van Loon.

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