(arg) 1.72m / 76kg


Bicicleta, enduro.


Turismo Mendoza

2020: Auto/ 6º
2019: Auto/Abandono etapa 2 y 1º en la clasificación de Media Marathon
2018: Auto/ 20º
2017: Auto/ 6º
2016: Auto/12º
2015: Auto/ 18° 4 victorias de etapa
2014: Auto/ 5°
2013: Auto/ 5° 1 victoria de etapa
2012: Auto/ Abandono etapa 5
2011: Auto/ Abandono etapa 7
2010: Auto/ 9°
2009: Auto/ Abandono en la etapa 10
2007: Moto/ Abandono en la etapa 8
2005: Moto/ Abandono en la etapa 10

2019: Campeón de la Copa del Mundo FIA de Bajas Cross Country: 1º en la Baja Italia, 1º en la Baja España Aragón, 1º en la Baja Hungría, abandonó en la Baja Polonia, 2º en la Baja Jordania y 1º en la Baja Portalegre.
2018: 1º en la General de Autos del Desafío Inca; 10º en el Campeonato Sudamericano de Cross Country.
2017: 2º en la general de la categoría Autos de la Baja Aragón; 1º en la general de la categoría Autos del Desafío Ruta 40 Norte.
2016: 4º en la general de la categoría Autos del Rally de Marruecos, 5º en la general de Autos de la Baja Aragón.
2015: 3º en la categoría Autos del CARCC. 1º en la categoría Autos del Desafío Ruta 40.
2014: 2° en el Rally de Marruecos; 3° en la Baja Hungría, 2° en la Baja Aragón.
2013: 1° en el Rally de Marruecos, 2° Baja Aragón, 2° Dakar Series Desafío Ruta 40.
2012: Campeón Argentino de Rally Cross Country, 1° Desafío Litoral y 1° Desafío Ruta 40.
2009: 1° en el Rally de Túnez
2008: 8° en el Rally Central Europe
2007: 2° en la Categoría Autos de Producción del Patagonia-Atacama
2006: 4° en el Rally de Los Faraones.
2003: 1° en el Rally del Desierto de Chile, 1° en la Categoría Autos de Producción Por las Pampas Rally; Plata en los Six Days de Enduro de Brasil.
2001: 3° en el Campeonato Latinoamericano de Enduro de Guatemala; Plata en los Six Days de Enduro de Australia.
1998: 1° lugar en el Enduro de Argentina/Chile


“The key is to maintain a sustained pace for two weeks”

"Orly" Terranova is about to take part in his 15th Dakar. The native of Mendoza experienced the Dakar in Africa on a motorcycle in 2005 and 2007, retiring each time. Everything changed in 2009, when the race came to South America. “Orly” switched to four wheels and began to turn heads via his talent, speed and competitiveness. His best results are a pair of fifth places in 2013 and 2014, as well the stage wins and the epic duels with Nasser Al Attiyah in 2015. During the past five editions, Terranova has always finished in the top 20, except in 2019 when he retired with a lower back injury following a violent landing on a dune. "Orly" doesn't hesitate to refer to the 2020 Dakar as an incredible race. As for his personal performance, he had a “fantastic” first week and even led the general classification after stage two. Demanding and self-effacing, the Argentinian wasn't entirely satisfied with sixth place and attributes it to some mechanical problems, but also to a drop in pace in the second half of the rally. In this year of the pandemic, the duo of Terranova and Graue, who won the 2019 FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Bajas, were not able to race in the Baja Portalegre due to the imposition of a quarantine between countries. To make up for the lack of competition, they put in an intense testing session with the team in Jeddah, racking up the miles and testing the improvements to the suspension, shock absorbers and the brakes on their MINI. Co-driver Ronnie Graue, who in 2021 will take part in his 11th Dakar, is excited about the improvements and guarantees that they will be able to take the fight to the Toyotas. The seasoned mountain climber – who has scaled Aconcagua eight times - trained this year by doing high altitude rock climbing, while setting himself a new challenge in the Himalayas for 2021. The flag-bearers of Argentina in the car category will try to improve upon their career-best 5th place, but above all, have a clean race with two weeks at a sustained pace. According to them, this will be the key to success.

O.T. “The 2020 Dakar was a great rally. The first week in particular was fantastic. The second wasn’t as satisfying because we had a lot of problems. Anyway, when you analyse the result and take into account some of the problems we had, such as a steering problem, I have to admit that 6th place is a good result. In December, we did 5,000 kms of testing in Jedda to refamiliarize ourselves with the car and also work on our conditioning, with a lot cycling and training. This was a year in which I couldn’t drive, although I would have preferred to have been at the Baja Portalegre but it was not possible due to the imposed quarantines.
The X-Raid team worked on several aspects of the car: on the geometry of the suspension, on the grills to make the ride more comfortable, on the attack angle to better take on the dunes, on the dampers to make it more similar to a buggy and finally, the brakes with a change of the discs. My objective? Keep a cool head, try to have a very good opening week and maintain the pace in the second week.”

B.G:” Last year’s Dakar was the most spectacular of all that I have done. It was very diversified, especially when it came to navigation. In addition, we always finished during the day and I could take care of the car and speak with the mechanics, without the pressure of having to begin doing the road book for the following day, which used to take me three hours. That doesn't mean we could relax, of course not. The pressure from the team is always there. I think that the handing over of the roadbook before the start was a very positive innovation that David Castera has promoted and that has levelled the playing field for everyone.
The geometry and the weight balance have changed in the MINI. However, it will be difficult to challenge the buggies, but we can fight with the Toyotas. Once again, our objective will be to do better than our Dakar-best fifth place.”



  • Mark : MINI
  • Performance tuner : X-Raid
  • Assistance : X-Raid
  • Class : T1.2 diesel modified A-T 4x4

Ranking 2021

Scratch Stage General
0 6 6 6
1 19 19 18
2 11 11 12
3 21 21 13
4 10 10 11
5 7 7 8
6 - - -
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -

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